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Should You Take Naked Pictures of Your Partner?

Do you want to take nude pictures of your partner, but don’t know how to go about it? Taking naked photos can be a huge turn on if you know how to do it, says Amanda Schuler.

For the ones who want to snazzy up their own bedtime fairytales with interesting snaps, here’s everything you need to know about pouting in the buff.

Is there ever a limit to our imagination when it comes to fornication?

If we’re not holding the book on Kamasutra in one hand and maneuvering our legs to find that perfect clamp, we’re talking about fantasies in bed about some next door hottie neighbor, or strutting past each other as nurses and policemen, or gyrating on poles.

Sex is such a simple act, but with evolution comes couture on the streets and variations in bed.

And just like how everything’s risqué at one point and passé at another, sex too, has its own rage and ‘so-last-season’ moments. And they don’t really last seasons or hours. They’re, well… to be perfectly put, a rage that’s to each their own.

You may have indulged in a bit of everything or well, at least most of them. But for the not-so-gutsy ones, there are loads of itsy-bitsy personal effects that can get those sex kittens stirring and purring. Before heading to any crossroads, let’s rack up a few notches on bedroom distractions. [Read: Role play guide for beginners]

Nude photography in the bedroom

Have you ever taken any compromising pictures of your mate? It doesn’t matter if they’re in their torn shorts or in half eaten edible panties. Ewww! But have you, you adventurous one? Of course, you have. Gone are the days when the Jha of all Jhas, Polaroid cameras ruled, and yet even that was too much to afford. And we never could use those film rolls and pass it on to that friendly neighborhood photo studio too.

God knows what he would have done with those snaps… displayed it in smart photo frames? Or taken a spare copy home?

That was years ago. Those golden yesteryears might have rocked in promiscuity, but it fared terribly in bedroom fiascos. It’s no wonder we had artists and Leonardo Dicaprio aboard the Titanic painting realistic as-close-to-reality works to keep the jollies of couples up. But warping back to today, we’re way too many steps to count ahead of those wistful innocent wannabe days. [Read: How to increase your sex appeal]

Now we’re talking sixteen megapixel cell phones, snazzy camcorders, and chichi cameras! Everywhere! Who doesn’t own one of these?

And who hasn’t taken a few brazen snapshots of someone, even if it’s their own. Hasn’t Vanessa Hutchins done that? Or wait a minute, Pam Anderson?  That’s like all the way from Miss Disneyland to Miss ‘I-lay-anything-that-walks-but-hey-I’m-vegetarian!’ Need more stereotypes? Didn’t think so. But it’s all true. Snapping racy pictures of your mate or someone interesting is goody-goody in the loins, just as long as you don’t go giddy-giddy in the head.

Are you interested in taking naked photos?

Slinky steamy shots are always delightfully dishy. The adult industry runs on them. Millions of people get their chowder out of them. And everybody loves ‘em. Even more than everybody loves Lucy! Almost all men and women have a sweet tooth for libidinous photography. Though not all of them give it their best whack at the game. So what’s spanking good about sleaze-shots to begin with?

It’s exciting, fun, racy and something’s that a teensy bit scary. Just as long as you’re careful with the privy moments, there’s little that should bother you. Other than the caution factor that can be a constant neck-cricker, snapping pictures of your smutty lover is a huge thrill. For both of you. There isn’t much to know to snap away, other than where the snapper, delete, store, and cut buttons are. [Read: How to dress for sex the right way]

Best times to take photos of your partner

So when is the perfect time to play risqué in bed with a camcorder? Some people roll the camera out only after slipping rings near each other’s middle finger, onto their almost useless ring finger. But most people do it in their prime. Take your pick. You could start off today and take at least one on each birthday.

You’d know gravity’s effect in a few years even if your physics teacher couldn’t hammer it into your head. Getting photographed au naturel is a huge arousal in bed. And it’s the next best sex, after sex a la mime artist and before ménage a trios. Sometimes, making love can get quite a ho-hum, even if both of you are sexually attractive and complete banter materials.

So don’t take your libido onto the streets assuming that your mate isn’t interested. Just do something fresh, au courant! And snapping in the nude is right there, in the ten zone.

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