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Body Language at Work for Women

It’s never easy for a working woman to appear confident and assertive without carrying an evil nametag. But you don’t really have to come across as annoying or arrogant to appear confident and in control at your workplace. Here are a few tips to subtly exude confidence without overdoing it.

How to be a Confident Woman at Work

Your body communicates just as much as your words, if not more. You may speak with authority and hold a firm point when you speak, but unless you control your body language, it’s hard to be taken seriously. Body language in general may be similar to both genders, but there are a few things that women can do to get a clean edge over their counterparts.

The next time you dress up and stare at the mirror for the umpteenth time, stop right there. Take a deeper look at yourself. It’s time to rate yourself on your level of confidence. There are a few things that really matter in body language and confidence, especially if you’re a woman.

Dress Code

How do you think you dress and what do you think you convey through your dressing style? You must know that dressing appropriately can help you bag that job, but there is a lot more your clothes can do for you. Dressing in your favorite outfit can boost your confidence a lot more that other clothes. Whenever you are feeling down, you can create an aura of assertiveness by wearing an outfit that doesn’t let you fade into the background, but attracts attention and helps you project an outgoing appearance without being loud or coarse.

Try out different clothes and see how you feel in them. Choose heeled footwear over the others to make yourself look taller and project intimidation. You would definitely find yourself feeling a lot more assertive in formalwear than in casuals. They don’t call them power dressing for nothing.


One of the most important tools you can develop in becoming assertive is your voice. Say a few lines and listen to your own voice. A low pitched voice is always associated with assertion. And also note the volume with which you speak. Are you afraid to speak up? Do you speak audibly? A woman can be loud and clear and still sound like a woman. And a louder voice is a lot more assertive than a meek one. Women often give away the fact that they are nervous or anxious by speaking too rapidly. Your rate of speech needs to be evenly paced, not too fast or slow. Sometimes a slower rate is good in order to emphasize an important idea.

Always be aware of the quality of your voice. Don’t whine just because you are feeling helpless or powerless. And don’t ever babytalk at work. You’re supposed to have lost that habit when you started wearing your clothes. You might think it could help you when you’re being manipulative, but it makes you appear stupid and dumb. And another thing that you should remember is to be firm when you feel uncomfortable while saying something. It shows a lot of authority when you can say something without showing your awkwardness.

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