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Analingus: A Walkthrough & Total Guide to Eating Ass Like a Champ

It wasn’t too long ago when people would cringe at the thought of eating ass. But now, people are jumping on board to try out analingus.


Sure, you may have heard about ass eating or properly known as analingus. However, for years it’s been a taboo sexual activity. And, for obvious reasons, I understand why people would be unsure about performing or receiving analingus.

We all have an anus and we all know what goes on down there. Things are supposed to go out not in… if you get me. Thus, it’s normal for people to be turned off or insecure by the idea of analingus. But, alas, the times have changed and now people are jumping on board and giving analingus a try. [Read: The yummy checklist to eating booty like a boss]

Analingus: How to eat ass the right way

With its sudden popularity into mainstream sexual activities, you’re probably curious. But, you know there are some things you want to do before performing analingus, right? These tips I’m going to share with you will help you make the best out of your analingus experience.

Now, some situations you won’t have time to prepare, but if you have the time then doing some of these steps avoids any awkward situations that could occur. Why not give it a try?

#1 Clean out your ass. Sounds so dainty, right? But seriously, it’s important to shower prior to performing analingus. Now, you may not be able to shower, but washing your ass would be a huge help especially if you’ve been at work all day or just finished a night out at the bar. While washing, make sure you stick a finger into your anus and clean out any fecal remnants that hang out. [Read: How to prepare for anal sex – A beginners’ fantasy guidebook]

#2 To shave or not to shave? This really varies from person to person. If you’re someone who doesn’t shave their pubic hair in general then this won’t be an issue. If you shave or wax your pubic hair then why not shave or wax your anus? Your entire genital area will be uniform in appearance. Plus, if you shave, it heightens sensitivity. [Read: Trim, shave, or natural? The real score on pubic hair]

#3 Don’t double dip. Double dipping is when you go from anus to vagina. You never want to do that. If you perform analingus then you cannot perform oral sex right after. There are dangerous bacteria that can be transferred to the vagina which cause infections and cystitis. So, choose one or the other or perform oral sex first and then finish it off with analingus.

#4 You can use a dental dam. If you want to be safe, you should use a dental dam while performing analingus. A dental dam acts as a protective layer between your mouth and the anus. Think of it like a condom. This way, you don’t have to worry about spreading infection or bacteria from one area of the body to another. If you don’t have a dental dam, you can use an unlubricated condom or latex glove.

#5 No dental dam? Wash your mouth. To make sure that you’re not spreading any bacteria or microorganisms, wash your mouth with mouthwash prior to performing analingus. This kills any bacteria in your mouth. Also, use some mouthwash after analingus, it helps you get a squeaky clean breath. [Read: How to have safe sex in every single way it is possible]

#6 Try out different positions. There are a couple different positions to use while performing analingus. You can eat ass in doggy style which is known as the easiest position to eat ass in. You can have your partner bent over a table while you kneel on the floor behind them.

Or, have them laying flat on their back while you grab their legs, lifting their hips up, and diving right in.

#7 Use your entire mouth. While performing analingus, use all parts of your mouth such as your tongue, lips, breath, and teeth. These parts of your mouth heighten the senses and give different sensations around the anus. You can kiss and suck the anus, breathe on it, nibble gently, or lick it up and down. [Read: The complete checklist to eating booty like a boss]

#8 Ask your partner. Not everyone likes to eat ass or have their ass eaten. I know it’s a trend right now, but that doesn’t mean everyone is in on it. So, prior to doing it, ask them. No one wants the surprise of someone eating their ass. It’s quite a shock.

#9 Use your fingers. While your performing analingus, it gets quite tiring for your tongue. So, what are you going to do? Give your tongue a break and use your fingers and hands to rub and insert into the anus. Just make sure your fingers are lubricated prior to inserting them into the anus. So, either lube them up or spit on them.

#10 Use toys. If you’ve used your fingers and mouth but want to spice it up, then why not use some toys. There are plenty of toys which work for analingus such as butt plugs, dildos, and of course, dicks, which can be inserted into the anus to help stimulate and intensify the orgasm. [Read: 13 sex toys you have to try]

#11 Don’t attack the ass. I know you want to eat that ass out and experience what everyone has been blabbing about. Listen, you need to work your way to the ass, don’t just attack it. Start by performing foreplay, kissing your partner, touching them, and slowly working your way down.

If your partner is a woman, then perform oral sex first and use the wetness to lubricate the anus. Plus, she won’t be so surprised after she’s received oral sex. [Read: The key steps to the best foreplay of your life]

#12 Anal orgasms happen. You should know straight up that anal orgasms can occur through analingus. You need to find the right rhythm and flow which comes through practice. But it can happen. If you perform analingus on a woman, use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris at the same time.

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Analingus can be an exciting sexual adventure to explore with your partner. But like anything, there are some things you need to know before trying it out. All you need to do is follow these crucial steps and you’ll have a lot of fun!

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