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17 Signs Your Boss Wants to Sleep with You & Is Slowly Seducing You

Has going to work suddenly gotten uncomfortable because of your boss? If so, here are some of the signs your boss wants to sleep with you.

signs your boss wants to sleep with you

You have probably had several jobs in your life. However, maybe at first, most of your bosses were heterosexual women, so, you didn’t encounter any awkward moments in the hallway or have them uncomfortably leaning over you. If that’s true, then you didn’t really know the signs your boss wants to sleep with you.

But maybe then you worked as a receptionist at a car dealership. And maybe you just feel a creepy vibe whenever a certain man comes around. There’s something strange in the way he acts toward you.

You might even try to ignore it and continue working. But maybe it’s that your boss wants to sleep with you. [Read: 26 very obvious signs a man is sexually attracted to you and wants you]

The subtle signs your boss wants to sleep with you

Hopefully, your boss never makes a move on you. But maybe many of your friends have had experiences with their bosses. Now, some of those experiences are not welcomed, while others might be. 

It simply depends on how you feel towards your boss, and if you want to take things further. If they do want to sleep with you, you have two choices. You can either stop it or go for it.

Our opinion? You shouldn’t sleep with your boss, but for some people, it worked out well. So, we’re not going to judge. 

Now, whether you want to stop it or see where it goes, that’s up to you. But, there are some solid signs your boss wants to sleep with you or not. There are always signs.

1. You have a lot of private meetings

And yet, you’re still not sure why you have them. Of course, an occasional meeting with your boss is normal, but if he asks you to a private meeting when really there’s no need, he’s into you.

Depending on how you feel about your boss, these private meetings can be uncomfortable and feel like you’re being cornered. Too many private meetings mean they want to see how they can go from professional into personal encounters. [Read: How to tell if your coworker likes you]

2. They treat you differently

Compared to all the other employees, they treat you differently. Of course, they treat you differently, they want to sleep with you.

Maybe they promote you even though you’re relatively new to the job, or provide you with extras when you don’t actually deserve them. You can run with this for a while, but if the other employees see this, they aren’t going to be happy.

3. Your boss flirts with you

Now, flirting is a huge sign of someone’s interest. Now, this doesn’t mean they’ll do anything. However, flirting is meant to build up sexual tension between two people. 

Yes, crack jokes at the office, but there’s a difference between regular jokes and flirtatious jokes. [Read: 30 lusty signs he wants you bad and finds you incredibly desirable]

4. Your boss tells you about their personal life

Maybe your boss told you they left their partner or about a wild weekend at the bar. Either way, this is overstepping the working relationship you share. 

If your boss talks about their personal life to you, specifically in the area of dating and sex, well, this is a clear sign they’re gauging your reaction.

5. You spend time together outside of the office

Now, it’s normal for co-workers to grab lunch or a coffee together. It’s not as common for bosses to hang out with their employees outside of work time. 

If your boss enters into your personal time outside of the office, it’s clear they’re interested in something more than just work.

6. You get gifts

They may not be huge gifts, it could be a pen or a notebook, but the point is, they’re gifts. Unless it’s Christmas, your birthday, or another special occasion, it’s not normal for the people you work with to get you gifts, especially your boss. 

Now, if your boss tells you not to tell other people about the gift, it’s clear they’re into you. Kind of sleazy, in our opinion.

7. They get a little too close

Your boss wants to see what you’ve done, so they lean on your desk, staring at the screen. Now, this happens and it doesn’t mean it’s sexual. Usually, this is a sign they want to be closer to you. 

They may touch you, graze your arm, or speak into your ear. The point is, these invade your personal space. If they enter your personal space, it’s a solid sign they want more. [Read: What makes a guy creepy? 24 signs and types of guys girls should avoid]

8. Personal calls and emails

Now, for some reason, your boss has your personal email and phone number. This part isn’t entirely unusual as many employers have their employee’s personal information. However, they rarely use it unless it’s an emergency.

But, if your boss is quick to send personal emails and call you outside of work unless it’s strictly work-related *it probably isn’t*, they want to cross over into your personal life.

9. Overly friendly

It’s normal for bosses to wish their employees a good morning, but if your boss comes over to your desk to check on you throughout the day, it looks like you have an admirer. 

Again, if they come over to you a lot because you work on a specific project together, that’s different. But if they come over just to chat, well, come on, it’s quite clear. [Read: 26 signs a married man is attracted to you and why he’s pursuing you]

10. Strong eye contact

Eye contact is another sign your boss wants to sleep with you. Yes, people look at each other when speaking to one another, but if your boss stares you down, well, it’s clear they want more.

Prolonged eye contact is a huge alert and shows a desire to connect with you on a deeper level.

11. They add you on social media

Now, some companies require you to show them your social media. However, you shouldn’t have to add your bosses to Facebook or Instagram.

You’re allowed to separate those aspects of your life. Suddenly, you see your boss asking you to be their friend on Facebook and now they follow you on Instagram. They want to see if you’re with anyone and if so, who.

