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How to Be a Freak in Bed and Enjoy Sex in Every Way Possible

Everyone wants to know the secret behind how to be a freak in bed. But are you ready to really know what it takes? If you are, you better keep reading.

How to Be a Freak in Bed

I get a lot of people messaging me, asking me, what do women love in bed? What blows a guy’s mind during sex? How to be a freak in bed?! Of course, everyone wants to know the answer; it would make life so much easier. Ah, but sex isn’t supposed to be easy and formulated.

You know, though you may think there’s a straight answer to these questions, that’s not the case. Everyone wants to know the secret to be a sex god/goddess, but at the end of the day, we’re human beings. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to sex.

So, when it comes to learning how to be a freak in bed, I have to tell you, you’re going to be going on a self-discovery journey. That’s right, being a freak in bed is more about you, than it is your partner. Why? Well, your partner could change.

One day you could be with person A, and next week, it’s person B. You being a freak in bed shouldn’t be reliant on the person you’re with. This is what I mean by a self-discovery journey. Remember, what you may find to be “freaky” doesn’t necessarily mean it is. I mean, what does being “freaky” even mean? It’s very subjective, so you don’t need to push yourself into an image of what a “freak” is.

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How to be a freak in bed and explore your sexual side

Cool on the streets, but a freak in the sheets.

#1 What do you consider to be freaky? Here’s the thing, if you’ve never had anal sex before, you may consider this to be extreme. So, you need to look at where your comfort zone ends, and what you think is wild behavior. Not everyone has the same idea as you when they think of freaky, and sex is subjective. [Read: How to enjoy anal sex – Backdoor secrets to a painfree experience]

#2 Explore your sexuality. The best way to learn how to be a freak in bed is to explore your sexuality. Whether it’s through porn or experimenting with a partner, try things out that you usually don’t do while having sex. For example, if spanking videos turn you on, try spanking your partner and see how you feel. Once you start to explore sexual acts outside of your comfort zone, you’ll get to understand yourself better. [Read: 15 dirty, sexy and freaky things to say and do in bed]

#3 Build up confidence. What’s the sexiest thing a person could wear? It’s confidence. I know that sounded a little cheesy, but it’s true. Once you start to explore your sexuality and see what you really like, you’ll be more sexually confident. And that’s a huge turn-on for people. When you’re confident in bed, you let go and are present at the moment.

#4 Say what you want. You have specific desires and wishes; everyone does when it comes to sex. And you shouldn’t feel ashamed of asking for them during sex. Of course, your partner has the right to say no, and it must be respected. But you’re also allowed to ask if they’d like you to fulfill your sexual desires. If they’re not comfortable doing so, that’s okay. [Read: Gross sex acts you probably didn’t know exists and yet many people love]

#5 Tease your partner. Learning how to be a freak in bed isn’t only about sex. Yes, sex is a major part of intimacy, but flirting and teasing your partner will heighten the experience. Don’t be afraid to be kinky and naughty before sex. Send them texts of what you want to do to them earlier in the day; it’ll get the chemistry flowing and build up the tension.

#6 Mix things up in bed. What can I tell ya, being a freak in bed isn’t going to happen in missionary position. I mean, it can be one position you use during sex, but you need to switch things up. Have you ever heard of a freak in bed who only used one position? Not at all.

People who are freaks in bed understand their bodies and what positions work best. Explore different positions, and see which ones work best. [Read: 7 sex positions for beginners that’ll make anyone think you’re a pro]

#7 Find out your partner’s desires. Sex isn’t only about you. And people who are considered freaks in bed also spend a lot of time focusing and pleasing their partner. If not, they would just be labeled as a crazy, one-sided sex-machine. But that’s not what you want. You need to think about your partner and their desires, as well. If you two don’t match sexually, then find a partner who enjoys similar desires as you.

#8 Use your body and mind during sex. Sex isn’t just a physical activity; it’s highly emotional. If you’re not getting turned on, you don’t feel good. Sex is more than just your penis or vagina being stimulated. It’s a full-body experience. If you want to be a freak in the sheets, allow your body and mind to work together. [Read: 15 freaky things you can try together in bed and arouse each other]

#9 Indulge in your fantasies. Everyone has sexual fantasies. Some of them are deeply hidden within us, while other fantasies are on the surface. It may take a long time until you accept your fantasies and openly indulge in them – and that’s okay. This will happen once you start to build confidence in yourself. When you reach that point, start to indulge in those fantasies with partners who are willing and able.

#10 Don’t do things that don’t turn you on. A freak in bed isn’t someone who does things they don’t want to do. The reason why someone’s a freak is that they let go and fully enjoy every moment in bed. They’re receiving pure pleasure from the sex they’re having, which is what makes them a freak. Once you’re completely in the moment, you’re free. [Read: 30 super-sexy ways to spice up your sex life instantly]

#11 Don’t fake orgasms. Yeah, being a freak in bed should never be acted. If the sex isn’t hitting the spot, don’t fake it. I know there are many women, and even men who fake their orgasm just to be polite or to get it “over with.” If it’s because of the latter, ask yourself why you’re having sex with this person. If you’re doing it out of politeness, don’t. [Read: 12 things guys do that make women want to fake orgasms]

#12 Respect your partner’s body. People think that treating their partner like a ragdoll is what makes someone a freak in bed. But, treating your partner without consideration just makes you a jerk, and doesn’t make for an enjoyable experience. Even if they’re into BDSM, for example, respect your partner’s body.

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If you thought there was an unspoken secret to becoming a freak in bed, well, that’s not the case. In reality, if you want to know how to be a freak in bed, you just need to explore your sexuality and do what feels right for you.

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