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110 MUST-KNOW Interesting Sex Facts, Myths & Strange Secrets about Sex!

From the normal and mundane to the wild, wacky, and crazy sex facts, here is everything you want to know about sex. Buckle up for a wild ride!

sex secrets

Ah, the birds and the bees. Sex makes your world go ‘round. Talking about sex is always an interesting topic. So, you have come to the right place to find out all the normal, weird, wild, and crazy sex facts that you never knew you wanted to know! 

You might think you know everything there is to know about sex already. But do you really? When you were younger, you might have had some pretty questionable ideas about sex. And you know what? You’ll never know everything.

That’s why we’re here. So, let’s take a look at some normal and fascinating facts about sex – some will even blow your mind. [Read: 50 sexy kinky ideas to make sex feel a lot better]

Important things to know about sex

Let’s start with some normal, basic facts about sex. 

The problem with Hollywood is that they make sex look like everyone’s floating on cloud nine. They move so elegantly, everything is perfectly in place, and of course, no one has any hair. But let’s get back into the real world.

When we’re having sex, it ain’t necessarily pretty. In fact, most of the time, it’s messy. Really messy. Though that’s the fun part, many of us are extremely insecure about what happens during sex. [Read: Morning sex – how to wake up to great sex and 16 reasons it feels so good]

Sure, you know where the penis and vagina are, but what about all the little things *the sounds, smells, touches, and tastes* which actually make up sex? There are more things to know about sex than you might think.

Here are some things that everyone should know and that you should always remember about sex.

1. Consent is actually necessary

This is one of the most important sex facts. You probably read this before and heard about it on TV. This isn’t some passing trend. Ask for consent. Both you and your sexual partner need to agree that you both want to have sex. [Read: Is the first kiss showing a major red flag?]

If your partner isn’t sure they want to have sex or isn’t saying a straight-up “yes” then you don’t have their consent which means you should not have sex with them. It’s as simple as that.

2. Men aren’t horny 24/7

It’s a common belief that men are always horny every second of the day. Untrue. Not only does this place pressure on the man, but it also has women insecure about their libido, thinking they’re not sexual enough. 

The thing is, men have sexual highs and lows just like women. Some days they’ll be horny, other days not so much. [Read: How to beat the dry spell and get horny]

3. Unprotected sex doesn’t mean automatic pregnancy

But if it helps you to wear protection then just keep this in mind. However, you should know, that just because you have unprotected sex, it doesn’t mean you’re pregnant.

Does it increase the risk? Yes. Does it increase the risk of STIs? Yes. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get an STI or become pregnant.

4. Sex is like a lock and key

It’s assumed that when we have sex with someone, it’s going to just work. But that’s not the case. Some people are better partnered with you than others. 

Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, that includes genitals, so don’t expect every penis or vagina to fit with your genitals. [Read: Penis and vagina sizes and the perfect combinations]

5. No, don’t wear two condoms

You may think wearing two condoms will bring an extra layer of protection and safety from pregnancy. However, wearing two condoms is only going to increase the risk. 

The condoms will rub together and have a higher chance of ripping, so, in other words, wear one condom at a time. 

6. You’re not going to always orgasm

This is a bummer of a sex fact, isn’t it? An orgasm is highly linked to your mental state. For example, if you’ve been stressed out, there’s a higher chance that you won’t be able to orgasm. See, you need to be completely in the zone when it comes to having an orgasm. 

If your mind drifts off, you probably won’t orgasm, and that’s okay. You’re not meant to orgasm every single time you have sex. [Read: 15 secrets to master the art of making a woman orgasm every time]

7. Condoms smell bad

Unless you get yourself a fruit-flavored condom, most likely the regular condom you use is going to smell bad. But this smell doesn’t mean anything.

The condom is supposed to smell like a tire factory and latex. If you’re not into that smell *honestly, who is?* get yourself flavored condoms. [Read: The history of condoms – how to be a condom know-it-all in 5 minutes]

8. Vagina farts are real

Ladies, this is probably a sex fact that you wish wasn’t true. Sex isn’t supposed to be quiet.

It’s two bodies pressing up against each other, mix that with sweat and intensity, and you’re bound to make noises. When air gets pushed out of the vagina, you’ll hear a vagina fart, also known as a queef. 

It’s going to happen to the best of us. No, it’s not an actual fart so don’t pay attention to it. Have a giggle and just keep doing your thing. [Read: Is queefing normal? All the untold secrets you need to know]

9. For better sex, talk

Yeah, you probably think better sex comes when you have more sex, but that’s not the case. Better sex happens when you talk about it. 

