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How Not to Be a Dry Texter: Signs You’re One & the Best Quick-Fixes

You spend hours constructing the perfect text, only to receive a “lol” or “okay”. Dry texting is annoying; learn how not to be a dry texter today!

How Not to Be a Dry Texter

These days, we have far more conversations virtually than we do in person. We’re constantly attached to our phones and that means we don’t actually connect with others via words spoken to their faces. For those who prefer to avoid direct conversations, texting is the ideal answer. But are you trying to figure out how to not be a dry texter?

Texting means you must find a way to show your personality in written words, which can be extremely different. It’s for this reason that the world is full of so many dry texters. I’m glad you’re here to learn how to shine in a world full of dull texters.

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What is dry texting?

You’ve no doubt experienced dry texting before. You might even be someone who does this on a regular basis yourself. In that case, learning how not to be a dry texter is important, and you’re going to learn that very soon. For now, let’s put a definition on it.

Dry texting is when you reply to a text with a “okay”, “uh-huh”, “oh”, or my personal most-hated phrase, “lol”. Seriously, please don’t use “lol”. It’s annoying because you might have spent a long time coming up with a message, putting as much thought into as you can to get the meaning over clearly, only to have someone come up with zero imagination and say “okay”. 

Okay, what?! For me, dry texting shows a total lack of care, attention, and respect. Yes, that might sound dramatic, but it’s so annoying! It’s even worse when they leave you on read and don’t bother answering at all. 

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Now, I totally understand that sometimes you just don’t know what to say. My advice for that? Give it a few minutes and inspiration is more likely to strike. I’d rather wait a few minutes for an actually full reply than have someone shoot back “lol” within a few seconds. 

The most obvious signs your texts are dry

If you want to learn how not to be a dry texter, you first need to know whether this is a problem you actually have or not. Let’s look at a few signs that point to having seriously parched texting game. 

1. You always struggle for things to say

Having a brain block when a text comes in is normal, but if it happens to you every single time and you struggle to come up with a witty remark to send in reply, it could be a sign of dry texting on your part. [Read: How to be a fun texter! Make them ROFL while reading your texts]

2. Your predictive text automatically comes up with “lol” or “ok”

You can’t hide from predictive text! If yours has “lol” or “ok” as the first thing that comes up when you go to type, that’s a pretty solid sign that you have dry texting issues and need to be a little more imaginative or perhaps text off the cuff a bit more. 

3. People don’t tend to text you back much anymore!

If you’re constantly replying with dry remarks, people are probably going to stop texting you. If your message inbox is looking a little bare, that could be the reason why. 

4. Someone has pointed out that your texting game is bad

People can be blunt, and if a close friend has said to you that your texting game needs an overhaul, you should probably sit up and take notice. 

5. You don’t enjoy text conversations

Some people just don’t find it easy to get their message or their personality over in a text, and that’s fine. If you find that you really don’t enjoy text conversations and they feel stilted and uncomfortable to you, that could be a reason why your texts are drier than the Sahara. [Read: How to not hurt people’s feelings: The 20 golden rules you need]   

6. People tend to call you more than message you

I just mentioned that some people don’t like texting, and if that’s the case, your nearest and dearest might have picked up on it and decided that to avoid getting dry texts from you, they’re going to call you instead. 

How to avoid dry texting in a text conversation

If you’ve decided that you are indeed guilty of dry texting and want to learn how not to be a dry texter, you’ve come to the right place. No judgement here, I’m just pleased you’ve seen the light and decided to overcome your issue!

I’m not going to lie and say that dry texting doesn’t bother me, because from the introduction section, you probably realized that yes, it does annoy me. However, I’m also very aware that not everyone is naturally gifted at texting. For that reason, let’s check out a few reliable ways you can avoid dry texting in a text conversation.

But before you read the ways you can avoid dry texting, here’s a helpful guide on how you can become a more fun conversationalist, read this before going ahead if you want to learn the little details that make you a more fun person – How to become a more fun person and make people love your company.

