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How to Look and Feel Like the Hottest Chick in the Club

Want all eyes on you when you walk into a club? Follow these tried and tested tips and you’ll have guys looking to flirt with you left and right!

how to look like the hottest girl in the club

The steps to becoming the hottest chick in the club can be broken down into three processes. You need to look, act and be the hottest girl out there. Being the hottest chick is a huge responsibility. You need to own the part in order to successfully end the night with all the girls envying you, and the guys wishing they had the guts to ask for your number.

That’s why you need to prepare and psyche yourself up for this heavy burden. You can’t just jump out of bed expecting to wow the crowd at the club you’ve been dying to get into. You need to work for it – or at least have the necessary tools to transform into the hottest chick in the club.

Why do you want to be the hottest chick in the club?

Your goal is to be the hottest chick in a “club.” If you are wondering how to be the hottest girl in the world, there’s a different site for that, which offers affordable rates for psychotherapy sessions. A club is just a different setting where you can let your hair down and feel like a glamorous goddess once or twice a month, at most – unless it’s your job.

Do not expect to find the man of your dreams by being the hottest girl in the vicinity. Most men who frequent clubs, are only there to have fun and find an easy lay. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that being absolutely attractive will get you anything more than a free drink or two.

I implore you to think about your motivations for a minute. Do you want to be the hottest girl in the club just to get a guy? Or do you want to be the hottest chick just to have some sort of validation for your attractiveness? I don’t recommend either of those as a positive motivation, but the former is slightly more acceptable than the latter.

Being the hottest chick around is useful for those sorts of motivations, but it is more advantageous when you use it for your own good: to build confidence and have an awesome time with your friends. [Read: 10 ways to stand out from the crowd]

How to LOOK like the hottest girl in the club

Taking the time and making an effort to improve your appearance for club settings is not a shallow endeavor. Clubs have certain dress codes, and they all have a faulty disclaimer saying, “This establishment has the right to refuse entry.” They should just add the unspoken phrase, “…to anyone who we don’t think is cool enough” and be done with it.

#1 Wear club-friendly makeup. When you’re getting ready for a night out at a club, always remember that the lighting is significantly different than your regular bar. Every makeup artist will advise you to wear bold makeup in order to stand out.

Natural-looking dewy makeup is only obvious during the daytime. At night, you should opt for dark – but sparkly – eye shadow and bold lip colors. Also, do not be afraid to contour like a Kardashian. You’ll need it for those group pics with your girls. [Read: Why you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you do for beauty]

#2 Dress the part. The key to dressing for the club is to always show SKIN. I would say “some” skin, but we all know that’s not applicable in a setting like that. Emphasize your assets. Low necklines for breasts, short skirts for legs and tight dresses, skirts or pants for your butt.

Just remember that you want to look hot – not trashy. You can only showcase a minimum of two assets at once. Also, wear a bold color that compliments your skin. Avoid anything dark, and opt for bright or sparkly shades, unless it’s a themed party. You want to stand out, not blend in.

#3 Shoes. This is very important. The media and fashion retailers will make you think that heels are the only way to go. The truth is, you should not wear heels that you don’t know how to walk in. It takes months and even years to get used to four-inch heels, let alone five-inch ones.

Find a pair that has at least three inches, if you’re a beginner. If you can’t handle that, then you can still wear flats, but only if your options are boots and any trendy style that can work with your outfit.

#4 Walk the walk. Don’t say that you can’t and will not do this. You’re the one who wants to be the hottest chick in the club, so practice walking like one. This is important for your entrance and your exit.

You want to walk in looking like you own the spot you’re standing on. You want to leave as people look on, begging to see more. So, remember these three things: head high, boobs up, butt out. [Read: 12 things guys like about girls other than their appearance]

How to FEEL like the hottest girl in the club

Looking like the hottest chick is not enough to give you that title. You need to act the part, and make sure everyone knows that you are a confident woman who is ready to have a good time – with or without any man. You don’t want to look really hot, and then end up standing in a corner all night.

#1 Take some shots. Tequila shots are basically everybody’s opening round when they go into the club. It’s good to pre-game before, as well, but only if you can hold your liquor. If you don’t drink, then please go to the club with a mind set on having fun, even without being inebriated.

#2 Dance! If you think you don’t know how to, all you need to do is sway your hips from side to side, and raise your arms every so often. You’re a girl. We are not expected to know how to dance well. We just need to look like we do.

#3 Say hi! To everyone. The hottest girl in the club is only hot if everyone sees that she is. Get some exposure. Smile at strangers. Just don’t go home with anyone who you think is a creep. Or just don’t go home with anyone at all, unless you can do a quick background check on them.

#4 Have fun. Put all of those three together and have a great time. Being hot is not just about looking good. It is also about feeling good, and letting everyone join in on all the fun that you’re having. [Read: 25 things guys find sexy in girls]

How to BE the hottest girl in the club

Now that you’ve taken all the steps necessary to turn yourself into the hottest chick in the club, it’s time for you to embrace it. Revel in the praise as much as your blood-alcohol level can allow you to. After this, you can go home knowing that you did your best to be the hottest girl in the club, without needing anyone to validate that fact.

It’s nice to dress up once in a while and go out with your friends to have a good time. You don’t need to aim to be the hottest girl in the club. Just know that you are already hot. No one needs to announce your presence, because you alone are responsible for making yourself stand out.

[Read: 15 super simple ways to stay sexy at any age]

You are at your best when you are confident and happy. Clubs are just settings for different personas and lessened inhibitions. Hotness is subjective, and the only one who needs to judge yours is you. So, don’t just settle for being the hottest girl in the club. Always strive to be your hottest self without any competition.

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