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Petty Percy: 18 Signs of a Petty Person that Make Them So Annoying

Interacting with a petty person can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with. This is why it’s important to know the signs of a petty person.

signs of a petty person

It’s never easy to deal with pettiness as it can be quite an annoying trait. By knowing the signs of a petty person, you know exactly how to identify them. When you’re dealing with someone petty, they make every situation infuriating. Even if it’s a simple thing, they manage to make a big deal out of everything.

Who is a petty person?

A petty person is someone who concerns themselves far too much with the things that don’t really matter, the small details, the things which have no bearing on anything of importance.

Okay, let’s admit it, we’ve all had our petty moments every now and then.

Having pet peeves is completely normal, but petty people tend to make a big deal out of everything. Maybe they got upset because you stepped on their shoes or lost their pen. It makes you enraged to deal with their pettiness, but there’s nothing you can do about it as it’s part of their nature.

If you know someone petty and they happen to be your friend, you’re in for quite a ride. If they’re close to you, you’re subjected to their pettiness all the more.

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Why are petty people the worst?

There’s no way of expecting what things petty people will get triggered by. Maybe it’s their own issues, maybe you spilled their coffee, or maybe your presence just annoys them. Having a petty friend is the absolute worst experience and there’s no getting around it.

Even if being petty is somewhat glamorized today, there’s nothing good or positive about pettiness. If you offend or even betray someone petty, they’ll likely hold grudges for the rest of their life as it’s one of the signs of a petty person.

When you hurt them even unintentionally, they’ll do everything to seek revenge so that you hurt as much as you hurt them!

Sounds scary and creepy, huh? This is just the tip of the iceberg when dealing with a petty person.

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The most obvious signs of a petty person

If you’re not sure if someone you’re close to falls into the petty bracket or not, let’s check out these signs of a petty person to help shed some light and recognize the rotten ones.

1. They’re experts of making a big deal out of everything

If you’re looking for someone who’s an expert in making a big deal out of everything, then that’s a petty person for you. Perhaps you forget to text them back because you’re busy at work.

An ordinary person would be understanding about this situation, but a petty person would do everything to hold your mistake against you. Even if it’s something minor, they’d go to great lengths just to make your life miserable.

This is one of the signs of a petty person you should watch out for. You end up apologizing and making it up to them when you’re really not sure what you’re apologizing for. [Read: Do you have broken bird syndrome? How to be empathetic with boundaries]

2. They’re pretty sly in some ways

Petty people don’t actually intend to be petty – it’s just in their nature. Sometimes, they use their pettiness to be a little sly. It’s easily covered up because they play the victim very well. Even when they’re in the wrong, they’d play the blame game and act like the victim and make everything your fault.

This is one of the signs of petty people that’s exhausting to tolerate. It’s not just manipulative, but toxic in every sense. Petty people will do everything in their capability to get what they want in every situation they’re in.

3. They’re never wrong *at least in their own minds*

Since they’re basically masters at manipulating you in taking the blame, this means they also never admit their faults. Never.

Petty people hold grudges in a special kind of way. Even if their life depends on it, they’ll still continue to hold grudges towards someone they perceived wronged them.

If you’re waiting for a petty person to apologize to you, then you’re setting yourself for disappointment. Unfortunately, that’s something that might never happen.

Of course, that means you end up taking the blame for things that really aren’t your fault – just for the sake of ending the argument. Whether it’s because of pride or their tendency to hold grudges, this is one of the infuriating signs of a petty person. [Read: The creepy signs your friend is secretly an energy vampire]

4. They’re experts at grudges in a timid way

The thing about petty people is they don’t hold grudges like an average person does. You won’t even know they’re holding grudges until you feel their avoidance and anger towards you. This is where the term passive-aggressiveness comes into significance.

When they’re mad or angry at you, they’ll treat you in the most passive-aggressive manner that you won’t even be aware of their grudges until they suddenly ignore you. Annoyingly, it may stop you from socializing with people they have an issue with, simply to keep the peace. [Read: How to deal with passive aggresisve behavior calmly and with class]

5. You’ll be treading on eggshells

One of the signs of a petty person is that you must tread on eggshells a little when you’re around them. It’s very easy to upset them and you might not even know you’ve done it.

This is why it’s really hard to act like yourself and be comfortable when you’re around a petty person.

One of the signs of a petty person is indeed constantly watching your actions and words around them, afraid it might trigger their frustration over something minor.

You’ll find out later when they’re acting a little ‘off’ or someone else tells you what you’ve apparently done to them. [Read: How to know if you’re walking on eggshells in your love life]

6. They can be super judgmental

 Another one of the signs of a petty person is that they can be very judgmental of others. When someone looks or acts different from their level of standards, they’re quick to judge and criticize. Even before getting to know the person, they jump into the worst assumptions of them.

They’re not particularly open-minded in that respect, and they’re also pretty big gossipers. Again, this doesn’t come as a shock as petty people aren’t exactly people who can get along with others.

7. There is a ‘look’ they give you

Again with the judgment, petty people are quick to give you that look when you say something that either triggers them, frustrates them or isn’t just something they agree with. Even if it’s something minor, you can see the judgment all over their facial expressions.

