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How to Eat Ass: The Rimming Checklist to Eating Booty Like a Boss

Eating booty, for real? Well, you don’t know what pleasure is until you know how to eat ass, and the secrets of real rimming. Here’s exactly what you need.

How to Eat Ass - eating booty - rimming

Eating booty is not to everybody’s taste. But once you know how to eat ass, and start rimming like a pro, there’s a good chance you’ll never want to go back from there.

After a crazy one-night stand with this sweaty Brazilian guy I met inside an after-hours club, I was introduced to the world of rimming. Had I been eaten out before? Yes. However, no one went near the anus. It’s not because I wasn’t clean, it was more because I was sleeping with guys who were too scared to try anything other than missionary. Anyways, after him, the standard had been set: they must know how to eat ass.

I mean, when I used to think about analingus, the idea of it grossed me out. How could someone ever want to know how to eat ass? But, it was only after my ass was eaten that I could appreciate the art of rimming.

Of course, if they don’t know what they’re doing, it could be awkward. But after a couple tries, they’ll get the hang of it. If you want to be one step ahead, well, then it’s time you learned how to eat ass.

First things first, let’s get to the bottom of it, literally!

What is eating ass?

Eating ass is literally just that, it’s when you go down on your partner and stick your tongue up their bum hole. So then, what’s analingus, or a rim job? All words that mean the same thing, in one form or the other.

Eating ass

Sticking your tongue up and around their ass. This is exactly what we’ll be going into detail about here.


Take the word cunnilingus, and flip it to focus on the ass, and you get analingus. it’s when you place your tongue on someone’s anus, basically, the same as eating ass or eating booty.

Rimming or Rim Job

The specific action of placing your tongue around the rim of the anus. Rimming is basically a technique called the “tongue twister” which is performed on the anus. What you do is spread the person’s cheeks apart with your hands and then, with your tongue, you make circular motions around and on the anus. This is the basic movement. Now, as you get more into it, play around with different motions and pressure.

Now that you’re familiar with this, everything just gets easier from here! Let’s start with the basics and take you to the level of mastery over the next few minutes!

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Why eat ass when you can just go down on them?

Technically, you’re still going down on them to eat ass, just like you would to blow them or eat pussy. But we know what you mean, why should you eat ass when there are other things to play with down there?

Call eating ass a fad, or maybe it’s the new “thing” to do down there. Go back fifty years into history, and people would think you’re crazy if you told someone you eat pussy for pleasure.

Of course, there are ancient texts dating back hundreds and thousands of years where literature speaks of eating pussy and ass, most notably in the Kamasutra. But that doesn’t mean eating pussy was ever mainstream foreplay until recently.

Maybe a decade or two later, people would say you’re selfish if you don’t eat ass! Why knows what the future holds?!

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What does ass taste like?

Okay, a very valid question, and to be honest, this thought would pass the mind of every single person who’s eating ass, at least for the first time.

If you’re doing it right, and you’re eating an ass that’s clean, it should taste like nothing! Or more precisely, it should taste like any other part of your partner’s body – just like their thigh or their back or their face.

If you do get absolutely any other kind of taste down and behind, maybe you guys should have spent a couple of minutes longer in the shower during foreplay!

Do you really have to eat ass?

If you’re curious about rimming, then you should explore the idea of it and give it a try. But really, if you’re not into it, don’t do it. You won’t have an enjoyable experience if you’re not into it. Like who wants to have their head being held in someone’s ass? Exactly. Do it if you want to, and if your partner is pressuring you, then get a new one.

If the thought of eating ass excites you, why not give it a go? Maybe you’d enjoy it a lot, or maybe you won’t.

Mostly, people enjoy eating ass, not because they’s something magical down there that gives the “eater” extra pleasure. They enjoy eating ass because it arouses their partner, and gives them a whole new sexual high they probably haven’t experienced before.

If you sleep with someone, and they tell you you’re the best lay they’ve ever had all because you ate their ass, wouldn’t that feel great? If eating booty is all is takes to be called a sex god, wouldn’t that ego boost be worth eating ass?

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Is your partner ready to experiment with their ass?

If you’re into eating ass, that’s great, but you also have to make sure your partner is down for it. It doesn’t matter if they’ll be the giver or receiver, not everyone wants a tongue in their ass. Consent is key. Just have a chat about it with your partner and see if they’re down to try.

Of course, you can always go down on them, and as you work your way around, you can go way down and wiggle your tongue up their ass. Maybe they’ll like it. Or maybe they’ll jump up involuntarily and land on your neck. Maybe then, you’d realize that consent isn’t such a bad thing, after all.

Focus on hygiene when it comes to booty eating

If you’re a first timer considering this, you’re obviously going to pay attention to this. Make sure you’re clean, as in, really clean, before you allow someone to go down on you. And likewise, if you’re going down to eat someone’s booty, give them a heads up so they wash themselves a lot better down and back there.

