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The Top 10 Taboo Sex Topics We Love but Don’t Talk About

There is something intriguing about sex, yet taboo at the same time. We all have questions but get shy asking about these ten sex topics. So let’s talk!

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There are certain sex topics that aren’t dinner conversation. Mostly whispered about at girls’ night table tops or in locker rooms. Many of us have questions we wouldn’t dare ask our parents and are way too embarrassed to admit to our friends we don’t already know the answers to.

These ten sex topics are conversations almost everyone has a question about at some point along the way to adulthood *sometimes even beyond*.

The taboo sex topics and answers to the most commonly asked questions related to them

 If you need the answers to these ten sex topics, we have you covered.

#1 Oral sex. Oral sex is one of those things experienced differently between the sexes. Everyone knows guys like blow jobs. But the intriguing question lingers whether women enjoy being the receiver or the giver and whether men like to give at all. Let’s be honest; we all know guys like to receive. The truth is oral sex feels much more exposing to a woman and not every woman feels comfortable with it.

When women throw out their preconceived notions about men not liking to perform it, whether there is an odor, or whether we look fatter from that direction, it is an enjoyable sensation and one like no other.

The men I’ve talked to seem to want to please the woman they are with, and they are absolutely thinking about a lot of things, but the cellulite on the inside of your thighs is not one of them. [Read: 8 tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro]

#2 Anal sex. One of the most highly googled sex topics is anal sex. Up until the past decade, it was not only something that you didn’t talk about; it wasn’t even something more than a sexual fantasy. The statistics show only about 20% of women say they have engaged in anal sex, but that number keeps growing. As many as 60% of men admit that they would like to give it a try with their heterosexual partner if given the chance.

Sex has traditionally been something we do to keep the species alive and not thought about in a pleasurable sense, until recently, as social morals continue to relax. A lot of confusion persists about why, if you had interlocking parts, you need to try those that aren’t designed for the purpose of sex.

As people begin to experiment more with sex, and it becomes more acceptable to let freedom reign, the statistics will likely continue to grow. You have to try everything once… right? [Read: Backdoor fun: Here’s how to have anal sex the right way]

#3 Fetishes. Fetishes are a sex topic we are often very curious about. Since they normally don’t fall into the category of things that turn us “all” on, they are perplexing to those who don’t have the same sensations.

Feet may be a sexual turn on to one person while dirty underwear is to another. The things that make us tick is different from individual to individual, and apparently so is what floats our proverbial boats. Fetishes make us feel hot and sexy, which don’t always have a cause, and makes them such an interesting topic. [Read: 7 extremely weird but surprisingly popular sex fetishes]

#4 Vibrators. Sex toys, in general, are a sex topic many research. When you are with a person for a while, things start to get sort of “vanilla.” Sex toys such as vibrators are a way to take the naturally excellent feeling of sex and orbit it into the realm of amazing.

It used to be you had to go to some off-the-roadside sex shop to pick something up to spice up the bedroom, now all you have to do is google it. You can buy just about any type of sex toy and vibrator you can imagine *and even some that you can’t*. [Read: 20 new things to try in bed with your lover]

#5 Sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is a sex topic bringing a lot of people, especially men, embarrassment. If there is one thing men define themselves by, it is their ability to procreate *or really just have sex*. When something isn’t working right, it becomes very problematic, not just for the individual, but for both people in the relationship.

Sexual dysfunctions come in the form of both physical and psychological. Sometimes it is difficult to tell which one is causing the problem. Not many people want to have to go to great lengths to seek medical advice unless absolutely necessary.

The good news is most sexual dysfunction is pretty simple to cure when you realize what causes it. Stop obsessing about it and work to change the behaviors leading to it and everything should go as planned. [Read: 20 sexual problems in a relationship you can easily avoid]

#6 Casual sex or one night stands. Only sluts and studs used to have one night stands. Casual sex is the new one night stand, and it involves not just a person lying to use another. It involves two people agreeing they are going to engage in sex for the enjoyment of both and not have any preconceived notions about what is going to come from it. Or that it will lead to respect or a relationship.

One night stands used to end with one doing the walk of shame and the other to get a high five. Now most people have casual sex, enjoy it, have no emotional feeling about it at all, and keep it to themselves. [Read: Casual sex: How to find the hookup of your dreams]

#7 Pornography. Remember the day when you went to rent a video, and there was a room that was blocked off—the “naughty” room. Not only did you have to be 18 to go in there, you had to be outside your mind to not worry about getting caught. Things have definitely come a long way.

On average, 97% of men admit to watching pornography at least once or twice a week, and most couples enjoy it together. Not taboo anymore, Debbie Loves Dallas is not something to be hidden under your bed or found in your dad’s sock drawer. [Read: 25 common porn myths that people still believe]

#8 Online sex. There are many different forms of online sex. There are sex sites where you hook up with people for the reason of sex only. Websites solely designed for you to find other people in your area who want nothing more than sex.

There are also sites with actual chat rooms where you have sex with people virtually, either both in agreement or through paying them. Online sex is responsible for a whole shift in the morals of society, be it good or bad. There isn’t a time of day when you can’t either rub one out, have sex with a stranger, or watch pornographic movies. [Read: 6 things to know before stripping for your webcam]

#9 Sex for hire. When you think about a prostitute, you likely get a vision in your head of some ugly woman in a boa and bad fishnet stockings on the street corner. That is not the only place people hire themselves out for sex. It isn’t just about the naughty “john” who is bored in his marriage.

There are all sorts of professional men and women who hire people to have sex with. Prostitution is a much higher-class job than it was in the old days. You may be surprised by the people you actually know who paid to have sex with a man or woman. Not something you talk about, or maybe even admit to, but it happens all the time.

#10 Masturbation. Is it normal? Well, of course, it is. Something we all do, yes, that is right. It is human nature to masturbate no matter what walk of life you come from. There are people who masturbate everyday, and they are in normal healthy, sexual relationships.

There are times when the only one who knows how to make you feel really good is yourself. You don’t have to wait for someone to knock your socks off, you can do it all by yourself. Unless you can’t, or you have a deeply religious or moral stance on masturbation, we all do it, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, how else are you supposed to find out what your likes and dislikes really are? [Read: Going solo: The 15 sexy benefits of masturbation]

Sex topics are uncomfortable because they make us feel vulnerable. Sex is supposed to be something we do in private or behind closed doors *unless we like it otherwise*. That is what makes these ten sex topics so intriguing.

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If we didn’t have the wealth of knowledge and visual images available on the internet, imagine how clueless we would all be. But, then again, all of these things existed long before they were posted online.

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