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Preggophilia: A Bumpie Fetish Most Moms-to-Be Have No Idea About

Sexual fetishes aren’t uncommon at all. But you might not have heard of preggophilia. So, here is everything you want to know about it and more.


When someone’s pregnant, people’s go-to move is to touch the baby bump. They want to feel the baby move. They also want to know how pregnant people have sex, but never mind. On the other side, you have people which take this to a different level of attraction and interest. This is when it’s called preggophilia.

If you post your baby bump on social media, you’re probably getting a stream of likes, but there are different reasons why people take interest in your photo. When it comes to pregnancy, people’s boundaries seem to lower as their curiosity and excitement overcome them.

What is preggophilia?

A sexual fetish is defined as associating an object, body part, or anything normally deemed non-sexual with something sexual.

Listen, there’s an endless number of fetishes that people enjoy. For some it’s feet, for others, it’s peeing on people—the list literally never ends. [Read: Feet fetish – what it is, 42 signs, causes and ways to explore sexualizing feet]

And for people who have Maieusiophilia or pregnancy fetishism, the body of a pregnant woman and the idea of pregnancy itself is considered to be sexually arousing.

Now, this isn’t just about the baby bump. People become turned on by lactation or specific stages of pregnancy.

It’s really quite individual when it comes to what turns someone on. However, in the role-playing community, there are many people who are into male pregnancies, gang bang impregnation, and alien egg impregnation. Of course, this is just role-playing. [Read: 15 effortlessly sexy role-playing ideas for the shy]

How common are pregnancy fetishes? 

According to the book Tell Me What You Want by Dr. Justin Lehmiller, pregnancy fantasies are actually quite common. He surveyed 4,175 Americans about their sexual fantasies, and here are some of his findings.

Apparently, 30% of the people he surveyed reported having some version of a pregnancy fantasy. 7.5% of the participants said they fantasized about it often.

When he asked a more specific question about having a fantasy of having sex with someone who is already pregnant, he found that 26% of the participants had this fantasy, with 4% of them having it often. [Read: Dollification – newbie guide to dolls, arousal, and the fetish]

As you can see, thoughts about sexuality and pregnancy aren’t that uncommon at all.

Why do people develop the pregnancy fetish? 

There are numerous ideas going around about why some are sexually aroused by a pregnant woman. 

The most scientific of them all explains that humans, specifically our ancestors, gave special importance to female fertility. It is thought that the ability to reproduce offspring is the most important criterion in selecting a partner. [Read: 10 reasons to date someone with a fetish]

Pregnancy is the most obvious advertisement of such a trait. It means that if a woman is capable of getting pregnant without any trouble, the more fertile and desirable she is.

But aside from this, people attracted to pregnant women confess to the following reasons for adhering to the fetish. It is wrong. As mentioned, sex during pregnancy is often taboo in most cultures, and that “forbidden” aspect makes the idea dirty in a sexy way.

Pregnancy gives the idea of commitment. Pregnancy is often thought of as a sign of commitment to a partner in establishing a family.

And the idea of invading that commitment by seducing a pregnant woman is something that most fetishists fantasize about. [Read: 11 of the most common fetishes + a few super weird ones]

The changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy are extreme. Add the periods of sexual arousal that they experience during their pregnancy, it is easy to imagine how fetishists would be drooling over an immobile horny woman in bed.

They experienced sex with a pregnant woman and found it great. Well, no one can have their wife pregnant all the time to enjoy pregnant sex, so they resort to this fetish as a substitute for the experience.

Is it even safe to have sex during pregnancy? 

Your inner preggophile is probably dying to ask this. While popular wisdom would advise against it, it is perfectly fine to have sex during pregnancy, with special considerations, of course. [Read: Sex during early pregnancy – 15 must-know facts to play it safe]

Medical professionals advise abstinence during the first trimester and the last four weeks of pregnancy since these periods are pretty critical. 

But when the second-trimester hits and the expectant mother feels the surge of extreme sexual arousal due to the hormones? Then, you’re open for business. [Read: 9 amazing benefits of having sex while pregnant]

Is preggophilia sexist? 

Now, we all understand that childbirth is a natural process for women. By her becoming pregnant, she devoted herself to creating a child and therefore she cannot be viewed as sexual during that time period.

