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13 Sad But Clear Signs Your Friend Is Trying to Break Up With You

Not all friendships last a lifetime. If a friend seems to be getting distant from you, look for these signs your friend is trying to break up with you.

signs your friend is trying to break up with you

We all like to think of friendships as the one thing meant to last until the end of time. Once you have a best friend, they’re your best friend until the end. But that’s not true. Sometimes, a friend you consider close may be pushing you away without you realizing it. Coming to terms with the signs your friend is trying to break up with you can be painful.

Personally, I’ve had many close relationships that ended with time. We either grew out of each other or relocated. Time takes a toll on a relationship unless you constantly nurture it. So, there are many reasons why people’s relationships come to an end. But if someone doesn’t want to be your friend, well, that’s different.

If your friend is purposely pulling away from you and avoiding to see or talk to you, clearly, there’s something going on. If you’re not 100% sure, consider these signs your friend is trying to break up with you. After that, reflect on your relationship and see if the puzzle pieces are coming together.

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13 signs your friend is trying to break up with you

No matter your answer, talk to your friend and see what’s going on. Maybe you should work harder on keeping your relationship together, or simply end it and move on.

Don’t be blindsided! Look at these signs your friend is trying to break up with you, and make up your mind.

#1 They don’t call/text you. The phone doesn’t ring. They don’t call you or text you anymore. They used to call/text you every day. But now, it’s radio silent. There’s nothing coming from their end. Unless they lost their phone, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to check in on you.

#2 They’re not interested in your life. When you talk to them, they don’t ask you anything about your life. They don’t want to know how your new job or relationship is going. They aren’t asking because they want to cut things off, not get to know you more. [Read: How to respond like a grownup when someone ignores you deliberately]

#3 When you ask to hang out, they have an excuse not to. Suddenly, they became super busy and have excuses for everything. If you ask them to hang out, they can’t. Their dog died, they should work, study for an exam… the excuses are endless!

#4 They don’t invite you out. You used to go out and party all the time, but it’s been suddenly cut. There’s no hanging out anymore with their friends. They have parties where you’re not invited. Listen, if this is the case, then talk to them. [Read: Losing a friend? How to deal with a platonic heartbreak]

#5 They’re literally avoiding you. If someone if literally dodging you, then it’s clear they don’t want to be friends. I get it, sometimes, we don’t call back because we forget or ran out of time, but avoiding someone is one of those serious signs your friend is trying to break up with you.

#6 You feel the bad vibes in the air. You’re not sure what’s going on, but you feel negative energy when you’re around them. Everything you say is either ignored or mocked, and you’re not quite sure what’s going on. Personally, I would ask them what’s with the bad vibes. [Read: Why friends end up becoming secret enemies]

#7 They aren’t opening up to you anymore. Talking to you about their personal lives is in the past. They stopped opening up to you, and keep everything very shallow. You don’t know what’s going on in their lives and they prefer it that way.

#8 You’re always reaching out. If it wasn’t for you, there wouldn’t be a relationship. You’re the only one texting or calling. They never reach out to you, and it’s making you wonder whether they even want to be your friend. A healthy friendship is a two-way street. [Read: The clear signs you’re in a one-sided friendship]

#9 When you hang out, there’s not much talking. It used to be fun to hang out with them, but now, there’s a whole bunch of silence when you’re together. It’s not that you don’t have a lot to say, you do. But they’re not reciprocating. Instead, they’re quiet and avoid eye contact.

#10 They try to point the finger at you. Maybe you bring up their behavior in conversation, but all they did was point the finger at you. They could have talked to you about how they’ve been feeling and worked things out, but I don’t think they want to work things out.

#11 They ghost you. Oh, man. Listen, if someone isn’t replying to my messages or calls at all and I consider them a friend, well, that’s when I would drop them. No friend should ever ghost you. If they do, reconsider who you hang out with.

#12 They don’t ask about you. When you hang out with them, they don’t ask you any questions about your life. They don’t ask you what’s new or how your new relationship is going. And there’s a reason why they don’t do this. They don’t want to know what’s going on. They want to cut you off. [Read: Are you losing a friend or just drifting away?]

#13 They stop following you on social media. Well, if your good friend stops following you on social media, it’s a pretty good sign they’re not interested in seeing you. We all have so many people on our social media we don’t talk to, yet, we never delete them. So, why would they delete you?

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Not all friendships are supposed to last. And if you experience these signs your friend is trying to break up with you, have a good cry session and move on.

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