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Funny Late Night Thoughts: What are the Strangest Ones You’ve Had?

Do you lay in bed at night coming up with the weirdest funny late night thoughts? Do they become more obscure? It turns out, you’re not alone!

Funny Late Night Thoughts

I often think that if I was as alert first thing in the morning as I seem to be when I’m attempting to go to sleep with my funny late night thoughts, I’d be far more productive during the day. Plus, I’d be a lot more sociable before noon!

How often do you go to bed, tired and ready for some shut eye, but then your mind takes over and the strangest thoughts flit through your mind? I often wonder whether there is some strange scientific reason for this seemingly common phenomenon. It turns out there is no hard evidence or reason why this happens.

Is it eating cheese before bed? Watching horror films before we sleep? Being too simulated with social media and other online action? Who knows!?

All we know is that funny late night thoughts are the topic of many a conversation the next day at work or school. What is your funniest bedtime thought?

Mine revolve around the “why” and “how” range of thought. This goes from “how on earth does an airplane stay in the sky” to “why do camels smell?” I could go more obscure, but I don’t want you thinking how strange I really am! [Read: 13 avoidable habits that will change your life for the worse]

Are funny late night thoughts solely reserved for night time?

It turns out that no, they’re not! Many people admit to having these strange thoughts while in the shower or even on the toilet! It seems our minds have a habit of running away with us. Our thoughts take over and lead us to somewhere extremely obscure, and usually highly amusing when you think back over it.

Be honest, how many times have you been stood in the shower and not realized how much time has passed while enjoying the hot water, your mind trying to figure out the meaning of life, or the reason why koalas are one of the world’s biggest carriers of chlamydia? We all do it. Most of us actually do it while we’re on the toilet, not realizing how much time has actually passed! [Read: The 15 rituals to help you begin living your best life]

The human brain’s imagination

The fact remains that the human brain is a powerful and imaginative beast. Thoughts which make no sense during regular waking hours suddenly become all-encompassing when darkness falls and you’re doing your best to nod off. Is this because we’re desperately trying to relax, keen to get a good night’s sleep before the following day begins?

One reason for the funny late night thoughts could be simply too much simulation before bed. Are you guilty of laying in bed with your phone, checking your social media feeds and watching videos on YouTube? I’ll admit it. I often lay there watching random cute animal videos online, not realizing the time. Then, I panic that I’m only going to get x number of hours sleep before work the following day.

The biggest culprits are fast paced movies, especially horror and anything psychological in origin. Of course, high tempo music is also a big problem here, and constantly checking social media feeds is also up there. Put simply, we’re always connected, always switched on these days. It means we never relax and make the time to simply “be”.

Does social media play a role?

Do you get bored when you’re not constantly checking social media, or watching something high octane? These funny late night thoughts become far less funny when they keep you awake and you don’t realize how much time has passed! The constant stimulation we have at our beck and call does not help matter. Time you weaned yourself off a little?

I attempted it with little success, but I am slightly addicted to Facebook. I know, I know, Facebook is so last year and Instagram is where it’s at. But I can’t help myself! I check my timeline far too much to be healthy and did this religiously before bed. Then again when I woke up the next morning. When my funny late night thoughts were becoming less funny and slightly more “what is the meaning of life,” I decided to cut my exposure down. You know what? It worked to a certain degree!

Want to cut back the late night thoughts?

If you’re at the mercy of your funny late night thoughts, as humorous as they might be, here are a few self-help methods to cut down your constant chain of thoughts and help you nod off, and grab some much needed zzz. This is how I did it:

– Restricted social media exposure after 8pm

– Cut down on heavy foods and didn’t eat after dinner *for a constant snacker, that was hard*

– Took a warm bath before bed

– Changed my sleeping environment and started sleeping with the air conditioning on low. It turns out my room was far too hot. Perhaps that’s why some of my funny late night thoughts included fire!

– Started going to bed at the same time every day, and made myself get up at the same time every morning. No more lay ins for me!

I’m not going to lie to you and say that my funny late night thoughts stopped. They did lessen though. That means I’m now able to fall asleep without a constant stream of random thoughts interrupting my intentions for a good two hours before I eventually manage to nod off.

Why not try for yourself? [Read: 13 ways you can wean yourself off social media]

What are your funniest late night thoughts?

Despite the fact that funny late night thoughts are annoying, let’s be honest, they’re called funny because that’s what they are! What are your funniest thoughts? I’ll share a few of mine for sharing’s sake.

– Why are they called fish fingers when fish don’t have fingers?

– How do fat pigeons manage to stay in the air when the law of gravity states that what goes up must come down?

– Why do I have one eyelid lower than the other?

– Who invented Marmite and thought it was a good idea?

– Do bees get hay fever, too?

– How is it possible to look good in hot weather and not turn into a sweaty monster?

– Do pandas get headaches?

– Why do men have longer eyelashes than women when they don’t ask for them? *Seriously, not fair*

No joke, these are some of the tame ones. I’m not normal! What are your strangest late night thoughts?

Perhaps your funny late night thoughts are more obscure. Do your thoughts infiltrate into your dreams? Mine do! I had the thought about fish fingers before falling asleep. Then, I dreamed I was being chased by a giant one. I have literally never eaten fish fingers since that day.

They say that when you think about something before falling sleep, or if you experience something before falling asleep, you dream about it. It’s true to a certain degree. I often dream about the things that are on my mind, so it’s no surprise that if you think random thoughts before sleeping, you’ll have very strange dreams indeed!

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Funny late night thoughts are nothing to be concerned about. Just share them with friends, simply for laughs! Cut down on stimulation before bed if your bedtime thoughts impact falling asleep.

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