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Partner in Crime: What It Is & 31 Signs You Have This Friend in Your Life

A partner in crime is someone all of us dream of having in our lives. In other words, a “ride or die” type of friend. Do you know what that means? Do you have this friend in your life? Find out here!

partner in crime

A partner in crime is like a soul mate without any romance involved. This is that one friend who adds color to your life and totally “gets” you.

There comes a time in life when you meet someone who seems like you’ve known them forever. Not only that, but you can’t imagine what you would do without them. Everyone needs a partner in crime. They are the one person who you can totally be yourself around and don’t worry about having to filter what you say or do.

You don’t fear that they will judge you, talk behind your back, or blow you off. A partner in crime is someone who you know will always be there for you, up for a challenge, and most of all, will bring out the best in you.

What is a partner in crime?

In literal definition in the dictionary, a partner in crime is an accomplice who helps you commit a crime, be it robbing a bank or stealing a car. But more figuratively, a partner in crime is that person who is always by your side, especially when you’re indulging in mischief.

Or better yet, a partner in crime is the one person who’ll always be by your side through thick or thin, and someone you know who will never, ever, let you down no matter what.

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What makes a good partner in crime?

In one simple sentence, being someone’s partner in crime means you’ll be there for there for them whenever they need you, as much as possible. You could get into a bar brawl at 1 am, or plan an impromptu vacation and head to the airport to catch a red-eye flight to recover from your breakup. And guess what? You’d just have to look to your side, and your partner in crime would be there standing next to you.

It’s someone who loves you, and you love them. And beyond all else, there’s a lot of integrity and honesty in the relationship. Between two partners in crime, their word is oak, and if they made a promise to each other, they’d sacrifice anything and everything they humanly can to fulfill their promise to each other.

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Why don’t we have partners in crime these days?

Because we’re selfish. We expect everyone to give, but we don’t want to give back to them. We’re a spoiled generation of brats who don’t believe in integrity, camaraderie, or companionship anymore. Now, it’s about our needs and their usability – what can I get if I hang out with this person? Why isn’t she nicer to me? Why can’t he drive me back home?

It’s all “me, me, me” and no more about giving. Learn to give, and you will receive. And that works both ways. 

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Partners in crime are a rare breed these days. But back in the old days *anything before the year 2000*, when integrity and sincerity mattered more than a few tagged posts on social media to proclaim yourselves as #besties, partners in crime were everywhere!

Sex and the City, a famous series way back from one early 2000s was a show that displayed four partners in crime at their finest. If you want to know what true partners in crime are, watch that series. Or if you don’t have time for it, watch the SATC movies instead! 

We all want a partner in crime. But we don’t want to be one. And that’s where we fail, and end up losing out on one of life’s best joys – experiencing the world with a true partner in crime by your side.

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Things that make you a good partner in crime

This is simple. Be a good friend. Be loyal, be honest, and be there for the other person, not because of what you can usually get from them, but because you care for them. And expect the same in return. True friends aren’t a one way street, it has to go both ways. If you give loyalty, you should expect loyalty from them. 

Pick and choose your friends, not because they make you look good, but because they’ll be there for you through the good and the bad times, just as you should be there for them too.

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25 signs you have a partner in crime in your life

When you’re with your partner in crime, you never go home thinking, “I should have just stayed in.” If you don’t have one, you really are missing out. Still not convinced? Here are all the signs and reasons to have an amazing partner in crime.

1. Nothing they say shocks you

A partner in crime shares the same kind of humor as you. While your inside jokes might be a bit different and shocking for outsiders to hear, the two of you are used to them. You trust that they will always know where the fun is, and you don’t care where you go as long as you are together. After all, anything coming from their mouth could have just as easily come from your own.

2. You don’t get tired of them

Whether you’re together for two hours or two weeks, there’s never a point where you get on each other’s nerves or need a break from them. In fact, as soon as you wake up from a night out, you wonder what your next adventure is going to entail!

3. When you find out something fun is going on, you call them first

Like an emergency contact, when you find out that there’s a local band playing or an impromptu party, you message them to meet you. The best part? They’re always there, no matter what else they had going on.

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4. They’re always ready at a moment’s notice

You don’t ever get the phrase, “But I just put my pajamas on, maybe another time” from them. They are free and ready to go, day or night, or maybe even in the middle of the night!

5. They make you feel like a priority

When you text them, they reply as soon as they can. You become a number-one priority to them, and they put you first because they enjoy your company so much.

6. They always have your back

You never have to worry about them spilling your secrets or talking badly about you. And even better, if anyone ever did say anything bad or hurt your feelings, they will be there to back you up.

7. You can be yourself around your partner in crime

You feel 100% percent comfortable around this person. This doesn’t necessarily mean romantic feelings—it’s simply someone who “gets” you. [Read: The most inspiring ways to bring out the best in yourself]

8. You can read each other’s minds

Before you can even say, “Let’s go get Jell-O shots,” the exact same words are already coming out of their mouth.

