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14 Signs You’re a Homebody Who Needs to Get Out More

Are you spending a bit too much time inside lately? Use these 14 signs to find out if your behavior places you firmly in the “homebody” camp.


As much as we all love sitting at home, bundled up in our favorite old pajamas, half hidden under a pile of fuzzy blankets while we watch our favorite movie for the 100th time, there can be a time in all of our lives where that becomes the new norm.

Although it may sound like a positive thing—having so much free time—it can actually be bad! You could be turning into one of those people who cancels plans, or makes lame excuses as to why you can’t go out, because you want to bum around your house all the time.

You could be turning into the much-dreaded HOMEBODY!

While it may seem like a harmless word, becoming a homebody can actually be harmful to yourself and your social life. You forget about friends, forget about what’s important, and get lost in your sweet abyss of selfishness and terrible Netflix originals.

Are you falling into the realm of becoming a homebody?

Everybody needs a break from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely check out of the world and hole up in your home, with nothing more than your computer to keep you company. Here are the signs that you’ve taken “you time” to another level, and are a homebody who needs to get out more.

#1 You throw on pajamas as soon as you get home from work. Sure, a lot of people slip on some more comfortable clothes, instead of their business attire. However, if you’re putting pajamas on right away, you’re basically committing to not leaving your house at all after you get home. No weeknight dinner out, I guess!

#2 When someone asks to make plans, you pretend you never got their text. If you’re someone who cringes when someone texts you regarding making any plans whatsoever, it’s a sure sign that you’re a homebody who needs to get out more. When you’re deleting texts from people, then pretending you never got it the next time you see them, you have GOT to get out more! Yikes! [Read: The 3 stages to combat and overcome the love of loneliness]

#3 You never try to make plans with anyone. Just as easily as you ignore your friend’s pressing texts to make plans, you never initiate plans with anyone. There isn’t an outgoing text message in your phone that says anything in the realm of “Hey! Let’s do something soon.” In fact, you probably don’t even know how to formulate a sentence involving making plans. If this is you, then you’re definitely a homebody.

#4 You have way too many shows in your “recently watched” section on Netflix. When there is a large list of “recently watched” history on your Netflix, you know you’ve been indoors way too long. Not only have you recently watched all of them, you’re probably watching them all at the same time, too. This is a definite sign that you could use a bit more time outdoors.

#5 You can quote the words with the movies you watch. Yep. A sign you’re a homebody is if you’re able to mouth all of the words along with the movies you’re watching. This is because you’ve been through all the new movies you can see, and have to re-watch old ones because you’ve run out!

#6 You own a ridiculous amount of throw blankets. Like… an absurd amount! Sure, it’s fine if you’ve got one on your bed and maybe one on your couch. But if you’re a homebody who needs to get out more, you’ll want to make sure there’s a throw blanket in every location, where you’re able to sit and wrap up in one. Which means your bed, couch, recliners, ottoman, and maybe another on your bed. Trade those in for a jacket, and get out of the house!

#7 The majority of your shopping happens online. “You mean people actually shop at real stores?!” Yes. They do. Because they’re not homebodies who need to get out more. If you’re someone who has Amazon boxes filling your recycling bin, and a credit card statement five pages long, it probably means you do most of your shopping online, because you would rather wait 5 days for a package than leave your house and drive ten minutes to get it. [Read: 7 powerful steps to break out of the lonely lifestyle]

#8 Your garbage is 80% food delivery boxes. Speaking of shopping online, you even get your food delivered to you! If the restaurant knows your order by heart and the delivery driver knows your name and address, without even having to look, then you’re—sadly—a homebody. Why don’t you switch things up? Maybe put some pants on and actually GO to that restaurant!

#9 You have no concept of “binge watching,” because that’s your norm. If the term “binge watching” has no significance to you, that’s probably because what other people refer to as “binging,” you refer to as a Monday night. But hello! Not everybody can watch an entire season of a show in two days and consider that your average weekend. You’re a homebody.

#10 You never need a rainy day as an excuse to watch movie marathons. Who needs a rainy day to watch movie marathons? If you’re a homebody, your movie marathon days come twice a week—in the form of Saturday and Sunday.

#11 You can’t wait for the weekend, just so you can do absolutely nothing. Most people complain all week for the weekend to come sooner so they can go OUT and do fun things. You? Nah! You complain for the weekend to come sooner, just so you can sit on your butt, eat take out, and re-watch movies you’ve already seen ten times.

#12 You get overly excited when someone else cancels plans. You’re dragging your feet to get ready for the event your friend MADE you agree to go to, when she calls and cancels. If you’re someone who gets off the phone and jumps on your bed in pure excitement and joy, then you’re a homebody who needs to get out more.

#13 When people suggest movies, you’ve already seen them all. The struggle of being a homebody is real! If you feel the need to get movie recommendations from people and find that you’ve literally seen all of the ones people are suggesting, then you’re falling awfully close to homebody territory.

#14 You frequently feel the need to justify your homebody-ness to your friends. Most likely, if you have many of the qualities listed above, your friends have noticed and have already started giving you a hard time. If you’re consistently needing to defend yourself and make excuses as to why you have to stay home *we all know you’re not really sick*, then for goodness’ sake, get out more, you big homebody!

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As much as kicking back and relaxing at home for a weekend can be just what you need, there comes a point when you could be crossing the line into the land of The Homebodies. If you’ve committed one too many of the above acts, put down your remote, get out of your pajamas, and see the world!

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