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21 Signs You’re Tired of Being Single & Getting Desperate for Love

Being single isn’t a bad thing, but it’s easy to get tired of being single. Keep reading if you want to know how to make significant changes in your life.

tired of being single

If you’re tired of being single, it’s not always because you haven’t found the right person yet or because of the wrong timing.

Do you really think that if you stopped making an effort in your appearance, stopped being social, turned down dates, and were negative all of the time, your soul mate would magically appear in your life?

If you believe that, you are in for a rude awakening. While relationships aren’t always in our control, it’s still up to us whether we choose to get ourselves out there.

So if you’re tired of being single, remember that you attract who you are. Everything, from getting a promotion at work, to finding a life partner, takes effort.

You’re not going to meet anyone if you’re binging on Netflix every weekend. So change your attitude and behavior as that’s the only way you’ll stop being single and get some action in your dating life!

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Why have you been single for a prolonged period?

Okay, it’s not always bad to be single, especially if you just got out of a bad breakup or are not ready. However, there comes the point when these are simply excuses you’re making to feel better about yourself.

Come to think of it, there are so many ways to date nowadays, whether it’s dating apps, social media, or simply going to a bar and talking to different people! But if you’re always stuck at home and not socializing, you’ll never date again.

There is such a thing as the right person and right time, but you’ll never discover it if you don’t at least try dating or putting yourself out there. How will you know if they’re not the right person if you judged them before even getting to know them? Most importantly, how will you date again if you never get yourself out there?

It’s really all about making the necessary changes in your life, especially if you always complain about feeling tired of being single. [Read: Why am I single? The honest answer, 36 reasons & the excuses we use]

Stop and drop those bad habits if you want a real relationship

If you’re only just realizing you need to change, let us help you out. Here are all the honest signs that you’re ready to stop being single and start making a change.

1. You fantasize more than you live

You tend to dwell on “what if” scenarios far more than you live in the real world. Most probably, you also fantasize about your imaginary boyfriend or girlfriend and think about all the fun stuff you would do together.

No matter how much you fantasize, it won’t do you any good in terms of dating someone. If you’re tired of being single and are desperately imagining dating someone, snap out of your illusions and do something about it in the real world! [Read: 33 best places to meet attractive and eligible partners]

2. You’re always hooking up

Find yourself trying to convince your play buddy to stay the night? What about inviting them out for a date that doesn’t involve getting naked? Here’s a thought: perhaps you have come to a point where hooking up doesn’t do anything for you, and you yearn for something more. Yes, hookups are fun and games until you get tired of it.

There will always come the point when you become exhausted from the casual setup of hookups, no matter how good they are in bed or hot they are.

Hookups will never provide the same fulfillment that a committed relationship will. [Read: Sleeping together but not dating – A really good idea or a bad one?]

3. Jealousy rears its ugly head

You despise all your friends who are in happy relationships and can’t help but turn green with envy every time they regale you with their relationship stories. You can’t help but feel sorry for yourself and you tend to wonder why the universe is so unfair.

Well, maybe it’s not that the universe is unjust, but more to do with your lack of effort and change in your life. Relationships are hard work, which isn’t limited to landing yourself on a date or meeting a cute guy or girl.

You need to do the work to get what you want, just like anything else in life. So if you’re honestly tired of being single, stop feeling jealous of all your friends and just get yourself out there! [Read: The thirst is real – 15 realities of being single for way too long]

4. You whine about it

Everyone, from your BFF, to your cleaning lady knows that you’re tired of being single. Once you verbalize it, it’s most likely true. Watch the words you end up saying to yourself because more often than not, it ends up being true.

You get nothing from complaining about how tired you are of being single, but you get something if you do something about it. All you’re doing by complaining is bringing a lot of negative vibes into your life, which you don’t even need. [Read: 15 essential relationship tips for single women]

5. You call up exes

Thinking about your ex and wondering what went wrong is perfectly normal. But if you go the extra mile and call them up to rekindle the romance, you have certainly gone too far. This isn’t a good habit to maintain, especially when you keep complaining you’re tired of being single.

Being stuck on an ex and chasing after them will do you no good. Your relationship ended for a reason, and it’s best to move forward with acceptance and clarity. If you need closure, then do so. But don’t keep chasing after them. [Read: 7 resolute ways to resist the urge to call your ex]

6. You forgot how to share

Being single means having everything to yourself. From hogging the blanket, to ordering takeout for one, there’s no need to share anything if there’s no one special in your life.

Once you start resenting others for assuming that you’re down to share something *whether it’s splitting the check or enjoying a buy-one-free-one savings*, you should realize that you’re not being cheap—you’re just getting too comfortable being single.

There’s something fulfilling about sharing things with a partner, so the fact that you forgot how to share means you’re missing the dating scene quite a bit.

7. You detest weddings

It’s not just weddings that put you off—it’s any event or gathering that showcases couples, love, romance, and everything that you don’t have. It’s pretty normal to feel this way, significantly more, when you’re growing tired of being single. So don’t worry, you’re not alone in this feeling!

The best thing you can do is *try your best* to be happy for the bride and groom getting married and use that wedding to get yourself out there! It’s considered a social event, so you never know, right? [Read: 8 surprising secrets to getting lucky in love]

8. You agree to blind dates and online dating

It’s a general belief that, once you resort to blind dates and online dating, you’re desperate. This isn’t true for everyone, of course, and is definitely a nasty stereotype, but if you can’t find yourself a mate and have to resort to these options, you must really want to find a partner quickly.