9. They like the same weird things as you

You’re never surprised that they drink kombucha first thing in the morning or that they have the same funny quirks as you do. You two are just made from the same mold.

10. They are the go-to when you need something

If you could only make one call, it would be to them. You know they will always be there to bail you out, help you out of a jam, and never to judge you. [Read: Real friends vs Fake friends & 21 ways to tell them apart]

11. They have a spot in every great memory you have

The stories that start with “Remember when…” always include their presence.

12. They are your biggest cheerleader

Whatever your idea is, your partner in crime will stand behind it and cheer you on all the way, no matter how far-fetched it may sound to others.

13. They bring out the best in you

Whether it’s your best time with a beer bong or volunteering together, they bring out the best in you and your personality. [Read: How to motivate yourself to do pretty much anything]

14. They know your weaknesses and don’t care to exploit them

You can tell them what it is that will break you and never have to worry that they will use it against you.

15. They will throw themselves on the flame for you

Instead of letting you take the heat, your partner in crime is more than willing to take one for the team. Never selling you out, they would rather endure the punishment alone than get you involved unnecessarily.

16. They won’t ever leave you hanging

There isn’t ever a point when you look around and wonder where they are. They won’t leave you for something better or choose something more attractive over you. [Read: Good friends are like stars – 18 ways to build life-lasting friendships]

17. With them, the party doesn’t end until you both say it does

They aren’t all about themselves. You and your partner in crime will be down for whatever the night has in store, as long as you’re both on the same page. If not, you regroup and change the plan for the better.

18. Nothing is off limits when it comes to honesty

You know all those things that you don’t want people to know? You can tell them and get it off your chest. You can share secrets and know that they will keep them. Two people shouldering the burden is much better than just one, especially when you know that your secrets are always safe. [Read: Is your best friend a fair-weather friend who doesn’t really care about you?]

19. If they do something that upsets you, you can call them out

Unlike other friendships where you are afraid to be honest, if your partner in crime hurts your feelings, you don’t let it fester. Instead, you just get it out in the open and over with. A special kind of unconditional love, there isn’t anything that you can’t hash out.

20. You never feel lonely when you have them

Those times when you look at your phone and are feeling really low and don’t know who to call to pick you up don’t happen when you have a partner in crime. They are always available to make you feel all better. [Read: 7 powerful ways to combat and break out of loneliness]

21. They will always take your side, even when you’re wrong

They are the person who will say, “Screw that guy” even if they know that it was your crazy shit acts that broke the two of you up. They will find another opportunity to help you see the errors, not when you’re already feeling down.

22. They are up for any challenge, no matter how crazy

Those things that you want to do but that you wouldn’t do on your own don’t exist when you have a partner in crime. They will do whatever it is that you have on your bucket list. Moreover, they’ll keep you from chickening out of your own plans.

23. They don’t drop you for their new love interest

If they fall in love, you aren’t history. They find a way to incorporate two people they care about and love into their world. They don’t drop you like a hot potato the minute a love interest catches their eye. [Read: How to deal with selfish friends and recognize the ones that hurt you]

24. There is never a hidden agenda 

If they want to go to a party because some guy or girl is going to be there, they don’t try to persuade you using bullshit excuses. Instead, they just say, “So that hottie is going to be there, do you mind if we stop by?”

25. They are up for anything, as long as you’re along for the ride

There’s nothing fun about road tripping to your grandmother’s to pick up an antique table for your mom, but if it’s with them, somehow you know fun will find its way along. [Read: How to have a perfectly platonic relationship]

26. You two can communicate with just a look

One of the perks of being partners in crime is just how well you both understand each other. Call it intuition, or the fact that no one knows you two better than each other, all it takes is one glance from across the room to read each other’s minds and make a new plan!

27. People are intimidated by you

Not because you two are criminals, but because you two are fiercely loyal to each other. No one would dare to speak badly of your friend in front of you, because they know you would never stand for it. While it’s common to bitch and gossip about a common friend behind their back these days, no one can dream of doing that in front of a partner in crime. [Read: Should you overcompensate for fickle friends or kick them out?]

28. They will never judge you

They honestly never will. They may question you, or share their thoughts with you. But they won’t give you that look of judgment when you do something they wouldn’t do themselves. Instead, they’ll try to empathize and try to understand your point of view.

29. There’s honesty in the relationship

Your partner is crime isn’t about snarky comments or snide remarks. Both of you offer constructive criticism to each other and are always honest with your opinions. They give you the advice you need, not the feel-good words you want to hear.

30. You can’t be split

A new boyfriend or girlfriend won’t come in the way of your friendship. And if someone asks you to choose between them and your partner in crime, they’re shown the door without a second thought. This is not because you’re blinded, but because of the sheer honesty and trust you have for each other.

31. They sacrifice for you

You know they’d go way out of their way for your happiness. Just as you’d do they same for them if the time ever comes. 

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A partner in crime is a very rare type of friend. They are someone you can be yourself around and whom you always know will be there to have your back and to lighten your load. 

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