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How to Get Someone Out of Your House: Mr. Oblivious, Leave!

Sometimes people just don’t take the hint. You want them to go home! Learn how to get someone out of your house without the stress and drama.

how to get someone out of your house

We’re just going to put it out there. When we’ve had enough of you, we want you to leave. We’ve had enough. The problem? Most of us aren’t good at saying things like ‘no’, ‘please leave’, or being honest when it’s time to go home. Is this something you can relate to? If so, you need to learn how to get someone out of your house without spoiling your manners!

Some people just don’t know how to take a hint. Whether they’ve stuck around an hour too long, a few hours, or even a day or more, when it’s time to go, it’s time to go! The problem is, it’s hard to tell someone they’ve overstayed their welcome without it sounding a bit rude. We look at it this way – it’s rude that they’ve overstayed the point of comfort! [Read: 10 Surefire ways to be the best houseguest ever]

How to get someone out of your house in 20 easy ways

The key for knowing how to get someone out of your house is like knowing when to leave the zoo with your kids at exactly the right moment – if you don’t see the meltdown coming, you are too far in to get out without a huge drama.

Most people know when they wear out their welcome. But, if you’re dealing with a socially awkward or just plain socially stunted individual, it means you’ll need to take action to get them to pack their bags.

If you’re keen to learn how to get someone out of your house, these few methods should do the trick. [Read: 10 Simple tricks to avoid being rude in any situation]

1. Ask what they miss at home

Subtly hint they probably miss something or someone at home. If you remind them they left behind something, even if they hide out at your house, they might get the hint that you want them to leave. Maybe get them to realize they miss something in their life. Hey, it is worth a shot.

2. Blame it on someone else

If you don’t have the balls to ask someone to leave, then blame it on someone else. Say that your girlfriend or boyfriend had enough, you would totally let them stay, but it isn’t up to you.

Make up things like a clause in a lease, or a roommate pissed if you must. Keep your eyes on the prize and realize a lie for a good reason isn’t a bad thing. [Read: 15 clear signs it’s time to cut your friend loose]

3. Tell them you have to work super early

If you want to get someone to go home at night time and they don’t take the hint, do a whole lot of yawning and stretching.

For an additional kick out the door, suggest a bar down the street and mention to them that they are going to have to leave soon since you have work the next day. That might incentivize them to take the party elsewhere. [Read: Why some people go looking for drama]

4. Tell them you have to go away for a day or two

If someone isn’t getting the hint that it is time to hit the road, lie and tell them that you have to go away. Tell them that you have an out of town work thing or that you are visiting friends and that you just don’t think it is a good idea for them to hang out when you aren’t there.

If you tell them that you aren’t going to be around to entertain them anymore, then they just might freeload off of someone else.

5. Honesty is the best policy

It is difficult to tell someone when they overstayed their welcome. But, sometimes honesty truly is the best policy. If they are close to you and you have a good relationship, then it is okay to say when enough is enough and to have faith that your friendship is strong enough for you to tell them the truth without hurting their feelings. Or, just apologize if you feel you have. [Read: How to be assertive – 17 ways to speak your mind]

6. Tell them their presence is hurting your relationship and sex life

If you are a guy and some other guy refuses to hit the road, then tell them that your action since they arrived is on the decline.

What type of guy friend doesn’t understand that your sex life comes first? If they park on your couch, then there probably isn’t much sexy time going on, naked running around, or naughtiness being had. So, tell them they need to vamoose.

7. Stop buying food

If you have a moocher on your hands, then it is time to take matters into your own. If you stop feeding the monster, it leaves, literally. If you are tired of coming home to an empty refrigerator, stop replenishing it.

If they give you money for food, use it elsewhere. Eventually, they get hungry enough to move on and find another refrigerator to raid. [Read: How to tell if someone is using you]

8. Invite someone else to occupy the space. But, make sure they know when to go

If you have limited space, then tell the person who won’t leave that they have to go and make space for someone else who is coming.

