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College Bucket List: 30 Must-Have Items on Your List

College is the best years of your life? Maybe. But before you venture into the real world, you need to put these 30 things on your college bucket list.

college bucket list

College is that time of your life where you have just enough responsibility to balance out all the freedom and fun you are allowed—and even expected—to have. Plus, you also have that excuse that you’re still a student, and so you’re young and naïve. So make a college bucket list!
You can goof around, make mistakes, f*ck around *literally and figuratively*, and if something bad really does happen, you don’t have a boss to answer to, a career to keep, or a family to support. So you can basically come off all that college debauchery scott-free.
30 things to put on your college bucket list
College is the best time for you to experience many things, with the added bonus of knowing that if you make mistakes, you can easily pick yourself up and try again. So here we round up 30 of the best things you can do, a college bucket list if you may, before you graduate from college. [Read: The couples bucket list – 20 things every couple needs to do]
#1 Take up a fun subject. While you still can and you have all the time in the world, take up something fun and learn from it. Take a language class, for example, and bring out the linguist in you. Or sign up for a class in astrophysics, if that’s your thing. Think of what interests you the most, and if there’s a class for it, go ahead and enroll.
#2 Cheer your lungs out at a game. Get decked out in school colors and take part in school spirit. Whether the game is on campus, in town, or the next city, go ahead and be there. Find the best seats and cheer for your team. Yes. Even if you don’t like sports.
#3 Sing karaoke—drunk. You will probably have tons of activities you’ll do drunk in college, but nothing beats singing karaoke in front of everyone while you’re intoxicated and highly uninhibited.
It gets better if you sing and dance a number with your friends on stage. Best times. Definitely needs to be on your college bucket list.
#4 Get a picture with your school mascot. Do something in the name of school spirit and have a picture with the most under-rated, under-appreciated, often-booed personality in campus—your school mascot.
Show some love and get a picture. Better yet, kiss the guy behind all that stuffing *if you’re a girl*. [Read: How to be funny and make people enjoy your company]
#5 Have an outrageous group costume. Yes, Halloween means fun, and it also means you can be a kinky version of anyone or anything you want to be. So why not plan something spectacular with your friends and go in on a group costume? Think: Sexy Avengers, Sexy Minions, or sexy iPhone versions.
#6 Audition for a show. Whether it’s for theater, cheerleading, or acappella a la Pitch Perfect, who cares? If you bomb it, it’s not going to be the end of the world. And if you get the part, then it’s something fun for you to do.
#7 Leap out of your comfort zone. Again, it’s alright to f*ck up and make mistakes in college, so don’t be too serious. Go easy on yourself, but don’t be complacent. Push yourself beyond your limits—you’ll be surprised at what you might learn.
#8 Join an organization. Be part of a school organization, whether it’s theater, a band, student journalism, or what-have-you. This allows you to learn beyond the four corners of the classroom and take part in something bigger than you. [Read: 10 ways you can become a more socially conscious person]
#9 Get a leadership position. Since this is a college bucket list, let’s take it up a notch. While joining an organization can be easy, then why not start your own organization or climb up the top post. You get to test your leadership skills, get some needed scholarship, and even add this title to your resume.
#10 Pull an all-nighter. Study for the difficult exam with your classmates or finish a project. Do it over pizza and instant Ramen, watch the sunrise with sleep-deprived eyes, and ace your class.
Prove that college isn’t just for beer pongs and frat parties. Most people probably already have this one on their college bucket list. Lol!
#11 Watch the sunset from campus grounds. You won’t be on campus for long, so make it count. Find a good spot on your campus, probably a rooftop of the tallest building, and watch the sunset from there. Cute partner to kiss and cuddle with is optional.
#12 Write for a campus publication. Or at least get interviewed. Get yourself published on the campus paper so at least you can have a clipping or two to show to your grandkids. [Read: Tried and tested ways to be a leader at work]
#13 Participate in a campus-wide tradition. Every campus has its set of unique traditions, no matter how mundane or boring they may be. Join at least one of them. You won’t be in college for long, so don’t miss out on these unique experiences.
#14 Be an exchange student. If you can afford this, it’s an amazing thing to have on your college bucket list. Going to another country to study is a big opportunity that you may not have the luxury to have when you graduate. So go ahead and grab any chance you get to learn and travel at the same time.
#15 Get involved in activism. Find an issue or advocacy you’re passionate about. Then look up a local organization where your voice can be heard. Or just go out there and show your stance on certain issues with installation art or picketing.
#16 Go on a road trip. Make something tremendously memorable out of your vacations and breaks by going on a road trip with your closest college buddies. Bring bags of Doritos, tents, your trusty instant Ramen noodles, and enjoy being this carefree. [Read: Couple’s road trip – a perfect escape with your lover]
#17 Learn a different culture. You can go to another country to soak in another culture. However, if you can’t, you can always befriend someone from another country in your campus.
#18 Go to an epic party. Or host one. Of course, college isn’t complete without that one epic party everyone will be talking about for months… if not years!
#19 Use the library. You won’t have access to all those free books forever, so make the most of it. Or just go there to have some peace, and by peace we mean you make out with Todd *or Julie* behind the non-fiction section.
#20 Use your student ID. Make the most out of those student discounts. Enjoy museums, movies, theater, food, and even laundry for cheap all because you’re at the stage in your life when you still get coddled by society. [Read: Simple things you do that make your life much worse]
#21 Live on and off campus. Try both worlds. Know what it’s like to be surrounded by your peers and be in the thick of a buzzing, hormone-laden crowd. Still, prepare for what it’s like to be independent and live outside the campus.
#22 Get a credit card. Get a head start when it comes to your credit performance—you’ll definitely need it later on in life. However, be careful of how you handle your finances because you don’t want to be in bad shape long before you get an actual job to pay for your debts.
#23 Be under a professor’s wing. Form a substantial relationship with a professor. Keep it strictly academic. Their wisdom, knowledge, and experiences make for great pieces to take with you after college. Plus, you can easily ask them for recommendation letter for grad school or career advice.
#24 Have coffee with someone interesting. Not necessarily the one you’re crushing on, but someone actually substantial whom you’ll learn a thing or two from. [Read: 20 revealing questions to get to know someone really well]
#25 Do research with a professor. Bulk up your CV and get real academic work going. Find something really interesting you want to study, or approach a professor and ask to help out with their research. Who knows, it could be a good jump start for your career.
#26 Take lots of pictures. Keep these memories as best as you can. Have a box for all your keepsakes, like concert tickets and tissue notes. [Read: Old love letters and memories – keep them or throw them away?]
#27 Learn how to write a resume. You owe it to yourself. Need I say more?
#28 Snag an awesome internship. An internship can pretty much direct you to your dream career, so choose well and hone your work ethics as early as now. A good internship can also make you so much more marketable after you graduate. [Read: Sexiest male jobs that impress women easily]
#29 Fail big. This means you tried. Fail early, and know that it’s better to try and fail now than later. At this point, it’s merely a hurdle that you can easily recover from. So just keep learning.
#30 Graduate. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?
[Read: 17 things you HAVE to do before getting married or settling down]
Your college years will be chock-full of endless opportunities, so make them count. While this college bucket list can be fun to check off, ultimately, what matters most is you don’t lose sight of your goal—to build yourself a future.

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