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Male Sexual Fantasies: 16 Top Dirty Desires Every Guy Has In Mind

Think you know all the regular male sexual fantasies? Yet, every guy is different. Check out these sexual fantasies of men and prepare to be surprised!

male sexual fantasies

Men and sexual fantasies are like fish and water. If you really want to know what makes a man tick in his pants, you need to understand his fantasies. A man’s big black book of sexual fantasies keeps getting bigger, and his fantasies keep piling up all the time. So, that means there are countless male sexual fantasies you probably don’t even know about.

You may have your own fantasy too, a new one that you created just this morning.

The truth is that everyone has fantasies, whether they want to admit to them or not. Some fantasies come true, others are simply in the mind, for those moments when you need a little, erm, inspiration, shall we say?

Either way, learning the sexual fantasies of men means that you’re able to connect with the guy in your life a little better and perhaps show him a seriously good time between the sheets too!

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Sexual fantasies and men

We know that all of us fantasize. Even the prudes who pretend like sex is the last thing on their minds.

If men and women don’t fantasize, porn wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar industry and Mills and Boon wouldn’t be such a best seller, would it?

So now that we’re all too familiar with the fact that men and women fantasize and accept that all of us do, let’s get straight to the well-kept secrets of your partner’s mind and their sexual fantasies. Of course, knowing this is going to make sex oh-so-much fun! [Read: How to dirty talk to a guy and make him cum in seconds!]

The black book of male sexual fantasies

Men think a lot about sex and fantasize no end.

All the way from rescuing nude damsels in distress from the evil warlord who dies with one stroke of the sword to being washed ashore on a faraway island. Of course, that island is inhabited by only women with no clothes but oyster shells. Yes, they’re that detailed.

But one man’s fantasy aside, take a peek into what all men like in bed, and their all biggest sexual fantasies.

1. Threesomes

Right there, spot on at the top, baby! A man loves to have a sexual threesome. And coming to think of it, we don’t know if there’s one man alive who doesn’t want to have a threesome.

We’re sure even Adam was frustrated with the Big Guy because Eve wasn’t enough for him. Some men say they want to have sex with two women because they want to brag about it, but we don’t think that’s the truth. If it’s just a case of bragging, then they wouldn’t really want to fantasize about the sex. They would rather fantasize about the bragging part.

Men think a woman’s body is the best-looking thing they’ve ever seen *don’t women say the same thing?*, so seeing two girls all over each other in such close proximity is just way too hot, in a completely delightful sexual way!

This is one thing all men like in bed, no exceptions, and therefore, one of the biggest male sexual fantasies. [Read: The threesome invite – How to ask someone to join you in bed]

2. Prostitution

We don’t know too many men who have the coin purses to drive down a dark alley and pick a girl up. And even the ones who do want to do that are quite afraid, what with all the sexual diseases scare going on around us!

We know, women think their man’s sexual fantasy of banging a hooker is disgusting. But come on, this is a man thing, and so women have just got to accept it.

Men run behind women almost all the time they’re awake, so when they are able to get laid a few minutes into the talk, sometimes even less, it’s thrilling.

The man is officially the cheap man’s James Bond once he hooks a hooker. But when he doesn’t have what it takes to hire a prostitute in the first place, he sexually fantasizes about the prostitute scenario. His girlfriend may very well be the prostitute in his fantasy! [Confession: The Asian happy ending massage – What it is and my very first experience]

3. Role play games

Men love role playing. It’s like getting to sleep with different women in different scenarios. If a guy’s girl isn’t too keen on playing a teacher or an air hostess, all he has to do is imagine a sexual fantasy of role playing. If you’re wondering what men like in bed, bring out your nurse or cheerleader dress and watch the sheets rise in the middle faster than you can say boingg!

But men do like women who want to experiment and every man loves to role play. The ones who say they don’t, either had their mate dressed up like their perverted physical instructor, or haven’t experienced it yet! [Read: The sexual role play guide for beginners]

4. Women who are off-limits

If we’re talking about the biggest male sexual fantasies, it’s women who are off-limits. Men love what they can’t have. But they still try. And that’s why a few women call men ass wipes.

We don’t know why, but men find the thought of hooking up with a woman who is off-limits extremely attractive and arousing.

In reality, making out with these women may come with its own share of worries, but in their heads, boy, can men spin a tale! This sexual fantasy includes balling their friend’s wife, his girlfriend’s best friend, or her flirty sister. [Read: How to get a girl with a boyfriend to like you]

5. Exotic locations

The lives of many men turn out to be quite boring, as the relationship wears on happily. Most of them stare at the same patch on the wall every single time they have sex with their woman. And for a few more unfortunate souls, there’s even a fixed time frame to have sex. Yikes! So what do men do?

They dream about making love at some other time of the day, in some other part of the house. And if their sexual fantasies are on a high, they drift away to some beach resort, a parking lot, or a club.

When it comes to screwing a girl in his sexual fantasies, the world is definitely his oyster. But this is really great for the couple, his libido surges on a high if he’s having sex and thinking about that new spot he dreamed of earlier that day. [Read: Fun on the beach]

6. Being caught in the act

Men like it when sex is risqué. Knowing that someone could walk in any moment provides them the sexual high they badly crave.

These guys aren’t really flashers or exhibitionists, they just want to pretend like they are. And if they do get caught completely and vulnerably in the act, they may even be the first to shrivel up like a snail, for days on end.

