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17 Benefits of Anal Sex that’ll Make You & Your Bum Wanna Bend Over

If you’re feeling sexually adventurous and want to try something different, you might be wondering if there are any benefits of anal sex. Yes, there are.

benefits of anal sex

Anal sex isn’t for everyone. Not surprisingly, there are many more men interested in this sexual act than there are women–for a lot of reasons. But we think the biggest reason women tend to avoid it is that they might not know about all of the surprising benefits of anal sex.

Of course, “beneficial” isn’t the first word that pops into your mind when thinking about getting it on via the backdoor. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about anal sex that mark it as kind of taboo, dirty, and something only “sluts” do.

Surprising benefits of anal sex

Many people only find anal sex distasteful, due to the region in which it happens.

They might feel unclean and assume their partner won’t have a good time, due to some rather unfortunate circumstances that sometimes happen. Some women even feel insecure or nervous about it. [Read: Do women like anal sex? Mostly no, and sometimes yes and what you should know]

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re up for it, there’s no harm in trying it once and seeing if it’s something you enjoy. And if you find any of these benefits intriguing, try it a bunch more times! Here are some surprising benefits of anal sex that you should be reaping.

1. Keeps your immune system in great shape

Sex in general is fantastic for your health. It boosts your immune system by keeping you in shape, because of the exercise involved, and introduces your antibodies to all sorts of different things it can ramp up and keep in check.

2. Clears you out

As much as people really don’t like to discuss their bowel movements, it is important to mention that anal sex does a great job of clearing you out—something that is extremely helpful in keeping you healthy.

Due to all the increased activity in that region and blood flow down there, it helps your bowels get moving and makes it much easier to pass them.

But don’t worry! This will NOT happen during the actual act. Hopefully. [Read: Painful anal sex? 31 happy bum tips to make the backdoor hurt less]

3. Is generally more pleasurable for the men

Many men find anal sex more pleasurable than vaginal sex because the anus is tighter than the vagina. And since men get off due to the pressure on their members, it’s no wonder that a tighter entrance would feel better.

But that’s not the only reason they tend to like it more. One of the benefits of anal sex, especially for men, is that it also gives them a sense of accomplishment, makes them feel a little rebellious, and gives them a feeling of being powerful and dominant—something that feeds their primal instincts. [Read: Why do guys like anal sex and should you give the backdoor a try?]

4. Is really pleasurable for the women

The anus has an enormous amount of nerve endings, both surrounding it and directly within it. This means that, even though women aren’t being physically pleasured through their vagina, it’s still really pleasing for them.

It’s also really pleasurable because the G-spot can still be reached when men enter and push against the vaginal wall. So really, women can have orgasms through anal penetration, alone.

5. Increases intimacy between partners 

There is a significant amount of trust that has to be in place before anal sex can happen. Many women are nervous, insecure, and have issues accepting anal sex, due to the physical requirements and reputation it seems to have.

Not only that, but another one of the benefits of anal sex is it also creates closeness because both partners are getting their needs met. If the man wants to experiment with anal sex and the woman complies, he feels closer to her, knowing she is doing something for his pleasure.

6. Eliminates fear of pregnancy

You cannot get pregnant through anal sex alone. Unless some sperm somehow comes out of the anus and finds its way into the vagina, you will not get pregnant. This eases tension that is sometimes felt between two people during sex.

Without that tension, people are freer to enjoy themselves and men get to finish inside women—something that they all love to do. It’s a win-win for everyone, really.

7. Semen benefits

Semen plasma has a ridiculous amount of benefits to it. When a man finishes inside a woman, it can affect her in a lot of ways. Usually, this happens through the vagina. However, newer research has shown that semen exuded in the anus during anal sex has the same effects and benefits.

Some common benefits of sperm are as follows: natural anxiety reducer, anti-depressant, improves the quality of sleep, increases energy, natural pain reducer, improves mental alertness, and has the ability to increase a woman’s libido. [Read: What does anal sex feel like both mentally and physically]

8. Increases sexual diversity

If you feel like your sex life has been rather boring, anal sex will certainly spice things up a bit! It’s a perfect way to introduce something new into your sex life that the two of you have never tried before.

This is extremely helpful in a long-term relationship when you feel like you’re “used to” your partner. It can make things fun and new again!

9. Fantastic alternative to period sex

Some girls just don’t want to have sex during their period. Maybe they don’t like it, their partner doesn’t like it, or they don’t want to deal with the mess. Either way, anal sex offers a great alternative to sex when you’re on your period. [Check out: The guide to having sex on your period]

By taking the sexual activities to the back, you are keeping the period away from everything, so you don’t have to deal with it at all.

10. You can try new toys

If you are into toys, one of the big benefits of anal sex is the doorway it opens to a whole new set of toys and games!

But remember, when you prep for having anal, it’s important that you don’t penetrate too deeply the first time. You should start slowly with your finger, and then start to introduce the toys, such as anal beads and butt plugs.