12. You’re the funniest person to them

To your boss, you’re hilarious. You’re more than hilarious, you’re literally the funniest person on earth. Nothing you say won’t be laughed at, even if it’s a lame joke.

Laughter is a huge sign of physical attraction. I mean, unless the joke is truly funny, we rarely laugh with people we find unattractive. [Read: How to tell if your boss is flirting with you and what you need to do about it]

13. Your opinion matters

More than anyone else’s actually. They always come to you first for your opinion because they want to please you. It could be about work or even something more personal, like what shirt they should wear.

14. Too much touching

Body language is something that is very telling. You can lie with your words, but it’s nearly impossible to lie with your nonverbal communication. So, pay attention to their touch. 

If your boss is giving you unwelcomed touches, this is a big sign they want to sleep with you. Some examples to watch out for are rubbing your shoulders, pushing up against you, leering, hugging, or even using their body to block you from leaving the room. [Read: Sexual tension at work – 15 signs and how to break the tension]

15. Too many compliments

It’s great to give and receive compliments. In fact, it’s a pretty normal occurrence. However, there are some circumstances when it’s not appropriate coming from your boss.

There is a difference between saying, “Oh, I like your new haircut” or “Your necklace is really pretty,” and “You look really sexy in that dress.” Do you see the differences? There is a very big one. The first two are harmless, and the last one is cringy and is clearly a sign that your boss wants to sleep with you.

16. They don’t take “no” for an answer

While it’s not exactly against the law to date someone you work with, it’s definitely not ideal.

But if your boss is making some of these advances and you are saying “no,” but he’s not accepting it, then they are definitely trying to sleep with you. [Read: How to tell someone to leave you alone – 17 ways if they don’t listen]

For example, if they invite you to lunch alone, but you make an excuse, they might say “I won’t take no for an answer! Come on, you deserve a break!” They might make it sound like they’re doing you a favor, but really, they’re doing themselves a favor by getting the chance to be alone with you.

17. Sexual jokes or humor

If your boss is sending you emails, texts, videos, cartoons, or memes that are obviously sexual in nature, then they could be trying to sleep with you. They think that if they cloak the sexual innuendos in humor that you might not notice, and so they might not come across as a total creep.

It could even be sexual jokes that they tell you. Again, it is seemingly harmless, but it’s not. Your boss is clearly hinting around and throwing out sexual suggestions in a “funny” way. But you know it’s not very funny. [Read: How to know if someone is thinking of you sexually and desires you]

The 4 types of sexual harassment

When you know that your boss is trying to sleep with you, that is considered sexual harassment when it is unwanted. So, you should be aware of the different types of harassment that go on in the workplace.

1. Verbal sexual harassment

First, there is verbal sexual harassment. This involves saying anything sexual in nature to someone who does not want to hear it. If someone says something to you that is obviously sexual or at least suggestive, and it makes you uncomfortable, that is harassment.

2. Nonverbal sexual harassment

Next, there is nonverbal sexual harassment. As we discussed in some of the examples above, this is any form of sexual communication or conduct that involves something other than speech. [Read: 8 ways to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace]

3. Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment

Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment means “this for that” or “a favor for a favor.” In the workplace, it typically involves your boss offering you something *such as a promotion* under the condition that you consent to sexual advances, contact, or conduct.

4. Hostile work environment

hostile work environment exists when instances are so pervasive that they make an employee uncomfortable going to work every day.

They don’t have to involve quid pro quo and generally don’t. For example, if you are repeatedly subjected to offensive emails or texts, this creates a hostile work environment.

What to do if your boss is trying to sleep with you

If you think your boss is trying to sleep with you, and you don’t want to, then you have a problem on your hands.

It can be incredibly uncomfortable to be around a boss that is a predator. So, what can you do if you find yourself in this situation? [Read: How to ignore a guy – 13 ways to finally make him leave you alone]

You shouldn’t have to feel anxiety over losing your job, although you probably do. You actually can take some steps to protect yourself. So, here are some tips for how to go about doing that.

First, you could tell your boss that their behavior makes you feel uncomfortable. Obviously, this is easier said than done because your boss is in a position of power over you. But if you think it will help, then you can simply ask your boss to stop the sexual behavior.

You can also review your company’s sexual harassment policies. If you have an employee manual that you can refer to, try to look it up and see if there are any company procedures that you can use to report your boss. The human resources department is another place you can go to get some assistance.

Documentation is also something that will help you make your case of sexual harassment. Start a file with all the inappropriate emails, texts, skype messages, or anything else that you can do to store as evidence. Because it could be your word against theirs, you need to have documentation.

If it gets really bad, then you can always consult with an attorney. They can tell you what your workplace rights are, as well as your options.

[Read: What you need to keep in mind if you decide to date your boss]

Now you know the signs your boss wants to sleep with you or not. If they do, decide if this is something you really want and if it’s a good idea. If it’s not, then take the steps to end it once and for all.

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