1. Read the text properly

One of the main reasons people don’t reply adequately to a text is because they didn’t take the time to sit down and read it properly. Don’t be that person! Make sure you read the text properly, and don’t just scan it and quickly send back ‘lol’. [Read: Do you understand and embody the 15 good qualities of a person?]  

2. Imagine the person saying it to you, rather than reading it

As you’re reading the text, imagine the person saying the words to you, rather than just reading them on the screen. This can often add context, especially if you know the person well, and that can help you come up with something witty to reply back. Again, avoid ‘lol’. 

3. Give it a moment before you reply

Don’t assume that you have to reply within seconds of receiving a text. It’s okay to wait a minute and think of something to say. On the other hand, don’t leave them waiting too long; otherwise, they’ll forget they sent you the text in the first place. 

4. Text as you would talk

If you really struggle with dry texting, it’s probably because you’re just trying too hard. Text as you would talk if you were with that person having a real conversation. That adds a personal touch and makes your text far more interesting to read. [Read: How to make conversation over text so you never bore the person you’re talking to]

5. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through

Stamp your personality on every text you send, and you’ll avoid dry texting forever. It can be an emoji you love, signing off with your nickname, or perhaps even a catchphrase you have. Whatever it is, let your personality shine through and your texts will be more exciting.  

6. Text back whatever comes into your head first – within reason! 

Sometimes, it’s best to just fire off whatever comes into your mind first, because that’s often the most entertaining and honest reply! However, there are rules to this – be careful that whatever you send isn’t sarcastic, upsetting, or downright insulting!

7. Be aware that dry texting is annoying and double check what you send

Simply being aware that dry texting is super-annoying can help you learn how not to be a dry texter. Double check whatever you want to send before pressing the button, just to confirm that there’s actual hydration! 

8. Make use of emojis or memes

When words fail us, emojis and memes save us! If someone texts you something and you can’t think of something to say back, search for a funny or poignant meme or even a GIF and send that. Emojis can also add character to a dry text, if you’re really stuck for words. [Read: Colorful heart emojis: How to decode their meaning and use them correctly]

9. Ask yourself how you would feel if you received the text you’re about to send

Before sending a text, ask yourself how you would feel if you received it. Would you sit there and think ‘wow, that’s dry’, or would you read it and want to reply back? Giving yourself a second and asking yourself that question can help you avoid dry texting. 

10. Avoid anything generic or one-word answers

Dry texting is basically when you send a one word answer or you ask the most generic question possible. ‘How are you’, ‘you ok?’, etc. These are things you should avoid. Yes, they get a conversation started, but it’s going to be a pretty boring conversation! Instead, come up with something witty or just randomly send a GIF if you’re really stuck! [Read: How to be a better texter and become someone everyone loves texting with]

11. Be the one who texts first sometimes

Don’t always rely on other people to text you first. Everyone gets fed up being the initiator after a while. Sending a text and making it something funny or cute is a great way to get a conversation started, and it will build up your texting confidence too. 

12. Focus on the connection you have with the person. 

A good way to come up with something to say is to think about the connection you have with the person you’re texting. If they’re your partner, you can send something cute and flirty. If they’re your best friend, refer back to a funny memory you both have. Sometimes the personal connection is what really makes a text enjoyable to receive. [Read: How to get to know someone over text and build a real connection]

How to reply to a dry text and how to fix a dry text conversation

Now you know how not to be a dry texter, what do you do if you actually receive a dry text? How should you reply to it or fix a dry text conversation from the get-go?

Basically, take the text by the horns and go for it. You should be the one to ask the questions and coax the other person out of their texting shell. Yes, it’s annoying, and yes, you’ll probably question why you’re even bothering, but some people just don’t have the texting confidence that comes naturally to others. 

However, everyone has a limit. If after a few tries, you’re still getting one word answers, perhaps it’s just that this person doesn’t want to talk at that time. Choose your battles wisely! 

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Dry texting isn’t fun or imaginative. The good news is that if you don’t have texting game, you can easily develop it with a few simple methods on how to not be a dry texter!

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