Science says that it can take an anus 4-6 weeks to become fully prepared to receive a penis or a toy of a similar size. So, trying toys first before full-on anal sex will help you before you try the real thing.

Try to use toys with a flared base because believe it or not, your butt is like a vacuum. It will suck up any object in it… who knew?

And of course, you don’t want to end up in the emergency room because you got a hot dog suck up your butt! [Read: 15 common types of sex toys that all singles and couples must know about]

11. It’s taboo

While it’s more accepted these days than it used to be, for a lot of people, anal sex is still taboo. But that’s the thing that makes it more fascinating and they want to try it because of that. It just feels naughty, forbidden, and strange which is a real turn-on for a lot of people.

Of course, it’s not really all that taboo – it can be very natural for a lot of people. But just the thought of it being that way can heighten physical pleasure. 

12. Anal orgasms

Yup, one of the big benefits of anal sex is bigger anal orgasms! Did you even know it was possible to have an orgasm… anally? Well, believe it or not, you can! It is absolutely possible to get one regardless of whether you are male or female. [Read: The backdoor truth – Is it possible to have an anal orgasm?]

Studies show that a very high percentage of women get an orgasm anally – up to 94%. The reason for this is that the anus has a lot of sensitive nerve endings, and many are connected to your genitals.

For males, anal sex can stimulate the prostate gland, and this leads to extremely pleasurable and intense orgasms. For females, anal sex activates the G-spot and the A-spot.

Both of these are located on the vaginal wall but can still be stimulated with penetration in the anus. These areas can produce a full-body orgasm when it’s done correctly. It can even result in female ejaculation, or “squirting.” [Read: How to make yourself squirt and experience your first squirting orgasm]

13. Benefits pregnancy

Sometimes, women are in pain when they are carrying the weight of a baby. So, anal sex can help diminish this pain.

When the penis is inserted into the anus, it frees some muscles that are surrounding the waist and hips. This can make pregnancy more tolerable because of this relaxation of the muscles.

14. Stretches the body

There are a lot of different sex positions that are possible with anal sex, and they ease the whole body and muscular joints.

The stretches the body goes through when it is engaging in anal sex give the whole body a workout. Anal sex is a way to a lot of the Kamasutra positions that are high in pleasure. [Read: 12 simple anal sex positions that make backdoor sex feel so damn good]

15. Digestive system

This might sound crazy, but one of the benefits of anal sex is that it can actually help activate digestion in a person. The positions that people use during this act are good posture, and that helps the digestion process.

The thrust and the in-and-out motion of the penis in the anus enable nerves that give energy to the anus and the intestines, and this helps break down the food in the body.

16. Exercises the spinal cord

When people engage in anal sex on a regular basis, they tend to be more fit than those who only perform vaginal sex.

Anal sex is a straight force that is applied to the backbone. This force impedance will make the spine stay stronger and more flexible. [Read: What does anal sex feel like both physically and mentally]

17. It’s exciting

It really is. It’s not something that people do a lot and it’s an exciting new thing that you can bring to your relationship. It’ll have both of you feeling like young teenagers engaging in sexual activities for the first time. Talk about reminiscing!

[Read: How to prepare your bum for anal sex – The beginners’ step by step guide]

Things to consider when having anal sex

Now that you know the biggest benefits of anal sex, regardless of whether you are with a committed partner or not, you need to remember some important things when you are engaging in anal sex. 

First, you should use condoms or another barrier of protection. You should always practice safe anal sex to avoid diseases like HIV, STIs, and other infections.

You should also use lots of lube. Seriously, you can’t use too much back there. Insufficient lube increases your risk of skin tears, which are painful and risky. The anus is not naturally lubricating itself, so you can’t use too much. If you don’t have enough lube, it increases your risk of skin tears which are painful and risky.

Also, never go from the penis or sex toy in the anus directly to the vagina without washing it or changing condoms. You definitely don’t want feces and other bacteria from your anus to get into your urinary tract. If it does, it can be very devastating and can give you a urinary tract infection. [Read: First time anal sex – the curious bum lover’s guide to have anal sex]

You also should not do oral sex after anal sex. If you do, you will get bacteria and parasites into your mouth. And who wants that? Ewww…

Should you give anal sex a try?

Everyone has their own comfort level with different sex acts. You might love doing anal sex, but maybe your partner doesn’t. Some people really do still see it as a “deviant” or “taboo” sex act. And that’s their prerogative to feel that way.

So, remember not to force anyone into having anal sex with you. If someone does it, then it should be of their own free will and not because you pressured them into doing it.

And let’s say you tried it once but you didn’t like it. That’s okay. Don’t feel like you have to keep doing it just for your partner’s pleasure. There are alternatives you can do to try to get the same effects without actually performing anal sex.

Remember, just because there are benefits to anal sex, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. So, just do whatever is comfortable for you.

[Next, read: The curious guy’s and gal’s guide to first-time anal sex]

Anal sex has its drawbacks for certain people. But if you want a reason to go at it from the back door, remember these awesome *and surprising* benefits of anal sex. 

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