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15 Real World Tall People Problems that Aren’t All Tall Tales!

If you’re a short person, you have your own problems and wish to experience some tall people problems. But, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Tall People Problems

In comparison to other women, I’m tall. Depending on what country I’m in, I can tower over both men and women *don’t get this image in your head that I’m a giant, I’m not!*. But, some countries have a shorter population than others. I would look at the short girls, envious of their lack of height and tall people problems. They always seemed to attract the tall guys; whereas, I always got the short ones chasing after me. I never understood why I couldn’t find someone to be with who’s taller than me.

15 tall people problems that aren’t just tall claims

But let’s not talk about my tall person trauma *we’ll be here all day*. If you’re a tall person, then I know you’ll be able to relate to this list. They always say being tall is great, but no one truly understands what tall people go through.

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So, the next time someone approaches you and starts talking about how amazing it is to be tall, get your list ready because it’s time they heard the truth. Let’s start with our list of tall people problems.

Being tall isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

#1 There’s more of you to feed. As a taller person, there’s more of you. Which means there’s more of you to feed. Well, at least that’s my excuse. As a tall person, you need to eat more as your body uses more energy. Problem is, food is expensive!

#2 You always look huge in pictures. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I take a photo with my short friends, I look huge. No, I look massive. Their shortness, mixed with my height is a disaster for me. So, hunching over is the only way to make myself look smaller. [Read: How to love yourself and discover self-love and happiness]

#3 Your face is never in the frame. My childhood consisted of me wondering where half of my head went in photos. Now that we can take selfies, it’s changed the game. But for most of us, our childhoods were sad ones where we always wondered, “will we ever be fully in a photo?”

#4 You can never take a comfortable bath. I don’t remember the last time my entire body fit into a bathtub. Most of the time, my knees are bent, or my feet are sticking out. There’s no happy medium. So I avoid taking baths altogether. Why have a bath when you can have a shower?

#5 You attract the opposite. You want someone who’s equally as tall as you or taller, right? I mean, that’s the dream. But, you never attract tall people; instead, the short people gravitate towards you. I’m talking from a woman’s perspective on this one. For tall men, you love short women *tell us tall women why – we need to know*. [Read: How to build self-confidence and love who you are]

#6 Blocking the view. So much for sitting in the middle of the theatre, off to the back you go! You’re blocking everyone’s view, and you can tell by the sighing that happens behind you the moment you sit down. Isn’t it such a gift? The constant reminder of how tall you really are.

#7 Doorways. If you live in a country with many tall people, you’re fine. But try traveling to China as a tall person. Yeah, that’s not fun. You can’t walk through a door without being completely aware of its height. If you’re not paying attention, you will get knocked out by the door frame.

#8 Clumsiness. I don’t know why tall people aren’t eloquent when it comes to our motor skills. But we’re so clumsy, it’s embarrassing. I always knock something down or hit something with my elbow. Don’t get even get me started about wearing white – yikes! We’re clumsy, and that’s part of our charm… I guess.

#9 Uncomfortable showers. You have a shower that’s perfectly equipped for your height at your home, but if you travel to another country, you know what you’re in for. The showers are always too short, and the showerhead ends up at eye-level with you. Washing your hair becomes the biggest chore of all. [Read: How to be positive and find the silver lining]

#10 Airplane seats. The thought of going on an airplane gives you shivers. This is not because you’re afraid of flying, but because you know how uncomfortable you’re going to feel in the seat. You never get the legroom you need as a tall person, so you always end up trying to buy the seat with extra legroom.

#11 Your neck hurts when kissing someone shorter. If you’ve ever kissed someone substantially shorter than you, you know all about the neck pain. After that, you wonder if kissing short people is even worth it. Sure, kissing is fun, but your neck certainly isn’t happy about it.

#12 Slouching. You can’t hear what someone is saying to you, so you slouch. The computer is too low, so you slouch. You spend most of your life slouching to live your life. Short people run the world, and we tall ones are paying the price for it!

#13 Drinking fountains. Ouch, yeah, drinking from a short water fountain is never fun. Your back aches, and you end up getting water all over your t-shirt. It just doesn’t work well with tall people. When I drink from a water fountain, it’s clear to everyone after that I did.

#14 Ordering online isn’t fun. You just never know what you’re going to get. Even after you look at the size chart, whatever you order doesn’t look right on you. It’s almost as if online ordering was only made for short people. [Read: How to feel sexy and desirable all the time]

#15 People always ask you the same questions. “Are you a basketball player?” “How’s the weather up there?” Oh god, can someone please think of something more creative. This is all you got? That’s the witty remark you have? Sigh. I don’t know how many tall people have heard the same questions over and over again.

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Being tall definitely has its perks, I’m not going to lie. But, it also comes with its fair share of problems and annoyances.

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