Since women are the only ones able to carry children, the sexualization of them during pregnancy is argued to be sexist. [Read: 19 inspiring male feminist ideas from men around the world]

Is my pregnancy fetish something to be ashamed of? 

The only time preggophilia is wrong *or really any sexual activity* is when it’s not consensual. If the pregnant woman engages in it of her own will, then there’s nothing wrong with it. 

Now, if someone is hacking into pregnant women’s computers and stealing their photos, yes, that’s wrong. So, it really just depends on whether or not you’re doing something shameful to indulge in your fantasy or if it’s hurting other people.

Ask yourself, “Why does it turn you on?”

If you are a person who has a pregnancy fetish, you should try to analyze why pregnant women turn you on. [Read: 12 Arousing sex fantasies to try in real life]

For example, it could be due to early childhood learning. Sexual attraction to pregnant and lactating women might be linked to having more exposure to maternal pregnancy in childhood.

If this sounds like you, then it is likely that you are either the oldest of your siblings or have a few younger ones.

Another possible reason for your attraction to pregnant women is that perhaps you have high attachment anxiety. In other words, you might fear abandonment and need a lot of reassurance from your romantic partners. 

If you are worried about your partner leaving you, then you might find comfort in fantasizing about sex that results in pregnancy because you think it is a sign that your partner will stay with you.

Therefore, you could be drawn to these fantasies as a way of reducing your stress and anxiety. [Read: How to dirty talk – 36 sexy tips and 55 examples to turn anyone on with words]

Regardless of why pregnancy turns you on, your fantasies have very complex roots. Different people may fantasize about the same thing for very different reasons.

Reasons for preggophilia 

Now, you are probably wondering why preggophilia happens to some people. Here are some of them.

1. Pregnancy is a hormonal whirlwind

One reason for preggophilia is that pregnancy is a hormonal whirlwind. When a woman is pregnant, her body constantly changes and that goes the same for her hormones. [Read: Chemistry of love – how hormones make you feel love the way you do]

It also makes her sexual, pregnant women can become extremely horny without being able to control it. This is what turns people on, the fact that this woman is uncontrollably horny.

2. Pregnancy symbolizes she’s taken

When a woman is pregnant, whether she’s single or taken, it does visually show she’s taken. If she has another man’s child, it represents her commitment to the relationship which makes her desirable. 

Why? Because you can’t have her. This concept of pregnant women being desired by people is what turns some people on. It’s the idea you want what you can’t have.

3. People have fetishes for various reasons

You may be wondering why someone would have this fetish. Well, fetishes occur for many reasons. It could be that they had an experience that really opened their mind to preggophilia or could be a traumatic event, which was used as a coping mechanism. [Read: 20 sexual fetishes bordering on crazy]

Interesting facts about preggophilia

Seeing a pregnant woman turns us into soft, overprotective creatures when they are around; we give them our seats on the bus, allow them to cut lines in a queue, and come rushing to their assistance the moment we see them in distress as if they’re made out of fragile crystal. 

However, as you now know, not all people get the warm and fuzzy overprotectiveness brought by an expecting mother. 

There are some who see the bulging womb and upturned belly button as sexy, the enlarged milk-carrying breasts as seductive, and the plump, child-carrying frame as something to make love to. [Read: The cuckhold fantasy – the fetish and what you need to know to try it]

This is how people with a pregnancy fetish see pregnant women.

And here are several more things you need to know.

1. Pregnancy fetish is not just about sex with pregnant women

Believe it or not, pregnancy fetishism is not just about lusting over a belly bump and wanting to make love to it, but also about the idea of pregnancy itself. 

They are also aroused by pregnancy-related stuff such as maternity garments, positive pregnancy tests, breast pumps, used underwear, and baby clothes. [Read: Buying used panties – The weird facts you’re dying to know]

2. Pregnancy porn is real and turns some people on

Of course, if people fantasize about pregnant women, there will be porn of it. And however you wrap your mind around the fact that it’s probably a bunch of fakery and prosthetics, the female performers involved are actually pregnant!

There are some adult performers who find themselves specializing in this niche of a genre and due to the nature of their physical condition, get paid a little extra. 

Of course, special medical precautions are taken before filming to ensure that it is safe for them to perform during pregnancy. [Read: 25 porn myths most people still completely believe]

3. Pregnant role-play fantasies 

Sometimes porn isn’t enough. In these cases, creativity in satisfying their fantasies is required. Pregnant role play is as straightforward as it sounds. 