The thing is, they don’t even bother hiding their facial expressions even if this is the case. This is likely to be an eye roll when you say or do something they don’t agree with or maybe a side-eye expression that stops you in your tracks. [Read: How to stop caring – 20 steps to put yourself first and care less about others]

8. You can’t pretend you didn’t say something – they know

If you sent a message and said a particular thing, don’t try and pretend that you didn’t. This is one of the signs of a petty person that you really can’t get around, no matter how hard you try.

They’ve memorized what you said and because of their detailed-oriented personality, they know the precision of your words. You can’t get much past a petty person. Even if you have no ill intentions in mind, it can be super-annoying.

9. They’re great at social media snooping

A petty person likely spends a lot of time on social media and loves to post on things that don’t really have much to do with them. They’ll gossip and even start drama in the comments section if they have to.

It’s a perfect outlet for a petty person as it gives them all the drama and none of the confrontation since everything is just online. They can always get out of the situation when necessary.

10. They’re drama-holics, but they will never admit it

If there’s a certain theme in dealing with a petty person, it’s their addiction to drama. They will do everything to either start one or be in one. Making mountains out of molehills is a petty person’s specialty.

If this is something you regularly notice, it’s definitely one of the signs of a petty person. This is also why it’s extremely exhausting to be friends with someone petty. [Read: Attention seeking behavior and why some people go looking for drama]

11. Sometimes you can’t help but respond in kindness

When you’re around someone petty for a considerable amount of time, it’s easy to act the same way. Honestly, the only people who can tolerate petty people are those who are kind and patient in nature.

Even if you’re tempted to fight back their pettiness, the best thing to do is respond with kindness and consideration. [Read: The traits of toxic people that can damage you emotionally]

12. They’re condescending in nature

Surprise, surprise! If there’s anything a petty person is absolutely good at. it’s being condescending in nature. They will do absolutely everything to rub it in your face that they’re right and you’re wrong.

One of the signs of a petty person is that they think they know everything, even when this is far from the truth. They like feeling above or superior to others to an extreme.

13. They’re terrible listeners

When someone is selfish, condescending, dramatic, and manipulative, it’s only natural that they won’t be great at listening to you either. They’ll only listen to be able to respond properly or for the sake of pretending *but they’d rather not.*

They really don’t care what you have to share or what ideas you’re contributing – all they care about is themselves. As painful as the sounds, it’s one of the harsh signs of a petty person. [Read: The conversational narcissist – The one who hate listening and love talking]

14. Passive-aggressiveness is their nature

There’s no getting around to it as you’ll likely deal with a lot of passive-aggressiveness with a petty person. While being aggressive isn’t ideal either, there’s just something infuriating about someone who’s indirectly being aggressive to you without being obvious about it.

What they say could mean completely the opposite of what they feel, which can be very confusing to a lot of people. [Read: How to deal with passive aggressive behavior calmly & with class]

15. They have to have the final word

We know the phrase, that some people just love to have the last word. But with petty people, this is an obvious sign you have to live with 24/7. They always want to feel above or superior in any situation.

If you’re friends with a petty person or dating one *good luck with that*, then they’ll want to have the upper hand. In every argument or every power struggle, they have to win. The worst part? You have to let them.

16. There’s just no such thing as being the bigger person

Forgiveness? Empathy? Consideration? Nope. These aren’t things that a petty person knows. They want you to feel the same pain that they’ve gone through, even if it’s incredibly minor.

In fact, they might even double the pain just to seek revenge for the inconvenience and pain you caused them. You didn’t text back for a day? Expect them to avoid texting you for a week. That’s a petty person for you. [Read: Am I manipulative? 20 signs you clearly manipulate everyone around you]

17. They get mad about the same things

When dealing with a petty person, they often repeat the same things they get upset about. Whether it’s failing to respond to their text right away or liking someone else’s photos on social media, they always get offended by the same things even if they know the unavoidable reasons that caused the issue in the first place.

18. They expect the world to adjust for them

With a petty person, it’s always about their needs and wants – never about anyone else’s. The people around them will constantly adjust to avoid any complications with a petty person, but they’ll never return this favor.

This is one of the most selfish signs of a petty person that unfortunately, they can’t do anything about – not unless they want to.

The damaging and unhealthy side of being around a petty person

A petty person never intends to make your life as miserable as it is. If it’s hard enough for strangers to meet someone petty, it’s even harder to stay friends with them.

Is being petty damaging? Yes and no. If it’s aimed towards you, it’s annoying, upsetting, and you end up taking the blame for a million things that aren’t your fault. That in itself is unhealthy.

Even when not aimed at you, pettiness is a self-destructive trait that can ruin all your friendships and relationships. After all, who would want to stay friends with someone condescending and dramatic *unless you’re petty yourself*? [Read: The 25 types of bad friends you MUST unfriend from your life ASAP]

These signs of a petty person should also be taken lightly in some cases. We’re all guilty of throwing shade occasionally or being caught up in the drama. However, if it’s more than two or three of these, then that person might just be a petty person to a fault.

If someone goes out of their way to start drama and make things a bigger deal than it has to be, unfortunately, you’re dealing with someone petty.

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Look out for these signs of a petty person. You need to realize whether this is someone you can deal with because if not, you can always choose to walk away. After all, pettiness isn’t an easy quality to handle!

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