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How to Take Nude Pictures of your Lover

Want to know how to take nude pictures of your girlfriend or boyfriend? Here’s everything you need to know while snapping your lover in the nude.

how to take nude pictures

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So what are the things you should know?

There are a few fine-print essentials that you ought to know and grasp before snapping in the birthday suit.

Snapping pictures isn’t really as simple as it seems.

Maybe the occasional snap off the cell phone is a bit of a teaser, but a good arousal takes more than that.

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Do you trust each other?

If you have to convince your mate to slip out of their clothes and stand or twirl stark-naked, while you embark on a mission to take a few worthy pictures or videos of your bedroom romp, you really need to have that trust.

Look around, everywhere we see, there are thousands of leaked videos and naked pictures of exes, well, mostly women.

Paris Hilton too had a leaked tape, but she isn’t complaining, is she? That tape has done more good to her than bad! Anyways, switching to you now.

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If you want to videotape each other in bed, you need to be comfortable with the fact that your magical intimate moment is now going to be stored in a white piece of paper or in a CD for all of forever. You need to have enough faith in the relationship and on your partner.

And answer that big question in your head. “Will my lover spread my nude photos to pals, or worse, the internet?!” Most people answer wrong to that question.

How to look good in photos and videos?

If you want to entice, and make your mate fall in love with their bedroom snapshots, you need to make them look good. You may love the bed with the lights off, but no cam’s going to work there, and even with that blinding flash, you’d only be caught with the weirdest expressions on your face. If you want to go snapping, you need good lights.

Not those harsh ones from tube lights or blinding sunlight representatives! You just need soft lights which can shine great and make your bodies look beautifully soft, supple and feel yummy warm. Record your deeds with your camcorder and go easy. Start slow, let the emotions take over (even if you’re trying to show your best side to the camera), and just be natural. [Read: How to get anyone to skinny dip with you]

Don’t take trashy pictures in corny positions

If you’ve always had a fetish to watch your woman dressed like a maid while you spank her in a spanking booth, or if watching your man suspended magically by his little member makes your libido go jiggy, great guns for you. There goes the twenty one rounds of happiness in your honor. [Read: Does your partner have a fetish?]

But don’t snap those moments to start off with. Your mate might do all that just to please you, but they’d feel real awkward once they see themselves in print or on video. And heaven forbid, what if that tape gets misplaced? With kinky stuff like that, you’d not go anywhere close to Paris or Kim Kardashian, you’d just go straight to the ugly section, along with some really bad pot bellies and yucky gooey kisses. Admit it. Those obsessions don’t look good on print, do they?

Watch your own video

Taking pictures or recording your lover in the act is fun. And sex can be so much better. While recording, and after that. While recording, it’s a high of being watched. While it can be an entirely new rush when it is watched together during the next time you and your lover decide to hit the love sack. [Read: Sexiest types of sex ever]

Watching your partner and yourself making out when you’re purring in bed is a huge turn-on. And who hasn’t got turned on by watching another couple in the act? Here, it’s even better. It’s you and your mate. And the both of you look so sexy and flawless!

Naked pictures of ex girlfriends and boyfriends

The tip of the iceberg is quite prominent. Even though the actual iceberg may be six times as large as the tip, the tip is what scares us. And that’s just the same way with snapping pictures and taking videos in the nude. It’s just too risky these days! And then, the spurned lovers have got more revengeful too.

Pictures and splatter about exes are all over the internet, the blogs and in photo galleries. And there’s every chance that it can get into the wrong hands. Even if you are involved with a loyal lover. A friend may find it in the lowest rack of your cupboard, and take it home for fun. And then, a few of your friends may find those carelessly flung pictures. [Confession: My ex’s revenge ruined me]

And from there on, who knows where it might go. Sometimes, even a fun, good hearted friend may chip in in spreading your private moments far and wide, without actually wanting to. The thought of taking nude pictures and making videotapes might be exciting, but in the wrong hands, the experience can become mortifying!

What happens if someone sees it?

It’s your choice when it comes to pictures and videotapes, isn’t it? But then, on an occasional note, things may start to go awry. If you find a friend’s (opposite sex) nude picture and you have it stored in your hard disk, can you keep it, or does it have to go?

I think naked pictures and videos come with a problem. If anyone sees you naked, they want to sleep with you (strictly opposite sex here!) unless you’re some celebrity and your videos are all over the net. So if you find a naked picture of someone, things are bound to get steamy soon. You may be tempted, or you may flirtatiously tell them that you’ve seen them naked.

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Or that person might have actually slipped the picture at a desperate juncture, to make sure you see it, and take it. But whatever happens here, unless the picture is discarded, there’s a good chance that sex will follow.

How to get laid with nude photos?

On the flipside, could you actually circulate private nude pictures of yourself to get laid? Sure, you can. [Read: How to have sex with a friend]

And there’s a good chance that could work. But one Lilliputian pointer here, you will have to ensure that no one knows that these pictures are circulated all over. Everyone has to think they’re the only person receiving these pictures. It has to appear like a tête-à-tête. If the word does slip that you are all over town, then you’re talking about a trashy reputation and the walk of shame to a new town!

Now that you know how to take nude pictures of your lover, click here to continue reading about how to keep a naked photo safe with these precautions.

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