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What Is a Hypebeast? 15 Beastly Signs to Help You Pick Them out

If you feel out of the loop and keep wondering what is a hypebeast, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s why we dove in to find out what the term means.

what is a hypebeast

Unless you live under a rock or deleted all your social media accounts, the term hypebeast is everywhere. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it’s a term that’s spread. But what is a hypebeast?

The word “hypebeast” is flying around faster than a fly, yet though we all seem to be using the word, most of us don’t actually know what is a hypebeast exactly. It’s definitely part of mainstream culture, but what does it mean? Is it just a bandwagon term or something more? 

Of course, when it comes to terms like these, the best way to get the actual definition is to check out our trusty Urban Dictionary.

What is a hypebeast?

A hypebeast can best be defined as these two things:

1. “A person who follows a trend to be cool or in style. A person who wears what is hyped up.”

2. “A hypebeast [sic] is a kid that collect[s] clothing, shoes, and accessories for the sole purpose of impressing others. Although the individual may not have a dime to their name, they like to front like they make far more than everybody else. Equipped with mommies [sic] credit card, the hypebeast [sic] will try his hardest to make sure he has every pair of Nike’s [sic] he saw Jay-Z wearing on 106 & Park.”

With these definitions above, a hypebeast puts up an impressive front to be perceived as someone with status and symbol. They’re someone who tends to have all the latest trends and fashion items, even when it’s not who they are.

Basically, they’re interested in being part of the trend. The last thing they want is to be the last person in the loop of the latest trends and items.

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Why is a hypebeast a hypebeast?

No one can know for sure why a hypebeast is so interested in the latest trends, but one thing’s for sure – they desperately want to fit in.

It doesn’t matter which collector’s item they’re into right now, where they got their Starbucks mug, or how they grabbed the latest Nike shoes.

When asking what is a hypebeast, they’re clearly focused on being seen a certain way. They probably want to fit in with the coolest crowds and be seen as someone with style and fashion. Maybe it’s because they’re scared of being the misfits or afraid to be labeled a certain way.

The clearest signs someone is a hypebeast

So, how do you know if someone is a hypebeast? With these signs, you’ll be able to spot them out instantly!

They’re like a walking Instagram page. True hypebeasts don’t take into consideration that everything should be indulged in moderation. Again, they’re updated in the latest trends, so every time you see them, they’re always wearing the latest fashion trend.

It’s not even in the cool way, but more in a live-walking-Instagram way. When you see them, they’re wearing every single label you could think of. You can clearly see that they’re trying too hard just to fit in. [Read: 22 ways to have swag and look confident]

Money isn’t an object of concern to them, even if they don’t have any. They’ll manage to get the money to buy the latest iPhone or Yeezy shoes. Their priorities lie in grabbing the latest trend, so even if they sacrifice an entire meal or a week’s worth of food, it doesn’t matter to them.

They’ll literally do everything to grab the latest trends, even if it means sacrificing crucial aspects of their life. [Read: 20 ways to be comfortable in your own skin and love being you]

3. They’re proud of their collections

True hypebeasts take great pride in their collections of gold chains, snapbacks, shoes, and watches. They probably worked hard to get them, so why not bask in it.

An average person boasts about things like accomplishments, but a hypebeast considers it an achievement when they have an abundance of collector’s items.

After all, who would have collected every Nike series there is? Who would have the latest iPhones in every generation? Nobody, just them.

4. Savings? What savings?

For some of us, we refrain from buying the on-sale dress or shoes because we’re saving money. Well, if that’s you, you’re not a hypebeast. A hypebeast is all about living in the moment. By this point, you should already know that hypebeasts don’t care if they have a big fat zero in their savings account.

As long as they’ve collected all the important trends, they’re already satisfied. College tuition? Rent? Those can’t be that important. [Read: How to talk about money with your partner without fighting about it]

5. They don’t necessarily like what they’re wearing

They may not even like the new Yeezy shoes that came out, but that’s not the point. The point is, they’re new, they’re brand-name, and everyone wants a pair.

They’re just wearing it to look cool and be perceived as someone with status and symbol. They want others to say, “You’re so lucky to have the latest Adidas that came out!” or something along those lines.

6. They know all the brand names

If they’ve never heard of a brand, then it obviously isn’t an important one. But they know all the brands. All of them. If you even try to question their knowledge, they’ll beat you at your own game.