Not only will it be a good change of pace for you, but it also gets them to give up their space and start looking for another spot to hang out. [Read: 20 early warning signs of toxic people]

9. Start asking for money

If you are taken advantage of, then take a stand. If you can’t get them to go, then tell them they must start contributing.

Chances are good the reason your place is so attractive is that the couch is free. If it isn’t free anymore, then they will probably say “adios.”

If it wasn’t about the money, and they agree to pitch in, then you go back to lying about leasing and occupancy. Hey, if one way doesn’t work, try and try again!

10. Don’t share

If they drain you, like your food, your shampoo, your video games, your everything, then play it selfish and stop sharing your stuff. [Read: When people use you: Stop being a doormat and feel in control again]

Just like asking them to chip in, if food and other conveniences suddenly aren’t free, then they might just seek out a place that it is.

11. Stop doing things for them

Of course, they don’t want to leave your house, who would? Stop cleaning up their dishes, doing their laundry, and picking up their socks, just because you can’t stand it.

When they run out of underwear and realize that there’s no freeloading left to be had, they will move onto the next victim. Stop enabling their freeloading ways and they will either grow up or find someone else to parasite off.

12. Recruit other people for help

This is something close to an intervention. If you can’t get someone to leave your house, then call in the recruits. Sometimes people can’t see their own inconvenience until someone puts it right in their face.

If you want someone to leave your house who isn’t getting it, call in other people to back you up. There is always safety in numbers! [Read: 18 emotions you shouldn’t feel in a healthy relationship]

13. Slip away to bed

If it is just a one-night annoyance, then there is nothing wrong with stretching and yawning. If those subtle hints get passed over, it is totally appropriate for them to find their own way out. If you go to bed, they just might get the message and show themselves to the door.

14. Pretend they aren’t there

Have you ever played that game where someone talks, and you say stuff like “did you hear that?” to someone else. Only don’t be that infantile. If the person won’t leave, stop paying them any attention. They just might search for it elsewhere.

You don’t have to be totally rude; the point is to make it less entertaining to be at your house. Then, they’ll leave. [Read: 16 reasons why you’re always being taken for granted]

15. Be super annoying

If ignoring doesn’t work, then do the opposite. Turnabout is fair play. If they annoy the hell out of you, then do it right back at them.

Don’t let them sleep when they want. Hog the PlayStation, and take the last of whatever there is. Just be in their face enough that they get sick of seeing your face and move along. [Read: How to gain confidence and turn your life around for the better]

16. Run the tub continually to use up the hot water

It might up your electric or gas bill, but the payoff for freedom is totally worth it. No one likes a cold shower, so make it so uncomfortable they go looking for warmth elsewhere.

17. Make terrible food and insist they eat it

Ever had someone force their terrible food on you? Well, now it is your turn. Make continual batches of yuck and make sure that they can’t say refuse. That ensures that they say “goodbye” pretty quick. [Read: 20 Annoying things it’s okay to hate about your partner]

18. Take away their parking space

We’re just going to put it out there. There is nothing worse than coming home and not finding a parking space. If you want someone to vacate your house, then make sure they have nowhere to park themselves – both their bodies and their vehicles.

19. Set them up with someone

If someone doesn’t get all the other hints you send, then make somewhere else look attractive. If you know someone in your life who is just as lost and needy as the one who takes up space in your house, why not set them up? It’s a win-win situation. No one will be lonely, and you get rid of them. [Read: 10 crucial steps to set boundaries and feel more control]

20. Find their kryptonite

If the girl down the hall irritates the hell out of your guest, make besties with her. If having someone around is enough of an irritant to your irritant, then they will probably find somewhere else to be. Just be very careful – you don’t want to get rid of one gnat to find another one flying around.

There is nothing worse than the awkwardness of someone staying past their welcome. It isn’t fair when someone forces you to feel bad by asking them to leave. If they just aren’t getting the hint that time is up, then you either have to lie, cheat, or be honest. It is up to you which one rids them from your home.

[Read: 12 ways to ghost someone and get away clean]

Whether it is a friend or family member, the key is to kick them out before offending them beyond the point of friendship. Try these 20 subtle ways for how to get someone of out your house and reclaim peace.

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