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Male Orgasm Denial: The Sexy Benefits of Denying Him an Orgasm

If done with proper care and spiced up with a few creative additions, male orgasm denial can be an addictive foreplay for couples.

male orgasm denial

Some call it edging, some surfing, but whatever the name is, there is no doubt male orgasm denial is an experience close enough to sexual epiphany.

The idea behind it is simple. You get your manhood worked up to the brink. Your partner then stimulates you in a state just a few seconds before the point of no return. And before you reach orgasm, she pushes you back to sexual plateau. From what others describe it, the experience is like revival from the brink of death.

Male orgasm denial: Should you try it?

This thrill of tantalization is similar to what adrenaline junkies, erotic asphyxiation fetishists, and shoplifters get from doing the things they do. The thrill of something dangerous, and the gratification of narrowly missing harm. But despite this, male orgasm denial packs more than just cheap thrills.

#1 What is male orgasm denial? Male orgasm denial is as straightforward as it sounds. You or your partner stimulates you until the point of orgasm then ceases stimulation moments before you reach the peak. The action subsequently moves you back to your relaxed arousal state and the process is repeated again as much as you or your partner wants until they finally allow you to blow your load. [Read: 15 ways to make sex better and take sex up a notch]

#2 Benefits for him. Male orgasm denial allows you to practice control over your orgasms therefore prolonging your arousal state. You can use it in role play scenarios, especially if the man plays the submissive role.

Reaching the brink of orgasm gives off a different sense of pleasure, doing it many times over feels much better. If the denial already feels good, imagine how good the final moment of orgasm will be. [Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind]

#3 Benefits for the partner. It is good for those partners on the domineering side, because it gives the pleasure of controlling your man’s orgasm which means a longer time for sex.

#4 Types of male orgasm denial. There are four types of male orgasm denial you can try.

**Complete Orgasm Denial. As the name implies, this type calls for no stimulation at all. The pleasure derived through this type of orgasm denial relies on the pent up sexual frustration experienced by the man that goes as far as days or even weeks.

For this type, partners usually incorporate the use of toys such as chastity belts and penis locks to inhibit erection and physical contact. The partner then prolongs the agony by visually teasing their man through sexy outfits or maybe having sex with another guy if they feel wild. [Read: What is edging? Find out how to orgasm harder and better than ever]

**Tease and Denial Technique. This type is also called the “rollercoaster” of orgasm denial. This time, physical stimulation is used to excite him to a random point and completely put a dead stop to it at the right moment. The main difference here is that the partner may or may not wait to reach the point of orgasm to interrupt the stimulation until they resume teasing him again.

**Edging Orgasm Denial. This type requires a lot of precision because it calls for the partner to interrupt the stimulation just at the right moment where the guy nears his peak. The immediate result is frustration and complete submission towards the dominating partner. Edging is the common type of orgasm denial used in BDSM role-playing where the submissive partner is tied up and completely at the mercy of his dominating partner.

**Ruined Orgasm. As the name implies, the partner allows their man to ejaculate but ruins it by stopping stimulation or doing something counter stimulating like inflicting pain as soon as the orgasm starts. As a result, the orgasm comes out weaker than usual leaving the man dissatisfied and frustrated, but begging for more. [Read: How to withhold orgasms for the ultimate pleasure]

#5 Things to remember before trying male orgasm denial. As exciting as orgasm denial may sound most of the practitioners still consider this an extreme form of sex play and often have certain precautions and preparations before doing it. Here’s some stuff you should remember.

Make sure both parties understand the dynamics of orgasm denial. Since this is an extreme form of sex play where discomfort is clearly involved, it should be clear that such may be experienced by one of them during the course of the act.

Have a safe word. This is important especially for partners doing it the first time. Know when your partner is truly in pain and does not want to proceed anymore.

Make sure your hands are clean and fingernails trimmed. Hygiene is always a must in every session.

Practice prostate milking every after session. One of the risks posed by male orgasm denial is prostate fluid build-up which causes bacterial infection. Men usually purge their old prostate fluid when they ejaculate so it is replenished by a fresh supply. However, orgasm denial stocks up old prostrate fluid which poses a health risk. During the end of each session, reward him by letting him release all that fluid by prostate milking. [Read: 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]

#6 Other tips to enhance your orgasm denial session. Tease him creatively. There are numerous ways to tease a man without touching. Remember, men are very visual creatures and playing on that weakness and letting his imagination run around wildly makes your orgasm denial session effective.

Use toys if necessary. Ropes, chains, whips, blindfolds, vibrators, and chastity devices makes your orgasm denial session more interesting.

Incorporate games into your orgasm denial session. A game of toss coin or dice to determine whether he orgasms or not, punishment games which gives him a task where he gets orgasm denial if he fails are just some game ideas which you incorporate into your sex play to make it more intense.

[Read: How to be a dominatrix in the bedroom]

Male orgasm denial is the ultimate torture for a man, but if done creatively gives the practicing partner very sexy benefits. Aside from the thrill of almost reaching orgasm, this kind of sex play blends well into BDSM fantasies for couples. 

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