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Dumb Things We Do In The Name Of That 4-Letter Word: Love

Love is a beautiful emotion to experience, but sometimes love can mean “Loss Of Vital Energy,” because of the dumb things we do in the name of love!

dumb things in love

Yes, I know—the moment you see your love, birds begin singing, and all in the world seems right. I’d know: I’ve been there not once, but several times. Usually, losing your mind looks something like this: you act normal around everyone else. You know what to say, and how to behave. The moment you catch a glimpse of your crush, however… that’s it. Your batteries lose their charge, and you quickly morph into a slack-jawed shell of your formerly clever, with-it self.

We all want to fall in love, right? After all, it’s supposed to be the most beautiful experience life has to offer. You feel at one, complete, with your significant other, and experience the ecstasy of loving euphoria—all without risking your health or well-being.

Ego and love

Love is definitely a wonderful thing. We all desperately want to love and be loved. In the name of love, however, we do some pretty strange and even reckless things. Why? Because we begin to believe that the person we’re in love with holds a mystical, magical power to “fix” everything in our lives.

We do whatever we can, then, to make sure we keep that person around—even if it means throwing our sanity away in the process. From tattooed forearms to kidney donations, countless lovers have thrown caution to the wind and made some questionable decisions. [Read: 7 secret signs that reveal a bad relationship]

So where does ego come in? It tells you that you need outside sources to be happy—there’s nothing about you that might need altering, after all. Instead of being open and vulnerable, your ego tells you that you can earn the love and respect of your partner, leading to all manner of poor decisions.

9 dumb things we do in the name of love

Have you been doing any dumb and crazy things in the name of love? Well, if you’re in love or are infatuated by someone, chances are, you’ve probably done more than a few of these things already!

#1 Lay expensive gifts at our lovers’ feet. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen or done that! Not everyone can afford purchasing extreme, lavish gifts… but boy, do we often try. If you’re filthy rich, spending a truckload of cash on your significant other might be par for the course. If not, wooing your partner in that way can get you into some serious trouble. Although most people do appreciate expensive gifts, I can guarantee that’s not the only way to win fair lady’s *or fair fella’s* heart. Spending money you don’t have, all in the name of love, is just plain crazy.

#2 Alter our every like and dislike to match our partners’. This is another dumb thing we do in the name of love. To prove our love to our partner, we start adopting things they like, even when we don’t like them! We listen, read, do, wear, think, love, hate, drink, and eat exactly what they like, just to please them.

In short, we completely change ourselves for love. What happens here is that we love and miss our old identity and eventually start blaming them for changing us. So here’s a warning—avoid this mishap at all costs! [Try: 18 bad habits that’ll make your partner want to leave you]

#3 Indulge possessive feelings over our partners’ social media sites. This, you probably already know… and secretly may already be doing! I don’t blame you. With love comes the unimaginable urge to be possessive, which makes you want to scan each and every post, comment, status, and picture of your partner. You might go through their friends list, not sparing a single person! What does this prove? It proves that you don’t trust each other—and trust is the most important ingredient in a successful relationship.

#4 Check on our partners every five minutes. Okay, I’m happy when you tell me that you love me every once in a while, but when that “once in a while” turns into every five minutes… we have a problem. We all struggle with knowing when enough is enough, particularly when it comes to texts and calls. This is crazy! We need to give one another a chance to breathe.

#5 Tattoo our partner’s name. We’ve all seen that, right? What happens after a breakup?! Some people think they’re so in love with their partners that nothing could ever tear them apart. While that might be the case, branding yourself with your partner’s name is never a good idea. While this might seem romantic in the moment, it’s far less romantic five years down the road, sitting in a laser-removal office, closing your eyes against the pain. [Want to do something romantic, but not quite so permanent? Check out: How to be romantic without being cheesy]

#6 We start living their lives. You have a friend’s party to attend, but your partner just called and wants you to go to dinner with their parents. You drop the party and go to dinner. Another time, you plan to chill out on a lazy Sunday afternoon with your best friend, but your partner wants to go fishing. What do you do? You drop your plans and go fishing, of course! This is not only crazy, but disrespectful toward your friends and family members. Your world does not begin and end with your significant other.

#7 Let’s move in together because we’re committed! These days, as soon as the status changes from “single” to “in a relationship,” the next step is to move in together. Remember: moving in together is fine, but only when both of you are ready. Don’t rush into things, because eventually you’ll start stepping on each other’s toes. It’s dumb to move in as soon as you’re committed. Give your relationship a chance to grow first!

#8 Rushing into a physical relationship. When people fall in love, they lose all their senses and jump into bed with their partners. Now, if the relationship works out, then it’s going to be a memorable moment for both, but if it doesn’t, this same memory will turn into a nightmare. Remember: don’t rush into things. Unless you’re on the verge of death or shipping off to war, you have time. [Read: How to create sexual chemistry and make it last]

#9 Let’s get married! I understand love is blind, but you should know that love is blind, deaf, and stupid at times. You might think that it’s only in movies where people get married as soon as they find each other, but in real life, this happens often. What people in real life don’t understand is that marrying a complete stranger will have its consequences. It’s lovely in the beginning, but be warned that you’re playing a dangerous game: sure, it might work out, but it might also end in disaster and divorce.

[Next, read: Marriage advice – 11 tips for a happily ever after]

It’s amazing to fall in love, but you must remember to keep yourself together. I know that, despite this feature, people will continue to do dumb things in the name of love, but let’s at least keep the stupidity to a minimum. Go forth, be in love, and be sensible!

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