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How to Avoid a Hangover

Parties are great fun, but the dreaded aftereffects of a bad hangover can take its toll on anyone for a long time. Find out how to avoid a hangover in the first place, by following these tips on preventing hangovers while partying.

How to avoid hangover

There’s nothing in the world like a great party. But how do you deal with the after-effects?

How to avoid a hangover and prevent hangovers completely from ruining the next day?

How to avoid a hangover

Isn’t a party the greatest thing ever? And the annoying hangover the most pathetic?

Those nights at the office party or a reunion might be really good to reacquaint yourself with old crushes, new crushes, and their privy parts, especially when you’re lost in the haze of cigarette smoke and cheap wine.

But when it comes to the morning, all you’d want to do is cover your face with your pillow and sink in deeper into your bed. Unless, there’s someone in bed who really shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

As much as we enjoy ourselves on a night out, it never hurts to keep a few things in mind on how to avoid a hangover in the morning. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind the earlier night to prevent hangovers!


Prevent hangovers before going to the party

Other than the fact that you’re all primped up and ready to go, make sure you pop in a hangover pill. Even if you’ve forgotten that before heading out, you can pop it in and wash it down with your glass of Vodka to avoid a hangover.

Another healthier alternative is milk thistle extract, which is considered to be a powerful liver protector according to homeopathy. Milk thistle extract is available at local chemists, so pick them up and pop it in before heading out, and once in the morning.

Another great way on how to avoid a hangover is to eat a full meal a few hours before you go on a rampage to empty the bar. Most of us head straight out for a dinner and drinks party even if we’re hungry already. However late you are to the party, or even if you aren’t hungry, grab a bite before heading to the watering hole. That’ll do you a lot of good to prevent hangovers.

But remember not to gorge like a pig just minutes before emptying bottles. You’d only throw up.


When you just can’t stop drinking

The most basic tip you should know on how to avoid a hangover is obviously, drink less, even if your night out is on in full swing. But if that sounds a bit too boring for you, make sure you have one glass of water or juice for every glass of booze.

Again, if that’s too weak for your ego, then stop ordering large shots. Instead order a small one and mix it up with juice or a soft drink. Well, unless you’re having wine, in which case, you’ve got nothing to do but go easy on the glasses.

Alcohol dehydrates you, and that’s the main reason why you get a hangover, so as long as you replenish your water requirement, you won’t have too much to worry avoiding a hangover the morning after.

Eat along with your drinks. Order several hors d’oeuvres along with your drinks. Not only will that fill that bottomless pit you call a stomach, it would also help absorb the alcohol easily and a lot more slowly, which in turn will help you avoid a hangover.

With these tips on how to avoid a hangover, you should definitely be able wake up feeling rested and happy. Well, unless, you intend to drink like a fish!

Knowing how to avoid a hangover in the first place is a great start. But if you’re unable to prevent a hangover and are suffering from a splitting headache, go straight here and find out how to cure a hangover in no time!

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