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Accidental Orgasms – 7 Ways to Make the Unexpected Happen

Love the idea of an accidental orgasm? Well, here are 7 ways to make it happen. But then again, you really should be careful what you wish for!

accidental orgasm

Accidental orgasms, you say? Most women can’t even have voluntary orgasms! But, I disagree. That joke had more weight before we knew what an orgasm really was and how awesome it really is.

It’s true, though. Women can have accidental orgasms, but that doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to anxiously wait for it to come at any moment *pun very much intended*.

Accidental orgasms occur because a stroke of fate – I call it luck – made it happen. They pop out of nowhere, but only a secondary stimulus can elicit it; meaning something you can’t control. If you intended to have it, it wouldn’t be accidental anymore, now would it?

How do you get an accidental orgasm?

There are two types of accidental orgasms. The first is the physical type, which happens when your lady bits are exposed to certain stimuli like vibrations from machinery or constant rubbing through an activity.

The other type of accidental orgasm is the mental or emotional type. An example of this is having a wet dream, but it can also happen because you have extreme episodes of arousal or if you have a neurologic disorder. [Read: Magic fingers – How to finger yourself to orgasms]

Are all women capable of getting accidental orgasms?

No, because every woman requires different types of stimulation – combining physical, mental and emotional stimulation – in order to achieve an orgasm.

The least that you could get out of stimulating female genitalia is an increased sensitivity to said body part, but without any assurances that you will get an orgasm. Some women can’t even have orgasms. We kid you not. It’s called anorgasmia and it’s connected to the physical and emotional state of a woman.

For those who can achieve orgasms, there are two categories with innumerable possibilities of execution. Those two are called “surface” and “deep” orgasms.

Surface orgasms occur due to continuous stimulation of the genitals. Deep orgasms occur the same way as surface orgasms, but it also requires a deeper connection with their partner.

There is no way to determine what type of orgasm works for women because our orgasms are connected to our personalities and internal social mechanisms. What we think is deep may not be that special and what we think are just surface orgasms could be a sign of something more meaningful too.

But, accidental orgasms, well, they can’t be categorized as either of those. Although most of it could be surface orgasms, there is still a chance that it could be categorized as deep, especially with a significant other’s presence in your life. [Read: The magnificent journey to achieving multiple orgasms every time]

When do you get accidental orgasms?

#1 While unconsciously rubbing one out. Examples are accidental orgasms that occur when you’re riding a badass motorcycle, or if you’re a badass equestrian who wore too-tight breeches during a course lap.

#2 During brisk walks and runs. We’re not saying it happens all the time, but it is possible. The fact that your clit has made contact on something, regardless if it’s just tight clothing, means that an orgasm can happen.

#3 In your dreams. Women also get wet dreams. Although we experience it less frequently than men, it can still hit you out of nowhere. Don’t worry. We don’t usually have to change the sheets, when it happens. [Read: 10 tips for women who want mind blowing orgasms]

#4 When you’re really, really open. Sounds pretty vague, we know, but experts say that those who practice mindfulness and meditation are more likely to be aroused. This is even more likely when you practice tantric medication, which is focused on intensifying your sexual experience mentally. [Read: The step-by-step guide to your first tantric sexual experience]

#5 Thinking off. We have no idea who thought of that, but we’re pretty much into the idea *another pun, haha!*. Thinking off is when you are aroused by a mental picture or something you saw that makes you orgasm out of nowhere. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but a lot of women think they experienced it themselves.

#6 When your brain isn’t working right. As we’ve mentioned before, women who have neurological problems like bipolar disorder and hormonal disorders can experience frequent accidental orgasms. Some reports say that it becomes extremely problematic because it affects you physically and emotionally. It can also be an issue when going out in public.

#7 PGAD. Egad, what is this? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Ignore the lightheartedness because I’m here to tell you that Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder is not a joke. If you saw a news article about a woman having 100 orgasms a day, that is what happens to someone with PGAD. To give you a clearer picture of what happens when you have PGAD, here is a breakdown of what happens when you have it.

1. Your genitals feel like they’re swollen and ready for sex.

2. You can feel a constant throbbing between your legs, akin to the arousal stage during sex.

3. You want to have an orgasm constantly just to make those feelings go away.

4. You feel like you’re not in control of your body anymore.

5. You don’t feel the need to have sex because orgasms happen without it.

6. You may spend nights masturbating continuously just to elicit an orgasm, but the whole process of arousal repeats itself anyway.

7. You feel an urge to get any sort of release, but it never happens.

Having multiple orgasms all they may sound like a sweet deal, but the truth is that PGAD is not something that you should aspire to have. It is a serious problem that affects, not just your everyday life, but also your personal life as well. [Read: How to squirt while having an orgasm – The complete guide]

Are accidental orgasms safe?

That depends on who you’re asking, but generally, experiencing something that limits control over your mind and body can be dangerous in the wrong place and time.

If you’re driving a car and had an orgasm, you might end up in an accident. If you had frequent accidental orgasms while you’re asleep, it could also be a detriment to your health because of fatigue.

I know, I know. I’m bumming you out, but it’s good to know these things. Knowing when an accidental orgasm can happen and why it’s happening can help you, especially if it concerns your safety and health.

If it turns out that you have a medical problem, lack of sleep and fender benders might be the least of your worries.

If you’re experiencing orgasms out of nowhere, without any mental or physical stimulation, get a consultation ASAP. It might be harmless, but it could also be hiding an underlying problem in your body!

[Read: Kegel exercises and why both men and women should do it]

Accidental orgasms may sound like a really lucky occurrence if it happens out of the blue. But before you go wishing for a lifetime of accidental orgasms, just remember that awesome orgasms and sexual happiness lies in the thrill of creative effort!

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