How else will you be able to improve your sex if you and your partner don’t talk about the things that need improvement? It’s not as awkward of a conversation as you think it is. Just start it. [Read: How to talk about sex without sounding like a pervert]

10. Just use lube

Most people think that lube isn’t necessary, that it’s designed only for people who are dryer than others. However, that’s not the case. Remember this: the wetter, the better. 

This is because the wetter you are, the likelier it is for you to orgasm. So, don’t think of lube as something insulting. You need to bring lube into the bedroom.

11. The secret is in foreplay

Listen, increase the foreplay in the bedroom. The foreplay is what makes the vagina wet. It warms it up for the main show. 

If you rush through foreplay, you don’t become wet enough, then the sex is painful. In addition, you increase sexual chemistry and intensity, so it makes the sex better. In other words, just have more foreplay. [Read: 17 sexy foreplay moves everyone has to try in bed]

12. Everyone fakes orgasms

This might be one sex fact that you didn’t want to know. A majority of women have never had an orgasm. If you’re a guy, you’ve been lied to. Faking an orgasm is normal, and it happens to the best of us but this isn’t because people enjoy faking orgasms.

Most of us dream about having them but many people lack the connection to their genitals and don’t communicate with their partners. If you want to stop faking, it’s time to start talking.

The untold sex secrets you need to know

Now, let’s talk about some sex secrets. That sounds more fun, doesn’t it? [Read: 10 ways to make long-term sex feel like a one-night stand]

Firstly, sex isn’t a secret. It’s natural and as humans, we’ve been doing it for a very long time. But rewind back a few thousand years, and you’d see that humans weren’t really monogamous.

As time passed by, we’ve understood the benefits of monogamy and society has engrained into our minds that monogamy works out better for us in the long run.

Loneliness and lack of emotional intimacy versus lots of sex, which would you prefer? [Read: 25 relationship rules for a successful romance]

Sex isn’t a secret, but the ways to ensure that sex stays exciting in a monogamous relationship, well, that’s definitely a secret worth knowing, wouldn’t you say?

There are some couples who always seem to have the perfect relationship with the perfect sex life, and then, there are most others who have a really hard time staying happy in one.

The biggest sex secret you need to know is the recipe for a perfect romance. And it needs just two ingredients, unconditional love, and lustful passion. [Read: How to be a perfect couple that’s envied by all other couples]

If you can truly love each other AND stay sexually attracted to each other even after several years of marriage or dating each other, you’re definitely on the right path.

13 sex secrets to a better sex life

Staying in love is easy if you’re a compatible couple that understands each other perfectly. But getting intensely attracted to each other sexually a few years into the relationship, well, that’s definitely the hard part.

If you ever choose to indulge in a day-to-day chore or a mundane hobby over having sex with your partner, you need to give it serious thought. What could start off as a small excuse to avoid sex could turn into voluntary abstinence over time. [Read: Happy sex life – what a good sex life should look like in real life]

If you want to have a great sex life and keep the sizzle of sexual attraction alive in your relationship, even years after lying in the same bed with each other, you need to understand these 13 sex secrets.

These sex secrets will help you understand what it takes to feel sexy, keep your partner interested in you, and give you the perfect romance that will be envied by other couples.

1. Sex isn’t all physical attraction but… 

It’s been said that romantic sex isn’t all about physical appearances, but we all know that good looks can increase sex appeal a long way. Work out and try to look better for each other. 

The fitter you look, the sexier you’d look and feel, and that’ll definitely increase your sex appeal and make you a better lover too. [Read: How to increase your sex appeal in no time]

2. Attention makes you sexy

The more you’re admired by other members of the opposite sex, the more your partner will sexually desire you and stay interested in you. Attention from the opposite sex always has this effect on our partners.

In a long-term relationship, both partners would start to take each other’s sex appeal for granted. After all, when something’s easily accessible, it’s easy to overlook its value. 

But when your partner is standing in a crowd and getting everyone’s attention, that’s when you’d realize just how awesome and sexy your partner truly is. [Read: Attention seeker – 17 signs you’re one even if you can’t see it]

3. Regular sex is monotonous sex

Sex always gets monotonous and boring if you don’t try something new every now and then. Sex isn’t just about penetration. It’s what you do with each other before, during, and after sex that makes lovemaking feel more special.

4. Talking is sexy

When two lovers talk about sex, it helps each other understand the other partner’s desires and expectations better. 

Talking about sex even when you’re not having sex is always great for the relationship. So don’t be a prude, speak up and your sex will only get better. [Read: How to talk dirty with your boyfriend and sound really sexy]

5. Hide your sexy bits

Don’t be naked all the time in front of your partner. The more you walk around naked in the bedroom when you’re not getting intimate, the more both of you will end up sexually desensitized.