After all, it’s the most convenient way of getting yourself out there. If you really can’t help it and feel like you’ll find someone through these options, why not? It’s better than binging Netflix all day and doing nothing for your dating life. [Read: 30 effective tips to help you win at online dating]

9. You get emotional

Chick flicks, love songs, couple-themed memes, and other mushy love stuff makes you want to lock yourself in an underground bunker and die. Not just that, any image with those annoying #RelationshipGoals hashtags makes you want to flush your phone down the toilet.

There’s no reason to get so emotional – unless you’re way too tired of being single and want a change. If you get triggered by these things, it’s time to make a change and maybe change your relationship status from single to dating! [Read: Why am I so emotional? Science has the answers you may not expect]

10. You’ve relaxed your standards

Remember when you were picky about who you wanted to date? Well, those were the good ol’ days. Now, you find yourself relaxing your standards so much, that you’re willing to settle for anyone—as long as they are single and somewhat into you.

This is an obvious indicator that you don’t want to be single any longer and are looking to date someone – anyone, for that matter. [Read: Higher standards – Why going low only leads to lousy relationships]

11. It’s no secret

The people in your life most probably are aware that you’re single and looking for someone. You boast about it whenever you get the chance, whether it’s through social media captions or your stories.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with declaring that you’re ready for a relationship and a family, but is announcing it on social media really the appropriate thing to do? It brings us back to our first sign of not living in the real world. [Read: 19 signs you’re totally ready for a serious relationship]

12. You relate to Taylor Swift

She loves cats, and you do, too. She was heartbroken, and you were, too. Lastly, she was single, and you are, too. There’s a reason why her songs are always in breakup playlists, after all. So if you relate to Taylor Swift now more than ever, you’re probably also tired of being single.

No matter how alike you think you are, remember that you’re NOT in your early 30s and fabulously wealthy, with a billion number-one hits in the bag. By no means should you think that, because she is doing just fine being single, it’s okay for you to stop trying.

13. You’re starting to agree with your mother

Her incessant chants of, “you’re going to die alone” and “where the hell are my grandkids?” no longer annoy, but motivate you. Once you start making sense of your mother’s nagging, you know that it’s probably time for you to seek out a mate.

So that should be motivation enough to try harder in finding someone and seek love the best chance you get! Nobody should be doomed to die alone, you know. [Read: 10 harsh dating tips you need to accept to make dating work for you]

14. You’ve been on a dating website or app for way too long

Look, there’s no measurement for how long you should be using a dating app or website. However, if you’ve been doing this and you haven’t landed a date with the potential of developing a relationship with them, it’s a sign you’re tired of being single *and have been single for way too long*.

So stop depending on dating apps and go to a social gathering, attend that event, and meet someone in person! Maybe dating apps aren’t your thing, and that’s completely fine! [Read: Bumble vs. Tinder – Which hot dating app best fits your love needs?]

15. You feel overwhelmed with relationship talk

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed with relationship talk, especially when others ask how long ago was your last relationship. Every time you tell people it’s been three years since your last relationship or six years, you end up feeling overwhelmed by how long it’s been.

You start contemplating everything in your dating life, including the few to several attempts that never made it into an actual relationship.

16. People assume you’re not available

There are two types of single people in this world – one who keeps turning down people, and one who dates every breathing person on the planet.

If you tend to be the first one and you’ve been doing it for a significant period, people will assume that you definitely aren’t single and ready to mingle. Everyone, including your loved ones, assumes that you’re just not interested in a relationship. [Read: 19 clear signs you are ready for a serious relationship]

17. You’re tempted to date your one-night stand

Whether it was a one-night stand or friends-with-benefits situation, you’re desperate to date someone that you’re willing to turn your casual fling into something more. Even if you don’t feel anything for them, you don’t really care – you just want to date someone.

This kind of desperation is what it feels like to be tired of being single. You settle for even your hookups to make it into a dating relationship.

18. You can’t recall your last genuine kiss

It’s easy to kiss without emotions, as you do it all the time with casual flings and hookups. But what really matters is the kiss that made you feel something. The type of kiss you see in movies where there’s nobody else in the room but them, and sparks start to fly when your lips touch.

It might seem a tad dramatic, but it’s what a kiss with emotions feels like! So if you can’t recall the last time you felt that way, it’s because you’re tired of being single. [Read: How to kiss passionately and romantically]

19. You detest love songs and movies

Watching The Notebook or A Walk To Remember with your friends over the weekend? Pass, you’d rather watch a sitcom instead, or maybe, an action film.

That’s how much you detest anything and everything that resembles love and romance. This is because they remind you of everything you could possibly want in life that you can’t achieve in your dating life. [Read: Love sucks! 21 reasons why you hate love and yet crave for it]

20. You blog way too much

When you look at your personal blog, it all has hints of your personal experience of love and relationships, including breakups and relationship advice *even ones you can’t seem to follow for yourself*.

If you’re blogging way too much, it could be because you’re using it as a way to express the fact that you’re tired of being single. Writing and blogging your emotions is a great release, after all.

21. You’ve tried every hobby on the planet

Whether it’s dance class, painting a canvas, learning how to knit, and even making a decent video, you’ve tried everything! This is normal when you’re trying to reinvent yourself after a breakup but do it too long, and you end up doing every hobby that exists.

So if this is the case, you’re clearly just tired of being single and have nothing better to do in your life.

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So, are you tired of being single?

Being single is all about being young, wild, and free. But it’s not something you can keep doing for an extended period.

It’s easy to get used to being single, realizing that nobody can break your heart or disappoint you. However, it also prevents you from experiencing love or togetherness with someone special.

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If you’re tired of being single, don’t rush it and only do so when you’re ready. Don’t let anyone push you into doing something you’re not interested in doing.

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