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How to Tell if Your Girlfriend Has Slept with Someone Else

If you’re wondering how to tell if your girlfriend has slept with someone else but you don’t feel comfortable just asking, here’s how you’ll know.

how to tell if your girlfriend has slept with someone else

There are just some things you don’t ask girls. How much she weighs, how old she is, and how many people she’s been with are at the top of that list. The tricky thing with not knowing those things is they’re important and you may find yourself being driven crazy by not knowing. If you’re wondering how to tell if your girlfriend has slept with someone else, we’re here to help.

What do you do when you just can’t ask those things? What if you really like a girl and just want to know if she’s been with someone else before you? Since asking her may ruin your chances of even being with her, choose another means of finding out that information.

Does it matter how many people she’s slept with?

The number of people a person’s been with is usually something you want to know if you end up becoming serious with them. You may even want to know just so you have a better idea of how experienced they are compared to you. But does that number really matter in the big scheme of things?

The short answer: no. However, depending on your religion and personal beliefs, it could mean more to different people. But overall, the number of people they’ve been with doesn’t have anything to do with your relationship with them or how much they care about you. [Read: 14 things you can do to get your partner to open up about sex]

How to tell if your girlfriend has slept with someone else – without asking her

Nevertheless, you still want to know. It’s natural to be curious about how many people someone you care about has been intimate with. But if you don’t want to risk upsetting them or even driving them away, find out without actually asking her.

Doing this may be a little more difficult, but there are ways to tell if your girlfriend slept with someone else. Keep in mind everyone is different and not all of these rules work for the same person. These are the best ways to find out if your girlfriend slept with someone else without having to ask her.

#1 She seems experienced. If your girlfriend has had sex with someone before you, you’ll mostly be able to tell with the way she handles herself in the situation. Is she too nervous? Does she act like she doesn’t know what she’s doing?

If she seems experienced and like she knows what she’s doing, it’s probably because she does. However, this is something that can be faked, so don’t go on just this tip alone. [Read: 11 easy ways for guys to hide their sexual inexperience in bed]

#2 She’s really confident in bed. Just like someone who seems experienced probably has had sex before you, a really confident girl between the sheets probably does too. If she’s had sex before, the process is going to be a lot easier for her.

And since she knows what she’s doing because she’s had sex before, it makes her feel more confident. However, some girls are just confident no matter what. If she’s really comfortable with you, she’ll be confident no matter if she’s slept with someone else or not.

#3 She knows what you’d like before you tell her. Now, all guys aren’t the same, but most guys have similar things they like in bed. If you guys get intimate and she does something you don’t think someone who’s never had sex should know how to do, chances are she’s done it with someone else before you. [Read: How to talk about past relationships with your partner]

#4 She initiated the first time. Most girlfriends who’ve never had sex before aren’t going to be the ones to initiate sex the first time because it’s a much bigger deal to them. If your girlfriend initiated it the first time, she may have some experience under her belt.

#5 She’s well-groomed. Most girls don’t walk around clean shaven all the time. If your girlfriend is well-groomed down below the first time you get intimate, she may know a few things about keeping that area in tip top shape just the way guys like it.

However, there are girls who have done plenty of research and may have just got some advice from friends in that regards. So, don’t use that alone as a means of determining if she’s slept with someone else before you. [Read: 20 real girl problems that guys will never understand]

#6 She takes the lead. If she takes charge when you’re having sex for the first time, she’s been with someone else before you. It’s not her first time. Confident girls know what they’re doing will be the ones to take lead. Inexperienced girls fall back and let you take charge.

#7 She initiates new positions. Newbies in the bedroom aren’t really going to know what positions are the best and what feels good. She’s more than likely just going to let you do your thing and move to where you want her to.

But if she’s had sex with someone else before you, she’ll initiate different positions based on what she knows feels best for her. Because she’s slept with someone else and knows. [Read: 18 basic sex tips for men to make any girl crave for a lot more]

#8 She talks dirty. Dirty talk is not for the girls who haven’t had sex before. The only time girls talk dirty and make it sound good and not awkward is if they’ve practiced and honed their skill.

So, if your girl is a firecracker in bed and knows just what to say, she’s had sex with someone before you. This is especially true if she just whips out the dirty talk out of nowhere. [Read: How to talk dirty to a girl and not turn her off]

#9 She has a reputation. Now, reputations can’t always be reliable because rumors get started. They snowball into things that just aren’t true. Therefore, you shouldn’t rely only on what others say about her. If there’s a well-known fact that she’s had sex before, then she probably has.

#10 She’s on birth control already. There are tons of reasons girls go on birth control and a lot of them aren’t just to control having kids. However, if she’s on birth control and she has a lot of these other signs, she’s probably slept with someone else before you.

#11 She has a stash of condoms. No girl who’s not having sex is going to have a stash of condoms lying around. If she has some readily available when you go to have sex for the first time, she’s probably slept with someone else before you. Those are leftover from that time. [Read: 10 often-overlooked sex moves she’ll love in bed]

#12 She avoids talking about her past relationships. She may not like her past relationships or she may just be a private person about her past. If she changes the subject when the topic of her exes comes up, she may be avoiding talking about how she’s been with other people before you.

[Read: Turn offs for girls: 32 worst things to say to a girl after sex]

Even though someone’s sexual status really shouldn’t matter when it comes to your opinion of them, knowing whether your girlfriend slept with someone else is something you still want to be aware of.

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