If you’re out at a party and unexpectedly see a flash of your partner’s skin, doesn’t it turn you on? Create the same sexual excitement in bed. Dress up and don’t reveal it all at once. [Read: 6 easy ways to dress for sex and turn your partner on]

6. Missionary rules

The missionary position is the most comfortable and the most intimate of sex positions. Evolution has taught us to have sex while facing each other, and that’s something very few species can do. Use it to build a romantic connection, but every now and then, try to vary the positions.

If one of you feels like a position is uncomfortable, try something else. You never know how a new position could feel until you try something new now and then. [Read: The complete guide to having tantric sex for the first time]

7. Sexy imagination

Whether you accept it or not, your mind would definitely stray while having sex with your partner. It’s obviously not easy to just stare into each other’s eyes for a good half an hour with a blank head. 

Instead of hiding your thoughts while making love, talk about them. Exploring each other’s imagination in bed is a sexy rush that’ll make sex a lot more exciting and lustful.

Have an active imagination, read and watch porn, and talk about your fantasies. It’ll bring back that spark you’re craving for, and each time a fantasy gets boring, talk about something new! [Read: How to talk dirty in bed – Dirty talking examples]

8. Sex is happiness

This is a great sex fact, isn’t it? Having sex regularly makes you a happy person. Just like working out or shopping, sex too stimulates the release of endorphins that make you feel good about yourself. 

Sex can relieve a headache, eliminate stress, and make you feel calmer and more confident during an interview. So instead of avoiding sex when you’re stressed, indulge in it. It’ll make you and your partner feel better and bond better too.

9. Men and women and the way they look at sex

Men and women just don’t look at lovemaking the same way. Men are visual creatures that are aroused by what they see physically, while women are more aroused by emotional intimacy and what they hear and feel while making love. [Read: 20 things that sexually turn on a guy about a girl]

10. Drunk sex

Intoxicants like alcohol can at times be the biggest aphrodisiacs. Alcohol in small amounts reduces inhibition, which makes you open up more and feel relaxed while getting undressed in the company of another person.

Alcohol consumption in males reduces their testosterone levels which reduces their libido proportionally to the alcohol they consume. 

On the other hand, alcohol consumption increases testosterone levels in women. For most women, an increase in alcohol consumption creates an increase in sexual satisfaction during orgasms.

11. Dress up and look sexy

Look your best around your partner instead of dressing down in frayed overalls all the time. If you can do that right, there’s a good chance that your partner won’t cheat on you. [Read: 15 simple and real-life tips to look sexier naked]

Here’s the reason why. If you find someone sexually attractive, you’d find it very hard to lie to them or do something that may offend them. 

So instead of hiring a private eye or suffocating your partner into staying loyal to you, just ensure that your partner still finds you sexually attractive.

12. Foreplay is a big part

The longer the foreplay, the more intense the orgasms and the pleasure both of you experience. So the next time both of you are under the sheets, don’t go straight for the big act. [Read: 12 tips on foreplay for men that actually work!]

Take your time to warm up, and the sex will last a lot longer. And good foreplay can even help a man who’s having a hard time staying up stay up for longer. This is an important sex fact to remember.

13. True love doesn’t define a perfect romance

True love is not the same as intense sexual attraction. This is the biggest sex secret that can quash a lot of misconceptions about romantic relationships. 

Experiencing true love will not give you the perfect relationship. True love is love. But a perfect relationship needs more. It needs love and lust to be successful.

When you’re in a relationship, don’t just hold hands and walk down a street and assume you’re in a perfect romance.

Push your partner against a wall now and then and make out too. Well, then you’d definitely have the perfect blend of love and lust, the perfect ingredients for romantic love. [Read: 10 really fun sex games to play with your boyfriend]

Shocking sex myths debunked

Now that you know all the secrets about sex, let’s move on to some shocking sex myths that you might have thought to be true…but aren’t.

Maybe you heard that penis size actually matters, unprotected sex is okay if you pull out or that women don’t like anal sex. Funny thing is, we’ve been having sex since the beginning of time, but we’re just starting to understand it now.

So, it’s time to debunk some of the sex myths that have been floating around. And here we thought it was as easy as getting naked.

1. You don’t need a condom if you are timing your ovulation

This is a very important sex fact that you need to know. Okay, if you’re the person who’s using your biological clock as a way to time when you can have unprotected sex, this is not an effective way to prevent pregnancy. [Read: Pull out method – Everything you need to know to make up your mind]

It’s just not a good idea. Buying a condom is much for effective and just easier.

2. Women don’t like anal sex

This is one of the big sex myths. Not sure who made up this rumor, but it’s not true. Probably what happened is that some guy who didn’t know what he was doing tried anal sex with a girl and then traumatized her.