But when they don’t get caught, flashing an accidental peek at a girl is a huge male fantasy, and this is one of the male sexual fantasies that will remain in their minds for a long time to come. [Read: 15 risky places to have sex and get your adrenalin racing]

7. Sex with a stranger

A stranger is what all men want in bed. It’s one of the biggest male fantasies and one that has a great storyline too.

A guy’s walking down the street, and a girl runs up to him and tells him she’s in trouble. Apparently, she’s being chased by some ruffians. He decides to stay back and fight those bums. He does and he wins. The flowers fall from the heavens on the victor. He then takes her home, and she applies a soothing aloe balm on his war wounds.

Of course, he sees that her tee shirt is torn and she’s got a small gash on her back. He asks her to slide her bra straps off her shoulder so he can apply an antiseptic on her wound.

She shyly removes her tee-shirt to reveal a body that’s worth dreaming about. She unhooks her bra and slips her strap down. Her tee shirt is on the floor and so is her bra. Her gravity-defying breasts are hard to conceal as she coyly places her hands to cover her nipples. They’re cold and perky.

The hair on her back starts to stand as he gently applies the cream on her back. The guy moves closer and kisses her neck. She smiles and takes her hands off her breasts and moves them along his thigh.

The next moment, they’re both making hot, frenzied love.

You dirty boy, you have an erection already, don’t you? A gorgeous stranger is the hottest person to have sex with, if not in reality, in a man’s head. [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

8. Voyeuristic pleasure

Men get extremely excited when they sexually fantasize about watching a woman getting dirty from afar.

Even a clean show is good enough for a man. Check out the movie, The Girl Next Door. In that movie, the guy stares at the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring sexy Elisha Cuthbert while she’s taking her clothes off. That’s just hot. And it’s even hotter if the guy doesn’t know the girl.

The best voyeuristic sexual male fantasy is probably watching a really hot girl stripping off as he’s watching her through his window or a girl stripping herself off in her pool for a midnight skinny dip! [Read: Sexual voyeurism and the horny rush it gives you]

9. The dominatrix

Men are usually the big ruffians in bed. But men sexually fantasize about times when they would end up in bed with a woman who will bind him to the bed with handcuffs and rip his clothes off and totally, completely dominate him.

It might be an ego crusher, but her aggression comes from her attraction for him, right? She desires him and wants him, so it’s all cool and sexy. Bring it on! Having a controlling partner is just what a man needs once in a while.

This might be one of the male sexual fantasies he won’t admit too very freely, but trust us, it’s there. [Read: How to dominate a man in bed – 14 ways to be a dominatrix goddess]

10. Sex with a virgin

Men are competitive, just like their sperm. They all want to be the first to get into a girl’s pants. One of the biggest male fantasies is about being the first one to enter that mound of Venus and teach the girl what a quivering orgasm is all about.

A lot of men have a fantasy about being the guy to have sex with a girl for the first time for other reasons too. But most of all, it’s because he wants to be the first one to scratch “I was here” on the red carpet.

Childish? For sure, but we don’t get to choose these fantasies.

11. Swinging fun

This isn’t just a threesome, this is actual swinging. This is being with another guy’s wife or girlfriend, while the other guy is swapping too.

The problem is, most guys like the having-sex-with-someone’s-wife-or-girlfriend part but aren’t so keen for their own wife or girlfriend to do the same. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most common male sexual fantasies around, even if they don’t actually do it in real life. [Read: The do’s and don’ts of swinging you have to follow]

12. Pretending to be Christian Grey

Most guys like the idea of being Christian Grey and dominating their girlfriend with a red room of toys and props.

You can blame Fifty Shades of Grey for this fantasy because we all saw the effect it had on Anastasia. He wants to have the same effect on you and he thinks that cuffing you to a bed and exploring with his toys is going to do it.

13. Blow jobs – lots and lots of blow jobs

Being woken up with a blow job, a blow job before breakfast, another before lunch, you get the idea. Guys love BJs and it’s no surprise that they feature pretty heavily in the most common male sexual fantasies list.

Thankfully, this is one of the easiest you can make come true – should you want to, of course. You just need to go down on him regularly and he’ll be a happy guy. [Read: How to give good head – The ultimate blow guide and 50+ secret tips]

14. Watching you with another woman

He’s not going to want to watch you with another guy, well, he probably won’t. But, he would love to watch you getting down and dirty with another woman.

Don’t believe for a second that your boyfriend hasn’t had a major fantasy about you and some other hot chick, whether it’s someone he knows or a total stranger.

Of course, he would hope to become involved at some point and it would turn into the threesome fantasy, but simply watching may be enough for him to blow his load before it even got to that point. [Read: 17 best lesbian sex positions to make you look and feel like a pro]

15. Anal, of course

Many women don’t want to try anal, or they’ve tried it once and then chose not to do so again. That’s fine, but it won’t stop a guy from fantasizing about it.

Anal sex is one of the biggest male sexual fantasies and although we can’t even begin to wonder why, he wants to do it and do it some more. You might want to let his fantasy come true, or you might not. That’s up to you. [Read: Why do guys like anal sex? Take a peek inside a guy’s mind]

16. Spanking – he’s a bad, bad boy

We mentioned that a big fantasy for guys is being dominated, but some guys really get off on the idea of being spanked.

It’s actually one of the most common male sexual fantasies, despite the fact that he might not admit to it. But, if you gave him the chance and he felt safe enough admitting his desires to you, he might let you “punish” him for being a bad, bad boy. A little spanking? Oh, why not!

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Knowing the top male sexual fantasies helps you to understand your guy’s sexual dreams and desires a little better. And now that you do, would you like to indulge him by talking about his fantasy together? Well, that’s up to you!

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