Fake belly, maternity garments, and the act of being a pregnant woman itself. It all feeds into the fantasy and proves that it’s not just about sex with an actual pregnant woman but playing on the idea of pregnancy.

4. Preggophilia is not pedophila

Many people feel that men who practice preggophilia, the attraction to pregnant women, are actually attracted to the child in the womb. This is completely false. [Read:

There are various components to pregnancy that can turn a man on lactation, and the female body changes. It isn’t based on the baby growing inside her.

5. If you don’t want to be subjected to it, control it

If you post pictures of your pregnancy on Instagram and Facebook, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, make sure that your profiles are properly secured. 

If you don’t care who sees your photos, then leave your profiles public. However, if you’re not wanting your photos to be used for preggophilia, then make your profiles private.

6. Preggophilia is respectful

It isn’t based on the idea that pregnant women are bad or dirty, it’s quite the opposite. Those that practice preggophilia have very high respect for pregnant women.

They’re fascinated by the concept of pregnancy, the strength of a woman, and the beauty of the human body changing. If, as a pregnant woman, you’re not comfortable with preggophilia, it’s perfectly fine. Just understand preggophilia isn’t negative.

7. It isn’t just for men

You probably think preggophilia is strictly reserved for the male community, but you’re wrong. Women, as well, can also be into preggophilia.

Remember that sexual attraction and stimulation are really personal and different for everyone. So yes, it’s not only for men. Sure, the female preggophilia community isn’t as large, but it still exists. [Read: What it means to have a lesbian fantasy as a straight woman]

In addition, women also feel sexy about pregnancy. As mentioned, women experience constant bodily changes during pregnancy and one of them is periods of extreme sexual arousal. 

There are cases in that women experience the most powerful orgasms when pregnant and this often makes the idea of pregnancy sexy to some women as well.

What can I do to share or play on my partner’s strong pregnancy fantasies? 

Whether it’s you or your partner who has a pregnancy fetish, it’s something that you can incorporate into your sex life if you want to. Here are some things you can do.

1. Talk to your partner about it

This is the first obvious step. You need to talk to your partner and have an open, honest conversation about the pregnancy fetish. Hopefully, both of you are fine with it. Once you talk about it, you can try to figure out a way to manifest it in the bedroom.

2. Role play/dirty talk

There are several ways you can play out the pregnancy fetish in your sex life. One of you can pretend like they are pregnant. Or, you can indulge in an impregnation fantasy together too.

Talk with your partner about ideas and brainstorm about ways that will work for both of you. [Read: Sexual role play – how to try it and the 35 best role play ideas for couples]

Potential problems of having a pregnancy fetish

As with anything in life, there could be some problems if you have a pregnancy fetish. Here are some things to consider.

1. Unwanted pregnancy

If you desire to get someone pregnant very badly, you never know when it might happen accidentally. Obviously, having a child is a very big decision that will change your life – for the rest of your life. So, you have to keep your fetish in perspective and not get careless about birth control.

2. You can’t just go having hundreds of children

Sure, it is biologically possible for a man to father a lot of children in his lifetime. But that doesn’t mean you should. A father needs to be there for all of his children to be a leader, a role model, and a loving parent. Every child deserves that.

And if you’re married, you can’t get your wife pregnant just because of your fantasy. It’s her body that needs to carry the child, not the man’s. [Read: Women who don’t want children – the valid reason behind their choice]

3. You might be misunderstood

Sadly, there is still a stigma against sexual fetishes. Some are more normal than others, but if someone finds out about your pregnancy fantasies, they might think it’s creepy or weird. So, you might be misunderstood. 

What do people think of this fetish? 

Due to its subversive notion of pregnancy, this fetish falls into the category of “uncomfortably weird to share with a co-worker but still forgivable in the end.” 

Compared to others on the list of existing human fetishes which probably land you on the FBI’s watch list and cause bodily harm, pregnancy fetishism is relatively harmless.

[Read: Diaper fetish – everything you want to know but didn’t want to ask]

Now that you know about preggophilia, if you are into it or know someone who’s into it, you’re up-to-date on everything you need to know. Pregnancy is a beautiful part of life, the only difference is that pregnancy, for some people, turns them on. 

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