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Unbelievable Sex: 20 Sexual Fetishes Bordering on Crazy

Think you know everything about sex? Then think again. This list of crazy sexual fetishes will prove a real eye-opener for even the most experienced lover.

sexual fetishes

Foot fetishes, bondage, cross-dressing, domination play, S&M, swinging, rubber latex fetishes—the list of unusual sexual proclivities is vast. And yet, in this modern world with readily accessible mass e-media options, we all consider ourselves savvy on that front. Aware and not shockable.

Sexual fetishes you won’t believe!

No matter how experienced or enlightened we believe ourselves to be, people do things out there that could shock a veteran hooker into taking up holy orders. And here, in our crazy list of sexual fetishes you won’t believe, is just a few of them.

#1 Formicophilia. First on the list describes people who get turned on by insects, especially ants. A particularly common manifestation of this kink requires pouring a number of them into your underwear and getting off on the pain that occurs.

#2 Nasolingus. If you know what cunnilingus is, then you may be able to guess what this describes. That’s right, someone who gets off by sucking on other peoples noses or having their own nose sucked.

#3 Ball busting. If you don’t ascribe to this pursuit, describing or watching it is very uncomfortable *especially for guys*. Exactly how it sounds, this describes guys who love to get off when their testicles are kicked or punched by a woman.

#4 Mucophilia. Achieving sexual satisfaction through the simple act of sneezing, often provoked by using snuff, pepper, or some other such “nasal aphrodisiac!” [Read: 7 extremely weird but surprisingly sex fetishes]

#5 Knismolagnia. Many people identify with this one to a limited extent. But the dedicated knismolagnist ONLY achieves orgasm through tickling.

#6 Necrophilia. In stark contrast to the previous entry, this one lies firmly on the dark side of the sexual fetishes list. Describing those attracted to dead bodies and desire to somehow have intercourse with them.

#7 Gerontophilia. A gerontophiliac is attracted to older people. Not the elderly, however, who are distinguished and classily attractive, but those so old they have lost their teeth, their hair, and probably their short-term memory. [Read: Types of fetishes: dirty little secrets]

#8 Macrophilia. Remember how loads of guys seemed to weirdly lust after Susan Murphy from Monsters vs. Aliens when she became a giant? Apparently, it’s an actual thing, a fetish for giants and giantesses.

#9 Emetophilia. Not a particularly pleasant thought if you’re not so inclined, emetophiliacs love vomiting. Either solo or on each other. Then again, who are we to judge?

#10 Agalmatophilia. Statues, mannequins, busts, or any other physical representation of the human form compose the major focus of this sexual fetish. Either as an object of desire during masturbation or actually managing to effect some form of intercourse with them.

#11 Furries. A fascinatingly modern phenomenon, people called furries dress as animals and have sex together. For some, this might be as simple as a pair of fake cat ears and a butt plug tail. Others fork out huge amounts of cash for expensive manga-esque cartoon animal costumes. [Read: 10 fiery hot reasons you should date someone with a fetish]

#12 Eproctophilia. Well, this is a CRAZY list of fetishes. And none crazier to a non-devotee than someone who likes to stick their noses into someone’s butt. And, yes, you guessed it, receive the full force of their partner’s intestinal gasses. For some, farts are sexy.

#13 Infantilism. Generally speaking, it tends to be guys who go for this fetish, where they dress, act, and are treated like babies. What being treated like a baby means can vary hugely.

Some enjoy being cradled and sung to, others like being tickled and read to. Some like to be breast fed. But the hardcore subscribers to this fetish go for a full soiling of the diaper and getting changed by nanny experience.

#14 Frotteurism. A favorite of Japanese pornography, frotteurism means surreptitiously sneaking up alongside someone in public. Then rubbing your genitals against them without them knowing. [Read: How dirty panty fetishes are paying women’s utility bills]

#15 Oculolinctus. Although not particularly hardcore *at least compared to many on the list*, oculolinctus describes the act of licking someone’s eyeball for sexual gratification. Definitely one of the comedy classics of sexual fetishism.

#16 Coprophilia. Not one for the squeamish, coprophilia describes the use of human feces as an integral part of the sex act. I shall desist from describing the entire act and its variations in too much detail, lest I unwittingly provide sexual sustenance for the emetophiliacs among us.

However, it is worth making the somewhat surprising point about how popular this particular fetish appears to be. Two girls, one cup ring a bell?

#17 Kleptolagnia. Thrill seeking in one form or another isn’t unusual, providing some degree of sexual gratification. This fetish falls firmly into that territory. The particular thrill? That of the risk of being caught while shoplifting. [Read: 20 kinky things to do with your boyfriend beyond the bed]

#18 Zoomythophilia. Another more modern fetish incarnation, zoomythophobia describes the act of being turned on by the thought of having sex with mythical creatures and animals. Trolls, werewolves, dragons, and mermen—no mythical creature stays sacrosanct.

#19 Vorarephilia. Possibly the darkest of all the entries on the list, this fetish involves getting off by eating people. Yes, you heard me, EATING people. Enough said!

#20 Dendrophilia. If wood gives you wood, then you’re a dendrophiliac. Specifically, adherents to this fetish are attracted to trees, with a whole range of variations dependent upon type, size, age of tree, and achievement of sexual gratification.

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If you’re starting to wonder if you’re some kind of stick in the mud, then don’t. This list of sexual fetishes isn’t intended for everyone. Although a bit of sexual adventure is always a good thing, never push yourself beyond your limits. And on this list, the limits go pretty far out!

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