She, of course, told all her friends. And now, look what happened. In reality, anal sex is actually very enjoyable and many women like it. [Read: Do women like anal sex? Hint: It isn’t a yes or no question]

3. Men and women sexually peak at the same time

Biologically speaking, women do sexually peak a little later than men. However, it shouldn’t really matter to you. You should be able to enjoy sex at literally any age. 

You may face some issues when you’re older, but sex, when you’re 75, and sex when you’re 18, aren’t much different.

4. Men want sex, women want relationships

This isn’t wrong, however, it’s not fully right. Some men do only want sex, and some women are only looking for a relationship. However, this isn’t the spectrum for all men and women. [Read: 33 absolutely fascinating facts about sex you need to know]

Everyone is different and has different needs. And also, people can change. It’s not so black and white.

5. Women only orgasm from vaginal sex

If this is the case, then it’s not surprising why so many women have yet to have an orgasm. In reality, most women achieve orgasms through clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal penetration. So, if you can get an orgasm, change up your method. This is kind of one of the silly sex myths.

6. Pulling out method is effective when having unprotected sex

Sure, condoms don’t feel great, but they can save your life.

The pulling out method will prevent a man from fully ejaculating inside of you, however, there is pre-ejaculatory fluid that leaks out from the penis. So, you still can get pregnant. [Read: Why you should never trust a man’s pull-out game – No matter how strong]

7. You can’t contract STDs from oral sex

Ha! Wouldn’t you like to think that’s the case? Actually, you can contract STIs from oral sex. Isn’t that an unfortunate sex fact?

Anything that involves you exchanging fluids or touching the skin can put you at risk of contracting an STD. Your job is to open your eyes and don’t put anything in your mouth that looks a little off.

8. Anal sex is safe

At the end of the day, whether it’s vaginal, oral, or anal sex, you’re putting yourself at risk. You don’t know STDs are floating around, nor do you know if your partner is truly 100% clean or not.

However, anal sex is no less safe than vaginal sex. [Read: STDs 101 – The most common types and their symptoms]

9. Birth control protects you from unprotected sex

Birth control protects you from becoming pregnant while having unprotected sex. However, it doesn’t protect you from STDs. That’s the big difference.

So, you can have all the unprotected sex you want *there’s still a chance for pregnancy*, but if you’re thinking you won’t get herpes because you’re on the pill, think again.

10. You are either good or bad at sex

No one is good at sex when they have it for the first time. Knowing how to have sex is learned through practice. And that’s one sex fact you need to remember. [Read: How to be good at sex – 17 moves that’ll make you the hottest lay]

Maybe at this moment you’re not great at sex, but it doesn’t have to stay like that. You just need a good partner and an open mind.

11. You can’t get pregnant if you have unprotected sex in certain positions

You can get pregnant no matter what position you’re in. If you’re having sex in water, standing up, upside down, on your period, if you don’t orgasm, if you douche – you can get pregnant if you’re having unprotected sex.

12. You know when you have an STD

Sure, sometimes you’ll be able to tell by the burning sensation when you pee or the fact that your vagina/dick is now inflamed with open sores. [Read: STD 101 – the most common types and their symptoms]

However, not all STIs sprout up right away. Some take a couple of weeks or a couple of months until you start seeing symptoms, and by then you probably already had sex with someone else.

13. Size matters

If you’re a guy, this may bring you some relief. Size doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. 

Sure, on TV it’s all about having a big dick, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you use what you have. That’s the bottom line here. [Read: Does size actually matter to women or is there more to it?]

14. Men can’t have multiple orgasms

This is an unfortunate sex fact for men, isn’t it? They actually can, however, you’re going to have to do a lot of practicing and really get into Tantric techniques. So, start reading up on your Tantric sex.

15. Women don’t like porn

Wait, what? Actually, a lot of women enjoy watching porn. But there is porn available for women that’s more emotional and has a better storyline. Women are sexual beings just like men, so why wouldn’t we like porn? [Read: 25 hilarious facts about sex most of us used to believe]

Funny misconceptions we had about sex when we were younger

When we were young, we believed a lot of things that ultimately turned out to be untrue. And there are a lot of myths about sex that are just as unreal as Santa Claus or the fabled prince on a white horse. 

Here is a list of 25 strange things you believed about sex when you were younger *or you still do*. In case of an emergency, this is probably a good time to break the taboos.

1. Next to giving birth, losing one’s virginity is the most painful bloody *pun intended* experience a woman will have in her life

It doesn’t have to be. Blood is involved only if the hymen is broken, and the main cause of pain during defloration is wrong convictions filled with anxiety.