Even if it’s not a familiar brand to you, but it’s considered a trend or an upcoming one, they’ll know it all too well. No-label clothing? They’re not interested in that. If their favorite celebrities aren’t wearing it, it ain’t fashion.

7. They depend on Instagram likes

A hypebeast knows that their worth is measured purely by what other people think. This is pretty much why they spend more hours on Instagram than on any other social media platform.

If a particular look or collector’s item doesn’t get an expected number of likes, they feel like they’ve failed in life. Each like is validation that they’re doing the right thing to look top-notch. [Read: 20 reasons why people don’t like you]

8. They follow celebrities with a passion

Hypebeasts are heavily persuaded by what celebrities wear on a daily basis. If you go on their Instagram page, they’re following the most prominent names, and you’ll probably notice the similarities in how they dress.

They get validation on what items to buy by which celebrities have worn a specific look or have a particular gadget. They’re basically like a carbon copy of their favorite stars.

9. They never leave the house not hyped up

Whether they need to run to the market for some milk or get the mail, they make sure that they’re dressed up. You know those people, those who care so much about their nonexistent image and reputation even when going grocery shopping.

They always think they’re going to bump into someone they know *I mean, it is a small world*. So they don’t risk a chance by going in their “average” clothes, but they always dress up. Always.

10. Their clothes are in mint condition

Hypebeasts treat their clothing as if they’re collectibles because, in their eyes, their clothing is. Their expensive, trendy pieces aren’t meant to be worn; they’re meant to be worshipped.

If you’re asking what is a hypebeast, it’s someone who treats their clothes and collectibles as incredibly fragile; they won’t even let anyone touch them. But this only makes sense – after all, it’s their divine collection.

11. They love shoes

We really can’t emphasize this enough. Hypebeasts love shoes, but really, they love them. They may never trust a lover, but they know that the one thing that won’t betray them is their new pair of shoes.

They don’t just have an average-sized sneaker collection like any other sneaker-head, but it’s as if they could put up their own store because of how many brands and pairs they own! If you’re friends with a hypebeast or have been to their house, you know what we’re talking about. [Read: 20 traits to understand the omega personality]

12. Everything must match

Now, this isn’t for every hypebeast, but for a majority, they take pride in making sure everything matches. They wouldn’t dare to go out with an outfit that doesn’t even match, to begin with – that’s an absolute nightmare. As a hypebeast, they make sure always to wear matching outfits and accessories.

From their head down to their toes, they’ll be wearing one color and one color only. Unless they have bling on. [Read: 9 trends taking the internet by storm]

13. Their Instagram page is carefully crafted

They don’t just care how they look going out, but they care a lot about their Insta feed as well. One mundane photo on their feed, and it’s an absolute crisis for a hypebeast.

If you find yourself stalking a hypebeast, they’re always showing off the latest fashion trends, gadget trends, sneaker trends, whatever trend that exists basically. It’s so picture-perfect it would put any clothing brand pages to shame!

14. They shop with urgency

Even if a certain pair just released yesterday or the latest iPhone just dropped, hypebeasts make sure it doesn’t take days for them to get their hands on it. In fact, they do everything in their power to get their hands on the newest trends within the day of the release.

Since they’re also updated with every news in the market on every trend ever, they know exactly when the release is, so they prepare themselves early on.

15. It’s like they’re always on a fashion show

You will rarely ever catch a hypebeast wearing mundane clothes because it’s an utter nightmare for them. They always make sure to look their absolute best with the latest trends. A dentist appointment? Grocery run? A walk in the park? Well, there’s an outfit for every one of those things, because life is a fashion show, right?

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So, what is a hypebeast?

In general, hypebeasts have the habit of trying a little too hard to be in, and being aware of the latest trends. They desperately want to appear as someone with a particular status symbol, which is why they go through all these things to have a collection of the latest trends.

They seek and get validation through trends and social likes, and they don’t really care about anything else, be it their savings, their long-term plans, or any long term life goals. After all, to them, you live for today, right? Who knows what’ll happen tomorrow!

So, what is a hypebeast? If you know someone who is a hypebeast or you’re the hypebeast, it’s time to assess yourself. If you resonate with the majority of these signs above, you just might be one.

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