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13 Outrageous, Fun, and Spunky Party Themes for Adults

Who says theme parties are only for small children and drunk college kids? Not me! Here are 13 whacky, fun, and creative party themes for adults.

party themes for adults

Becoming an adult doesn’t mean you have to put a stop to all the fun in your life. Although you may have work, kid, and house responsibilities, you should always make time to squeeze in a little fun every now and then.

And by fun, I mean parties! What adult isn’t overjoyed by the idea of leaving the kids for a night and heading off to enjoy time together? Not only should you get out and go to parties—you should also host them.

Party themes all adults will love

Adult parties don’t have to be centered on conversation, sophisticated drinks, and dressy attire. How about throwing a theme party for all of your friends? While theme parties may seem a little too “young” for you, they aren’t. [Read: How to talk at a party and make an impression]

If you really want to throw an adult theme party and aren’t sure which themes would be mature enough for your friends, but still fun enough to let loose and get a little goofy, here are the best themes to choose from.

#1 Alphabet-themed. This is one of the best themed parties I’ve ever been to. All you have to do is pick a letter and have that as the party’s theme. For example, you can have a “B” themed party, where everyone brings something that starts with the letter “B” and can only wear clothes that are a color that starts with “B,” or from a place with a name that start with “B.”

It’s a very simple theme with minimal work and decorations, but it’s still a ton of fun for you and all your friends. Beer, bananas, bacon, bean dip, brats, and the works! You’ll eat well and have them talking about your party for a long time to come. [Ready to throw your first party? Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

#2 Clue. Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery party? I know I do—especially when it’s a game I used to play as a kid. This brings back all the excitement of the game, but elevates it to an adult level instead of just a board game.

For this one to work, you’ll need people, envelopes, murder “weapons,” and labeled rooms in your house. When the guests arrive, they will each take an envelope that has sealed their fate for the night.

#3 Color themed. Honestly, color-themed parties are some of my favorite. I always love dressing up in one specific color and seeing how far I can take the outfit. Another great idea for a color themed party is to have each guest bring a dish… in that color! I have made numerous batches of different-colored cupcakes for parties like these.

#4 Decade party. Decade parties are always fun, because people get to dress up no matter what year you decide. I’ve always found it fun when people choose a year where the fashion was especially outrageous. You can even have different “prizes” for the person who is the best-dressed for that decade and the person who has the craziest outfit. [Need some decade inspiration? Check out: 10 things about dating an 80s teen movie can teach you]

#5 Tiki theme. If the weather’s right and you want to take things outdoors, what better party than a tiki party? In other words, you can have a Hawaiian-themed get-together, where everyone has to dress up in tiki attire. Pià±a coladas, coconut bras, grass skirts—who wouldn’t love a party like that?

#6 Casino night. Get out those cards, throw down some chips, and let the money fly. A casino themed night is a really fun idea for adults of any age—both older and younger. You can play for real money or just use fake cash and trade your “earnings” in for some cool prizes from the host.

#7 Fondue party. I can’t say enough how popular fondue parties have been as of late. For some reason, people are throwing parties just to celebrate the molten deliciousness that comes in the form of fondue. Whether you choose chocolate, cheese, or both, it’s never a bad idea to have a huge spread and have people over for the sole purpose of eating. [Try: 14 surefire ways to keep it classy at a party]

#8 Black tie. The truth is that not a lot of adults get to dress up in fancy clothes and enjoy a sophisticated night out with friends—but they’re dying to. So set a dress code, gather some fancy hors d’oeuvres, invite some friends, and pretend to live the high life for a little while.

#9 Cartoon costume party. Cartoons nowadays aren’t nearly as awesome as they used to be. Throwing a cartoon costume party is an awesome way to not only let the kid in you out a little, but also bring you back to a time that was carefree and fun. Who wouldn’t love to ditch their adult responsibilities for a night and pretend they’re one of their favorite cartoon characters?

#10 Literature costume party. Take a cartoon character party a little bit further—but instead of cartoons, dress up as your favorite character from a book and see how many people can guess who you are. A must: quoting them all night long. You can have prizes for the person who can guess the most characters! [Need inspiration? Check out: 30 most romantic love quotes from books and literature]

#11 High school themed. Take out that old yearbook and do some studying, because with this out-of-the-box theme, you’re going to be throwing a party where everyone has to dress up as they would have in high school—minus the braces. So, do your hair big, get out those old jeans, and get to know your friends as they were back in high school.

#12 Pun party! Dress up as the best pun you can think of. Chain-smoker, one night stand, wallflower—you name it. Whoever comes up with the best pun of the night gets a prize. This theme is always fun and allows you to get creative and silly.

#13 Ugly sweater party. I love a good ugly sweater party. Head on out to your nearest thrift store and pick up the ugliest sweater you can find. A fun thing to do with this theme is to have everyone vote on whose sweater is ugliest, then award the winner with a prize.

[Now that you have your themes, read: How to network at a party like a social butterfly]

No matter which of these spunky party themes for adults you decide to go with, just remember to let loose and have some fun! Everybody needs a good excuse to have an amazing party—and these themes are just the excuse you need.

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