If you are a female who had a rough first sexual experience, it was probably because your nerves were making your vaginal muscles constrict or your partner didn’t indulge in enough foreplay to turn you on. [Read: First-time sex and the virgin’s guide to nailing it]

2. You will marry the first person you have sex with

Not really. Did anyone ever really believe that this was an accurate sex fact? Sex with a happy ending sounds like a romantic fairytale, yet most people don’t spend the rest of their lives with their first sexual encounter. It’s a nice idea, but not one that’s suited to the modern world.

3. You will get pregnant if you have any contact with sperm

There are a lot of creative theories about procreation, but no, no one ever got pregnant with a well-aimed facial or by swallowing bodily fluids.

4. Buying condoms is shameful

When you were younger and you had just started having sex, you were probably shamefaced when buying condoms because you kept thinking, “Someone knows I am going to have sex!” 

Of course, soon you’ve realized this is just as absurd as a pregnant woman thinking, “I can’t get out of the house because everyone will know what I was up to!” [Read: Condom types and how they can improve your sex life]

5. If the first sexual experience is bad, it means you’re not meant for each other

If there is strong chemistry, you might just need to work on the physics. Don’t give up so easily! The second time might be a far cry from the first, so don’t shoot it down! If anyone thinks this is an accurate sex fact, then they are silly.

6. If a guy doesn’t have an erection, it means he doesn’t like you

On the contrary, it could mean he likes you too much. Guys who are so nervous about pleasing you may sometimes fail to get an erection. Take it as a compliment, and try to ease the poor guy’s nerves. [Read: Why does losing an erection bother men so much?]

7. The bigger the penis, the better the sex

Life is too short to question if something is too short. Penises, breasts, or any other body parts don’t have to be large in order for you to enjoy them. [Read: Big vs. small – why bigger isn’t always better]

8. The longer the sex, the better

This is definitely not a true sex fact. It can actually be extremely exhausting *and leave you sore too*. Time is relative, and so is the length of the intercourse. 

Sometimes, a quickie oral is more fulfilling than an hour-long gallop in bed. Anyhow, the best sex is with someone who makes you forget about the concept of time.

9. In a good relationship, you need to have sex every day, and it has to be good every time

Really? And what about those nights when the two lovebirds just want to cuddle? It doesn’t matter if it’s three times per week or three times per day. [Read: Tantric sex – The beginners’ guide to awakening your sexuality]

Couples who have sex based on the pleasure principle and not just because they feel obligated to, usually have a healthier relationship.

10. If you hump away, you’ll eventually find the G-spot

The G-spot can actually be harder to find than the clitoris, and just pumping in random directions at your partner won’t guarantee that you’ll find it. 

Luckily for you, exploring a woman’s lady parts can actually be a fun activity for both of you – and that’s a true sex fact. [Read: How to tingle her g-spot without using a flashlight]

11. You have to try everything sexually

If you’re not sure about anal sex, talk about it. If you love it, say it. Experimenting might be the null hypothesis of a successful relationship, but you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Communication is the ultimate stimulant.

12. Only synchronized orgasms prove you are connected

Not at all. Climaxing at the same time is a rare situation, so climbing on top, one after another is completely normal. After all, knowing you are the reason your sexual partner has reached climax is good enough, right? [Read: Do simultaneous orgasms really happen in real life?]

13. You need to finish what you’ve started

When you order lackluster food at a restaurant and the waiter asks you why you didn’t finish your meal, are you going to continue eating just because you feel awkward? 

Of course not. You can stop the coitus anytime when it doesn’t feel right for you. It won’t make your sex life worse!

14. You need to show your partner all your moves

If you perceive sex as a competition, someone is going to lose their orgasm. It’s all about the pleasure, and there’s no need to whip out every sex tip you’ve ever learned every single time.

15. Drunk sex is better than sober sex

Debatable. Alcohol may help you shed your inhibitions, but it can also help you shed your motor functions, your sensitivity, and your consciousness. If you refuse to have sex while sober, aim for a slight buzz instead of outright inebriation. [Read: 10 reasons why drunken sex is never a good idea]

16. Having STDs means you are cheating

Does that mean not having it proves you are loyal? No. Sexually transmitted diseases can befall anyone because some of these diseases can be transferred through other means.

17. Sex on a first date means you have no morals

Get that system of values out of your system! If you feel like it’s the right thing to do, you have all the freedom to do it. Restricting your sex life to social expectations is just going to leave you frustrated. [Read: Sex on the first date – should you give in to the urge?]

18. Porn represents the right way to have sex

Not really. Porn movies show activities that are visually appealing and might be convenient if you desperately want to learn a few tricks. However, sex is a series of intuitive, intimate scenes you can’t direct by following a predetermined scenario. 

Your bae should be your favorite porn star. And your sex moves should be about what feels good for both of you. [Read: 25 myths about porn a lot of people still believe!]