You need to remember that your gut does have a lot of harmful bacteria than can do more harm to you if it enters your body again through the mouth. So how do you clean it right? Just wash your bum until it feels clean. It’s that simple. [Read: Sex 101 – How to prepare for sex the right way]

Want to take it one step further? Stick a quarter of an inch of your finger into your bum and move it around under running water. And once you feel clean enough, wash your butthole with soap and water again.

You really don’t need to do this additional step, but if it makes you feel cleaner and less awkward when someone eats your booty, there’s no harm in doing this.

How can you tell if you’re still not ready? As gross as this sounds, the only way to know for sure is by sniffing it. If you get any kind of fragrance on your finger, you need to clean up again. [Read: How to get rid of vaginal odor – 16 ways to beat the sniff test]

Many people who have a bad experience with analingus complain about hygiene. No one wants to eat a dirty ass. Before having sex, take a shower. And with your finger, place it in your anus, making sure it’s clean.

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First time eating booty? The best move for beginners

If you’re getting warmed up to eat booty for the first time, and feel awkward about the whole experience, try using it as foreplay while having shower sex.

Get squeaky clean to begin with, ask your partner to lie down in the tub *the best option*, or stand under the shower with their legs spread out *the second best option*. Now all you need to do is eat their booty just as you would with their pussy.

You’d feel much more relaxed under the shower, and you won’t have to worry about anything but licking freshly washed and moist skin, while giving you partner unthinkable pleasure at the same time! [Read: The best ways to have sex in the shower and really enjoy it]

How does getting eaten in the ass really feel?

You may not realize this, but your anus has a “shitload” of nerve endings and sensors. Without getting too technical, there are different kinds of nerve endings in your asshole that can pick up the smallest tingle. Here are a few nerve endings you have in your asshole.

Krause end-bulbs: These nerve endings can recognize subtle changes in temperature

Meissner’s corpuscles: This helps you experience the sensation of touch

Pacinian corpuscles: They can recognize the smallest difference in pressure around the anus

Genital corpuscles: If there’s any friction, these nerve endings can instantly tell

Place your tongue on your partner’s asshole, and every single one of these nerve endings are going to fire a signal of pure pleasure up their ass and all the way to their brain.

So how does it getting your ass eaten feel? Helpless, weak, intense pleasure, a weird kind of a tickle, and everything nice. So nice that you don’t ever want them to stop rimming your asshole or eating your ass, that’s how nice it feels. It’s like fireworks in your mind, and the best kind of pleasure in your ass! [Read: She likes anal? 15 ways to impress a girl who likes the backdoor]

How to eat ass: All the steps you’ll need to eat booty like a boss

You don’t know what you’re missing until you try it. Just take a few small steps, and before you know it, you’ll be eating ass like it’s your favorite thing to do! [Read: The curious guy’s and gal’s guide to first time anal sex]

So you’re both washed up and clean, and you’ve considered experiencing rimming under the shower so far. So that’s all great. But if you want to know how to eat ass well, here are the other thing you need to master.

1. Your tongue is your best friend

When it comes to rimming or eating booty, your tongue is the real and only superstar at play here. Once you’re in a comfortable position, start by licking around your partner’s bum and work your way up to their asshole slowly. And once you get there, lick it gently and softly a few times.

Your partner may clench their bum and that’s okay. it’s an awkward sensation, and it does take some getting used to.

2. Arouse the anus first

Now that you realize your partner will clench their bum involuntarily until they get used to the sensation, you need to warm up that area and make your partner relax. So, before using your magical tongue, rub and kiss the area around the anus, slowly making your way to the anus. Then, use your tongue, licking the area around it, and then go for the anus.

If you do it right and take your time, your partner would be wishing you’d hurry up and lick their booty hole faster!

3. Circle the hole

Now a rim job is the perfect definition of this move. Run your tongue in circles all around and over your partner’s asshole. Start slow and give them a little tease with your tongue before you go faster or firmer.

4. Make all the right shapes

There are no “right” ways to use your tongue while rimming. You can make a variety of shapes with your tongue. You’ll just have to find out what turns your partner on the most. What you want to focus on is keeping the anus stimulated which means you’ll have to switch up the motions.  [Read: 16 ways to use your tongue down there and blow anyone’s mind]

5. Use more than tongue

You can use your hands, your chin, and anything else that works to stimulate and arouse your partner as you eat their ass. And if you focus just on using tongue, chances are, you’re going to tire yourself out very soon.

6. Change the speed and direction

Stick your tongue into their anus. Make your tongue firm, and gently try to push your tongue into your partner’s anus. In all probability, as hard as you try, you may only be able to penetrate them about a quarter of an inch unless your partner’s anus is really relaxed.

7. Use your breath

Use your breath to stimulate your partner. You don’t just have to lick them, you can also blow on their anus or breathe hot air over it.

8. Bite their bum

The bum is fleshy and luscious, and biting it arouses you as well as your partner. Bite their bum, run your teeth along their thighs, and mix the motions between licks and bites. Just be sure to not bite their anus. It’s a delicate part, which could end up hurting them and killing the mood.

