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The First Day and Kinds of People You’ll See at a Gym

So you’ve finally decided to shed the Michelin tire and looking forward to your first day at the gym? If you’re going to the gym for the first time, you need to know a few things and a few people at the gym. But fret not, we’ve got all the gym tips for your first day at the gym.

kinds of people at the gym

If you’re going to the gym for the first time, there are a lot of things you should know. Your first day at the fitness facility can be tricky, confusing, and noisy!

If you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, here are a few rules that you could follow when you’re going to the gym for the first time.

Gym tips – Going to the gym for the first time

As you walk into the gym with those scrawny muscles or those lumpy thighs for the first time, you are bound to be surprised and in awe.

Every instrument would look so confusing and complicated. Don’t worry about any of these, and just relax.

Most people start to panic as soon as they walk into a gym, and it’s their first day at the gym. But know this, the biggest confusion isn’t the equipment, it’s the people!

All fitness facilities have instructors who can assist you with equipments and help you learn how to use them effectively, and it’s the fitness trainer’s job to do that.

So you could just ask them to help you out. Anyways, the first few days or weeks, you wouldn’t be involving yourself in any strenuous exercises.

Your instructor might just tell you to do some stretching exercises or maybe even make you lift a few pounds. No big deal.

For the sake of your muscles and ligaments, avoid any strenuous workouts for the first couple of weeks. Just run on the treadmill or cycle a bit to loosen your stiff muscles. And you could also do the simple exercises on low weights with the help of your physical instructor, just to make sure that you’re doing it perfectly.

So that’s one part about your first day at the gym that you really don’t have to worry about. But what you really have to worry about when you’re going to the gym for the first time comes next.

The new faces when you’re at the gym

Entering a fitness facility is like walking into a funfair. You are bound to see a lot of new faces, and an assortment of physical appearances. It’s like entering a small town. And everyone out there inevitably involve themselves in one group or another.

Your friends on the first day at the gym

If you really want to work out and have a great time at the fitness facility you’re going to, you need to understand the people there and make the right friends. Almost all the men and women at the gym can be categorized into the following groups, and you can take your pick and choose!

The Muscle Squad

These are the ones who think muscles are everything. Even their head seems to have inflated to make space for any more muscles that may be on its way. They lift heavy weights and are almost always men. The ones in this group love flexing their muscles in front of the mirror, and love pointing out tips to the lower mortals in the gym. Their aim in life may be to look like Hulk Jr., and they do everything they can to look like one.

The Dwindlers and Dawdlers

This bunch doesn’t want to be in the gym in the first place. Their eyes are groggy in the mornings and they’re already asleep on the treadmill if they workout in the evenings. They are the ones who are pushed into the gym by their partners or loved ones because they don’t seem to fit into their pants anymore. Nor are they wanted in bed.

The dwindlers and the dawdlers are not necessarily fat, they are just not happy with their physical appearance. They lift low weights because they really can’t lift heavy ones. Or they sit down and warm the seats of the bench press machine, and rub their arms and neck like they’re stroking something else. And well, as we all know it, they are the butt of most jokes made by the Muscle Squad.

The Gossip and Chatty Brigade

This group mainly comprises women, but there may be a few men too. They assume a gym is just another coffee bar and they sit down in a group to catch up on their daily dose of gossip. There’s a lot of giggling and there are definitely a lot of rating games when they come around. The instructor might be able to budge them for a minute at the most, before they huddle back together again. They don’t seem to gain muscle or lose weight, but on careful examination, you might notice that their head has swollen up by a certain extent, which depends entirely on the amount of chatting they indulge in.

The Flashy Fashionistas

Now this bunch is composed of the hot ladies who are almost fit but come to the gym to do their regular “maintenance” workout. They exist to make the other women look bad in the gym. They wear clothes that would make a man want to walk with his hands in front of his pants. Men usually avoid flat bench presses when these women are around. All the men of the gym ogle at these women, the Muscle Squad exists to please this group.

The clothes these women wear are so well designed that it almost shows it all, and yet hides the bare minimum that can be revealed sometime later. This bunch loves smiling and giggling when there are good looking guys around. They might not gym a lot but the instructor loves them because he gets to hang out with them, and at the same time, the crowd at the gym seems to swell in more ways than one each time a member of this group works out on a nearby machine.

The Grunters

Now these are the final type of people who gym. They are normal people who talk just right, work out obediently each time the instructor tells them to do anything, and are nice people. When you walk into a gym, you might not recognize this bunch, and you may wonder where to place them. But once they get ready to lift some weights, you would probably know they belong in this group even if you were outside the gym complex. The grunters, a serious bunch of weight lifters, are the main reason for people walking out of the gym before completing all their exercises.

Exercising when these people are around can be scary and noisy. The Flashy Fashionistas stay away when these people come to the gym and the Muscle Squad are apprehensive to make fun of this bunch. This bunch can lift really heavy weights and they’re real good at it. But the only problem is that they go primitive, make a lot of noise and grunt even more when they gym. There’s always a small crowd watching these heavy lifters in awe, but the atmosphere in the gym changes into one that reminds you of a boxing ring. The weightlifters compete and have fun, with wild cheers from the audience around them. It’s fun to join in, but there will be no improvement in your body if you’re only going to be watching theirs.

The Ten Golden Rules of the Gym

All places have rules. Some are written in stone and some are unspoken. The Gym is one such place where the rules aren’t written, but breaking the rules is frowned upon. Read this to learn the ten unspoken rules of the gym.

These rules aren’t set in stone, but it’s something that will make your experience and the experiences of the people around you a better one.

Beware of Chatterers

There are always those at the gym who will, if given the opportunity, tell you every problem and drama that has ever occurred in their lives. Indulging in this will not help you in any way.

Respect Intentions

Respect other people’s desire to work out without interruptions. Lots of them love listening to music or watching the boobtube as they work out. So if want someone to talk to, talk to your instructor, if only for a minute.

Rack the Weights

Not doing so is a major no-no. If you are using two 20 pound dumbbells, don’t just plop them down for someone else to pick it up. If you pick it up. You keep it back.

No Sweat

If you sweat on it, wipe it with a towel. Always carry one when you gym. You definitely don’t like lying down on someone else’s sweat, nor would others like lying on yours.

Stink up a Fragrance

Don’t wear excessive perfume. It doesn’t mix well with perspiration, not to mention that overdosing it is offensive to others.

Respect Time Limits

A busy gym normally has a time limit on cardio machines. Don’t just sit on a machine and chat, especially when someone is waiting. The idea of working out is to get one’s heart rate up, not to exercise the jaw.

Gym Partners

Expect to work with someone. That means you take turns to do sets. Don’t waste time running around while your partner is waiting to get back to pumping weights.

Time Yourself

Arrive early to your aerobics, Pilates, or Yoga class, and place a towel down in your spot. And respect other’s spots as well. Like it or not, most exercise studios have a first come first serve policy.

Deep Cleavages

Remember that the gym is not a fashion show. Save the cleavage-display shirts, sock-stuffed spandexes or see-through clothes for a more appropriate venue.

Make Some Noise

Avoid grunting and using foul language. It will only get you dirty stares.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to a perfect workout in a fitness centre. Not only will this help you get a better body, it will also make the gym a better place!

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