19. Women don’t masturbate or watch porn

False. It’s a joke funnier than the satirical saying that man first walked upright in order to free his hands for masturbation. Male or female makes no difference when it comes to masturbation and porn. 

Masturbation tendencies are based on various factors such as lifestyle habits, homeostasis, and personality traits while enjoying porn might just be a question of aesthetic preferences. [Read: 10 reasons why many women don’t admit to watching porn]

20. Men are more promiscuous than women

Wrong. It’s just that society is more forgiving of promiscuous men, and women are judged for simply being sexually active. 

That’s why men aren’t generally ashamed of announcing the number of women they’ve slept with, while women are more likely to shave off their actual number.

21. The man is the one who wears pants in a relationship, so he is the one who needs to initiate sex

The truth is, in a good relationship, no one is wearing pants *darn flashers!*. Watch out for these gender role stereotypes because double standards are double trouble.

22. Women are more likely to give oral sex than men are

Sadly, this only seems to be the case because a lot of women are afraid to ask their men to go down on them. To all the male readers: Offer it up! And to all the female readers: Learn to ask! [Read: How to make a man go down on you without a push]

23. A woman’s sexual desire is measured by how wet she is 

Maybe in a man’s wet dream. A woman could be in bed with a guy she’s extremely attracted to, while her nether regions may be as dry as a desert at the same time. In cases like these, a good lubricant is always a good idea, don’t forget that.

24. Men think about sex every seven seconds

This is a lie bigger than “Every woman would buy a dildo if it would pull her hair and call her dirty names.”

25. Men are always horny

No. Sexual desire is a continuum, which means some men have continual sexual arousal, while others might not have such a constant, high urge.

Every man’s libido fluctuates from days when he feels extremely horny to days when he does not feel sexual at all. [Read: 13 untold sex secrets you definitely need to know!]

45 fascinating, strange, and wildly interesting facts about sex

Now we’re getting to the really good stuff – the wild and strange facts about sex! 

Think you’re a big-shot when it comes to sex news, gossip, and goodies? Well, how about this tidbit: did you know that vibrators were originally introduced in the 19th century, and were only used medically—on women—to reduce “hysteria” during childbirth? We’ve come a long way since then!

Think that’s a strange sex fact? There’s plenty more where that came from! We’re looking at the funny, strange, and downright outrageously interesting facts about sex that you’ve probably never heard before. [Read: Penis facts! 18 shocking and weird dick facts you have no idea about]

So, the next time you find yourself engrossed in a discussion about all things sex, wow your friends *and maybe even your crush* with this list of fun facts about sex no one sitting at the table will likely already know.

These are some interesting facts about sex that are sure to spice up your sex life—and boggle your mind.

1. Seven Viagras are sold every second worldwide

That’s a lot of erections…

2. Schwangerschaftsverhütungsmittel is the German word for contraceptive

So, when you tell your partner to get protection in German, it may be too late. [Read: 10 birth control options and what they can do for you]

3. A single sperm cell contains an equivalent of 37.5 MB of DNA information

This means that when a man comes, he is essentially transferring 15,875 GB worth of data. To give you some perspective, this is like ejaculating a combined capacity of 62 MacBook Pros.

 4. In 2008, archaeologists in Cyprus unearthed a 7th-century lead tablet in which the following curse was inscribed: “May your penis hurt when you make love” 

There’s no evidence as to who wrote this curse or why. [Read: Surviving an STD scare in a relationship: 9 things to know]

5. It would theoretically take only two weeks to get every woman on the planet pregnant

Let us elaborate: a single, average man actually has enough sperm produced over the course of two weeks to impregnate every fertile woman in the whole world.

6. The G-spot was almost called the “Whipple Tickle” 

This would have been after Professor Beverley Whipple, who coined the term that we know and use today.

7. Sperm can live inside a woman’s body for up to 5 days

This means that it can fertilize an egg even days after it is released into the vagina, as it stays in the cervical mucus or the upper genital tract. Meanwhile, sperm outside the body can last for only a few hours. [Read: Condom types and how they can improve your sex life]

8. Having a dry spell? 

Well, good thing you’re not a ferret. Female ferrets can actually die due to lack of sex. When they are in heat and unable to find a partner, they will secrete high levels of estrogen, which can cause aplastic anemia, causing them to die.

9. Sex can increase your tolerance to pain

According to research, your pain threshold can increase significantly when you are aroused. This pain threshold can even exponentially shoot up when you reach your big O. 

Apparently, orgasms can block any sensation of pain by releasing a hormone that elevates the pain threshold.

10. The internet is a very big sex jungle

According to a study, more than half of all online spending is estimated to be sex-related. That is a lot of pornography and sex toys. [Read: How to plan a perfect sex toy party with your friends]

11. Want a yummy, guilt-free snack? 

A teaspoon of semen only contains five calories. Bon appetit!