9. Dig your tongue in

After some time, the receiver’s anus will eventually relax, it may take some time depending how comfortable they are. When this happens, you’ll be able to use your tongue to dig in there. Don’t forget to use lube if you want to enjoy it as much as your partner is!

10. Spread them cheeks

Use your hands to spread the cheeks apart so you have more room to dig in. You want your tongue to be able to move freely. However, don’t spread them too far apart or else it’ll cause pain. You’re not trying to part the Red Sea.

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The best positions to eat booty

Want the best positions to eat ass? Here’s what you should begin with.

1. Doggy style is the easiest

If this is your first time, rim your partner in doggy style. It’s a comfortable position for them, but, it also makes the anus easily accessible which is what you want. So, when in doubt, go into doggy style and go wild on their ass. [Read: How to make doggy style your favorite sex position]

2. Lying down with a pillow or two under the back is the most comfortable

If you want to relax and not worry about your body parts hanging in gravity’s mercy, which only increases the awkwardness you may feel while getting your ass eaten, lie down comfortably on your back and stuff a couple of pillows under your bum. Adjust the height so it’s perfectly aligned with your partner’s face level.

3. In the bathtub feels the cleanest

As we’ve explained earlier, if you’re a first timer or a bit of a cleanliness freak, this works perfectly if you two can get into the bathtub on opposite ends. Lift your partner’s bum and bring it to the level of your face. It should be easier as the buoyancy of water would make your partner feel lighter to lift and hold to your face.

4. Any position that works for you

Try any position that works for you both, but remember than the best positions to eat ass are the ones where the legs can be spread far apart, and in a comfortable manner.

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Things you can do to make rimming more pleasurable

Want to master eating booty and have loads of fun and orgasms? Try these, to take rimming and analingus to a whole new level!

1. Mix it up with toys

We wouldn’t recommend toys for the first time, however, if you feel confident then why not. You can incorporate butt plugs, anal beads and dildos by inserting them into the anus. It’ll help stimulate the male prostate, and for women, it’ll increase pelvic orgasms. It’s a win-win for everyone. [Read: The 15 most common types of sex toys all couples and singles should know about]

2. Use lube

The anus isn’t self-lubricated, so you’ll need to make it wet. This means you’ll be needing a lot of spit or lube. Make sure that you lubricate the anus before inserting your fingers or toys. Don’t rush this part, you want your partner to enjoy the experience. [Read: How to prepare for anal sex – A beginners’ fantasy guidebook]

3. Use your fingers

You can use more than your mouth when it comes to eating ass. You can use your fingers and hands to stimulate the frontal genitals and/or insert them into the anus. You can also grab your partner’s breasts while rimming. Point is, you have a lot of options to stimulate your partner while eating their booty.

Should you shave down there for more pleasure?

It’s completely fine to landscape or shave your bum hole clean if that makes you feel less self-conscious. Of course, you haven’t seen your bum hole yourself, so the thought of someone else coming so close to it is disconcerting. Not many people like getting pubes in their mouth, so it’s going to feel a lot better for the eater, we’re not going to lie.

You’re feel a lot more of the pleasurable sensations without your bum hair getting in the way, and it’s way easier to clean a hair-free bum than a hairy one.

But on the other hand, you increase the risks of cuts while shaving such a delicate region, and there may be off chances of ingrown hair which could hurt a lot. So this is a decision you’d have to take after considering your own inhibitions.

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Things you shouldn’t ignore while eating ass – The risks of rimming

Okay, so now that you know everything about eating ass the right way, here are a few more things you can’t ignore if you want to stay safe while rimming someone.

1. Don’t give an oral after eating ass

You do not want to mix anal bacteria with the vagina. This leads to infections such as UTIs. So, if you plan to perform a rim job on a woman, do it after eating her out. It’s the cleanest and safest way to perform a rim job.

2. You can use a dental dam or a condom

If you’re concerned about contracting an STI, use a dental dam or a condom as a barrier. If you’re using a condom, cut up the condom into a thin sheet, and place it between your tongue and your partner’s anus. You can contract an STI while rimming, you should know that. When it comes to sex, whether it’s penetration, oral sex, or rimming, STIs are contractible.

3. No double dipping

You can’t double dip. If you put something into your anus, you cannot use that same item and place it into the vagina. The anus contains bacteria which can be harmful to the vagina, causing infections and cystitis. So, keep this in mind, you want your partner to be healthy after analingus. [Read: The risks and dangers of anal sex – What to watch out for]

4. Rinse your mouth after

You can use a dental dam while eating ass. This is essentially a barrier in between your mouth and the anus. That way, you won’t spread bacteria, viruses, and infection. You can use an unlubricated condom or a glove. However, if you don’t use a dental dam, then you’ll want to make sure you brush or use mouthwash to sanitize your mouth. [Read: The bottom of it – 10 misconceptions of anal sex]

So well, that’s about everything you need to understand when it comes to knowing how to eat ass. Now it’s time to give rimming and analingus a real try. Give it a try, perhaps, you’ll develop an odd obsession for it. It’s addicting!

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