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Got Flaky Friends? Here are the Reasons to Ditch Them

If you’re surrounded by people who you’d describe as unreliable, then you should probably ditch those flaky friends for good.

flaky friends

The people you surround yourself with can make a huge impact on your life. They can either make it amazing, or they can make it difficult and create unhappiness in your life. Wouldn’t you want to only surround yourself with positive people, instead of flaky friends?
Then why do so many people let the same old unreliable people stick around? Why is it that we keep people around who don’t make our lives better, and in fact, make it worse?
What is a flaky friend?
If you have a friend or two who always make plans but never follow through, who say they’ll call you when you need their help but then never do, or that talk about you behind your back, then you have a flaky friend.
Why do we keep flaky friends around?
Some of us really wish we could get rid of our flaky friends, but then we don’t do anything to make it happen. Instead, we make excuses for them because we think that since we’ve known them for a long time that they have to stay around for the long haul. And that’s why we don’t get rid of those people who make our lives harder.
Reasons to ditch your flaky friends
Well, you really have to get over whatever it is that’s holding you back from letting go of those flaky friends, because you deserve much better than that. Friends who don’t respect you or your happiness should have no place in your life.
If you’re still not convinced to get rid of all those negative people, maybe these reasons to get rid of flaky friends can convince you that you really do deserve to be surrounded by positive people – and not a bunch of flakes. [Read: Signs your friends are ruining your relationship]
#1 They’re unreliable. As I’ve said a few times already, flaky friends aren’t reliable and you can’t have unreliable people in your life all the time. Your friends are supposed to be the people who are there for you no matter what and people you can count on.
If you can’t count on those people to be there in a moment of strife in your life, then why are they there? You should only keep people around who would do anything for you – and flaky friends are not those people.
#2 It’ll make you a better person. Just as I mentioned above, you are what you surround yourself with. If you’re allowing negative and flaky friends to impact your life, you’re probably that type of person too, simply because you’ve been around it for so long.
If you get rid of those flaky friends, you’ll actually start to see how much that behavior is unacceptable. You’ll become a better person for ridding yourself of their negative influences. [Read: 17 bad friends you should unfriend from your life]
#3 You can make room for positive people. This is probably the best reason to get rid of those bad and unreliable friends. When you get rid of all that negativity, it allows you to make room for people who actually deserve to be in your life.
You make room for those people who can positively impact your world. When you make room for positive people, you make room for positive change – and that can make a HUGE difference in your life.
#4 You can start to trust people again. When you’ve lived so long with flaky friends, you automatically don’t trust that they’ll do as they say. If you’re someone who hears a person say they’ll do something but completely ignores it, it’s because you’ve forgotten how to trust.
When you get rid of those flaky friends and make room for good ones, you learn how to trust people again. And you remember what it’s like to have reliable, trustworthy people in your life. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it last]
#5 You’ll be more successful in your aspirations. This can be confusing because it may not seem like your friends have much to do with your success, but they actually make a big impact.
If your friends are flaky when it comes to you, they’re also probably flaky when it comes to their careers. If you keep those people close, their behavior rubs off on you.
So if you get rid of those people, you’ll free yourself up to focus on succeeding in life, and you’ll re-learn good habits instead of picking up flaky habits.
#6 You’ll get rid of some anxiety. I used to always get anxious when it came to spending time with certain old “friends” of mine, because I never believed in what they told me. I never trusted them to do what they said, and that created an anxious lifestyle for me.
When you get rid of people who cause you anxiety, you allow yourself to relax. You wouldn’t believe how much anxiety has been having a negative impact on your life until you get rid of it. [Read: What it feels like to experience anxiety in a relationship]
#7 You won’t be influenced negatively. Flaky friends are not good people. They’re not positive people. They have flaws in their life that impact you in a negative way. And by getting rid of them, you’re also getting rid of that negativity.
When you no longer have that type of influence in your life, you feel like a whole new person. You’ll have the positivity that could lead you to succeeding in your dreams and aspirations.
#8 You’ll have a better reputation. Chances are, if your friends are flaky and everyone knows about it, you’re probably right there with them. Meaning everyone also thinks you’re also a flaky friend and negative person.
Once you drop those flaky friends, you can start creating a reputation you can be proud of. You’ll no longer be associated with people like that and you can work on creating a positive and trustworthy reputation. [Read: How self-respect affects you and your relationships]
#9 You’ll enjoy events more without them. When you have an event to go to, do your flaky friends make things better or worse? Do they show up late and make you look bad? Probably.
So getting rid of them can make your events and parties SO much more enjoyable, simply because you don’t have to be reminded of their unreliable nature. You’ll be able to trust those who do show up, and you’ll be seen as a trustworthy and reliable person because of that. [Read: 14 signs your best friend isn’t your real friend anymore]
#10 You’ll feel better about yourself. Honestly, if you have flaky friends, then you also probably have a bad self-esteem. If you think about it, you base your opinion on yourself depending on how those around you treat you.
This basically means that if your friends are flaking out on you, they’re telling you that you’re not important enough to be there for you. You may not realize that this affects you in that way, but it does. If you ditch those crappy friends, you’ll feel like you’re worth more.
[Read: Tips to fall in love with yourself and be a better YOU]
Everyone should get rid of their flaky friends. There should never be room in your life for people who don’t truly appreciate you and your time. Make room for the good people by getting rid of the negative ones.

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