12. It may be hard to go pee-pee after sex, although you really should

After you orgasm or ejaculate, the body releases an anti-diuretic hormone, which helps to prevent you from urinating directly after sex. However, you should do it, because peeing after sex can prevent urinary tract infections.

13. If you can orgasm by breast stimulation alone, then lucky you

It’s estimated that only about 1 in 100 women can orgasm just from breast stimulation. Additionally, your breasts can get 25% bigger when you are aroused. 

So if you don’t want to spend money on breast implants, make sure you’re always getting your freak on. [Read: Why do guys like breasts like crazy?!]

14. Women are more willing to commit adultery when they are ovulating

This loss of control can be their body’s way of telling them that they need to have their eggs fertilized… and fast.

15. Guess what? Your grandparents may still be doing it, too

Apparently, one-third of women over the age of 80 continue to have sex with their husbands or boyfriends, as long as they are both in good health. You go, grandma!

16. Studies show that lower cholesterol is directly related to better performance in the bedroom

So you better get your blood pumping.

17. You may want to adopt pumpkin as your new favorite vegetable

While chocolate is a great aphrodisiac, studies show that the smell of pumpkin can help to increase blood flow to the penis, thereby promoting an erection. [Read: Nom-nom no-nos: 17 foods to avoid before having sex]

18. If you want to make sex your exercise of choice, you may have to do it more often

It turns out that women burn approximately 69 calories during sex, while men burn between 100 and 200 on average. Nevertheless, sex is fun, so get sexercising!

19. If you want your sex life to blossom, you’d better give in to your sweet tooth

Low blood sugar can cause harm to your love life because it makes you irritable and less likely to want to have sex.

20. Men under 40 have an average erection time of 10 seconds

That’s pretty fast if you want to get it on for a quickie. Some can even get it up in less than 10.

If it takes longer than 10, you may need to see a specialist because it can be a symptom of erectile dysfunction. [Read: Random boners – why men get these erections and 20 ways to get rid of it]

21. If you think you can’t compete in any running sport, wait until you hear this

The initial spurt of your ejaculate travels at approximately 28 miles per hour. This is actually faster than the 100-meter dash record, which is only 22.9 miles per hour.

22. Wondering where you can have a threesome? 

Consider going down under. Twenty-eight percent of Australians admit to having tried a threesome at least once. [Read: Threesome tips: 20 things to know before entering one]

23. If you’re having sex once a day, then you are one of the lucky 5% of the population

Meanwhile, 20 percent have sex 3 to 4 times a week, while the rest of the population is unknown.

24. If you want to please your man, consider sucking on his nipples, too

Men’s nipples can get erect when aroused and are just as sensitive as women’s. In fact, 60 percent of men who get aroused also have erect nipples.

25. Only women have the ability to have a bedroom voice men swoon over and get hard for

Women can actually make their voices sound sexier, while men have to resort to other tactics. [Read: 23 sexy tips for dirty talk and say the sexiest words]

26. Ah, the clitoris is really a thing epics and songs should be written for

It is so sensitive that it has twice the nerve fibers contained in a penis. The 8,000 nerve fibers of the clitoris can help men cook up the perfect recipe for a female orgasm.

27. Feeling down and blue? Masturbate

Studies show that masturbation helps cure depression because the release of emotions and hormones when an orgasm is reached helps relax the mind and make you comfortable with your body. It also releases chemicals that make you happy. [Read: The 15 sexy benefits of masturbation]

28. When you are aroused and ready to have sex, you let your guard down

You are also far less likely to be grossed out or turned off by anything that may happen.

29. Women can orgasm quickly when they masturbate

It will only take her 4 minutes of pleasuring herself to climax, while it will take between 10 and 20 minutes for you to make her come.

30. Reaching for a pain reliever? Try having an orgasm instead

Studies show that women who are prone to migraines are more likely to have more sex because orgasms can actually help to alleviate the pain.

31. Vibrators were actually invented to cure a 19th-century disease that was believed to plague women, called “hysteria” 

Vibrators were used on women to help reduce their “crazy, inexplicable ways.” Well, whatever they were up to then, 21st-century women are definitely sending their thanks. [Read: 7 reasons why some women hate their vibrators]

32. Social media has even infiltrated our bedrooms! 

According to a recent study, 35 percent of people under 35 check their Facebook or Twitter right after sex. Talk about not being a cuddler!

33. The male orgasm lasts only 6 seconds, while women’s orgasms last for 20 seconds

Women really have the last laugh—that is, if they did not fake their orgasm. [Read: 13 untold sex secrets you need to know]

34. That really turned me on…or did it? 

Misattribution of arousal is a term that describes someone who misidentifies exactly what is turning them on. One example would be someone misconstruing the emotional response to fear as a sexual reaction.

