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7 Extremely Weird but Surprisingly Popular Sex Fetishes

Just because they’re popular, doesn’t mean they aren’t strange! People take a lot of risks with their fetishes, both inside and outside the bedroom.

sexual fetishes

Some people have definite kinks when it comes to what gets them off in the bedroom, and not all of them are so vanilla. Fetish, much like many other words in the English language, has been thrown about carelessly in casual conversation, straying away from what the erotic description actually means.

For example, many women may say they have a makeup or shoe “fetish” – when what they really mean is they’ve had their fair share of cosmetic- and footwear- related credit card bills.

In reality, however, a fetish is a form of sexual desire, wherein the gratification portion of the down and dirty is linked to a specific item, such as a part of the body, hair, certain types of clothing or fabrics, and even behaviors. Without these kinks, the fetishist in question may not be able to achieve sexual arousal or orgasm. [Read: Dirty little secrets – the many different types of fetishes]

Common but strange fetishes

Here are some extremely weird yet surprisingly popular fetishes that are making their way into mainstream sex culture.

#1 BDSM. 50 Shades of Grey, anyone? BDSM has only been growing in popularity over the years due to films like “The Secretary” and erotic novels that portray this range of sexual acts.

Whether you’re a couple who likes to experiment with hot wax and handcuffs, or go the Full Monty with under-the-bed restraints and domination, this newly mainstreamed fetish can really raise eyebrows when you stop to think about what you’re actually doing. [Read: From the Red Room to the real world – BDSM for beginners]

#2 Roleplaying. Surely everyone has heard of sexual roleplaying by this point, but for those who aren’t in-the-know, roleplaying involves you and your partner pretending to be other people. Basically, you’re acting out a sexy story.

Common themes are babysitter and married man, office big shot and a sexy secretary, workout instructor and client, doctor and patient, teacher and student, or private investigator and criminal. While roleplaying can be a total turn-on, this popular fetish can take a dip into the world of “weird” when scenarios start to include incest, My Little Pony, vampires, rape, or any form of pretend bestiality. Yuck. [Read: The sexual role play guide for beginners]

#3 Quicksand. A recent dangerous and alarming sexual fetish that is gaining popularity in the fetish world is that of… quicksand? This super strange fetish made its way into a recent Vice Magazine video that shows off an eccentric group of fetishists who recreate their favorite “quicksand” scenes from movies for the purpose of sexual gratification. This emerging fetish definitely falls under the “don’t try this at home” category.

#4 Voyeurism. As pre-teens and teens, we were taught that sex is meant to be personal. Not to mention with the liberated age of the Internet, we are also taught that it should be kept private, unless you wish to experience both life and career-shattering results *naked sexts, anyone?*, one of the many reasons why voyeurism sounds so wrong. This weird fetish, voyeurism, is a name for those who derive sexual pleasure from secretly watching others engage in sexual activity or just peep in on them naked.

This fetish is definitely a harmful one, not to mention a creepy invasion of someone’s privacy and emotional wellbeing, and yeah, it’s totally a criminal offense! Those interested in voyeurism should stick to doing so only in role-play situations. Have your significant other strip down in front of their window and start getting busy with themselves, then go outside and have a sneaky look. At least you won’t go to jail for that! [Read: The sexy rush voyeurism gives you]

#5 Spankophiles. Who doesn’t like a good bum smack during sex, am I right? A playful smack on the backside during doggy style penetration can be a huge turn on, with some women even finding the slightly dominating sensation to be liberating. But what happens when a playful smack on the bum turns into a lust for a full-on, old-school spanking? If that’s the case, you may have a spanking fetish on your hands!

You may wonder, if this fetish is so common, why is it considered weird? The truth is, likely the first spank or smack on the rump you experienced was from one of your parents, making its evolution into a sexual fetish a bit of head scratcher.

Others wonder if there is a deeper reasoning for the connection between spanking and sexual pleasure, such as feeling like you’re being bad for enjoying sex, and therefore, you need to be punished on some level.

#6 Cross-dressing. This practice is usually more common with men. Regardless, many people still enjoy dressing in clothes or undies of the opposite sex before getting busy. Think that your man’s cross-dressing ways indicates that he may be gay, or transgender? Think again.

Some people just get off on the silky fresh feelings of women’s panties! Many men enjoy dressing up in women’s clothes or lingerie, and also enjoy having their female partners dress them up in their clothes as well. In a way, it may also be due to the fact that women have a wider selection of interesting clothing.

#7 Foot fetishes. For most people, the thought of using or viewing feet sexually is way, way out of the question. After all, feet can stink, sweat, contain callouses or growths, and are definitely not considered pin-up worthy.

For other people, however, feet are the sexiest things to walk the planet – literally. That’s right, those who have foot fetishes can’t get enough to those ten toes and two feet. In fact, one study suggested that feet were the most fetishized part of the body, even above the breasts!

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If you find yourself to be someone who enjoys one or more of the fetishes listed above, you can relax because thousands of other people enjoy them too! Just remember to be safe, and never force your fetish on a partner who isn’t interested. Fetishes, obviously, aren’t for everyone!

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