35. Orgasms are the new Ibuprofen

If you’re cramping from your “monthly gift,” suffer from arthritis, or have a headache so immense it should be considered the new Everest, then you need to be having sex. Like, right now. 

While jumping on your partner and putting those muscles to work may sound like the last thing you want to do while in pain, studies have shown that genital stimulation *and especially coming to your “Big O”* can actually relieve pain! This is due to the release of oxytocin in the body.

36. There is a disorder where you can’t stop having an orgasm

Okay, so some may not see constant daily orgasms as anything to sniff at. “I wish I could be like that!” some may tout.

However, when you have aching “blue balls,” or whatever the female equivalent is, after 200 daily orgasms, you may not be so thrilled by the idea. So, this is not necessarily a good sex fact.

That’s exactly what happens to men and women who suffer from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder or PGAD—and it isn’t fun at all. [Read: Accidental orgasms – 7 ways to make the unexpected happen]

Imagine being on the constant brink of orgasm, and never gaining any relief; your thighs clenching, your toes tingling, or how about having an orgasm several times an hour and trying to keep a job? Or reaching orgasm in front of your kids? In front of Grandma?!

These are very real issues that affect sufferers of PGAD. The cause of PGAD is still being researched, with many doctors citing anything from stress to imagination as the cause! 

While there are treatments available, both surgical and organic herbal routes, this is a very real disorder that negatively affects many people today.

37. Men find women in red hotter than others

In a study done by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, men were shown photos of the same women in different colored outfits, and the majority of men listed the women dressed in red as the most attractive and sexually desirable. [Read: 25 things guys find really sexy and attractive about a girl at first glance]

38. Some people can’t orgasm

Literally. No, we don’t mean the “my girlfriend takes 30 minutes to come” kind of not orgasming. We mean straight up, medical condition, NO! Anorgasmia is a medical condition involving the almighty orgasm. 

There are varying stages of anorgasmia, from “Lifelong” to “Generalized.” These variants of Anorgasmia range from never having an orgasm ever in your life, neither with a partner nor flying solo, or being able to achieve orgasms, but only in the mildest, most unsatisfying way possible.

If your lack of orgasm is causing you distress, schedule an appointment with your doctor or gyno and get the low-down on your sexual dysfunction! [Read: 22 most common reasons why women fake an orgasm in bed]

39. Men are usually attracted to fuller thighs

According to the University of Texas, men usually prefer women with thicker thighs and curvier bodies than the stick figures we see in the media.

One study said the male brain’s reward system after taking drugs can be compared to the reward of looking at curvaceous ladies. This is a great sex fact for all the voluptuous females out there!

40. 75% of women can’t orgasm from penetration alone

If you’re a woman and you’ve been having sex for a while now, then this tidbit is probably not a big surprise to you. According to ABC News, 75% of women can’t reach the big O unless manual stimulation, toys, or oral sex are involved. 

We say, as long as you’re cumming, who cares? [Read: 10 really easy tips for women who want to experience mind-blowing orgasms]

41. The horniest country is…! 

According to an Ask Men survey of the top countries who are having sex, Greece came in at #1 as the horniest country of all!

42. Orgasms only get better with age

Well, this is an awesome sex fact, isn’t it? Ladies, has your mom ever over-shared how her orgasm has only gotten stronger over time? It’s said that women in their 30s are reaching their sexual peak, with more powerful orgasms and a higher libido than ever. 

Apparently, your moms were right, and it just keeps getting better! According to a study by the Swedish University of Gothenburg, senior citizens are super satisfied with what’s going on in the bedroom, reporting the “best sex” since their 70s! Hey, at least we’ve found one upside to getting older!

43. You’re not a man until you drink some semen! 

According to practices by the Sambia Tribe in Papua New Guinea, boys don’t become men until they perform fellatio and drink down some manly semen and ingest a “Masculine Spirit.”

[Read: The different types of condoms and how each of them can improve your sex life]

44. Sex toys are banned in some states

Apparently, sex toys are still banned in some parts of the United States! If you’re living in Mississippi and you’re looking for that special addition to the bedroom, we suggest packing up and leaving town!

45. I’m sleepy…want to shag? 

According to this study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, men who are sleep deprived are more likely to believe women are dying to get in their pants!

[Read: Too shy? These are the sex questions we are too embarrassed to ask]

Sex is fun, fascinating, and sometimes just downright strange! We hope you enjoyed these whacky facts about getting down and dirty. Do you know any outrageous, interesting facts about sex? Help spread the word and leave them in the comments below!

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