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Girls with Short Hair are Killing It: 20 Reasons You Should Try it

Short haircuts are all the rage. Whether it’s for practical reasons or stylistic ones, this is why girls with short hair are doing it better.

girls with short hair

There are guys out there who would rather be with a girl who has long hair purely because that’s what society says a girl should look like. However, with the ever-changing world and different lifestyles becoming more accepted, girls with short hair are starting to take over.

I’m sure that if any of you have ever watched a show or movie that takes place in the distant past, you know that women back then all had very long, beautiful hair. It was just a custom that women had long hair, perhaps as a show of their femininity.

But, long hair doesn’t signify feminity. Short hair and even shaved heads on women do not take away from feminity. In fact, girls with short hair tend to be bolder and more confident. [Read: How to feel more confident in your looks and love yourself]

Why was long hair so popular?

It seems like long hair has always been the way to go. However, girls weren’t the only ones with long hair. Back in the day, both men and women kept their hair very long. But when wars began to break out, the men were forced to cut and even shave their heads due to hygiene issues while in battle.

Not long after this, around the 1920s, some women decided to forgo societal norms and chop off their long, heavy locks and took to the bob-style haircut. This ultimately sparked controversy amongst men and women everywhere. Ergo, the term “flapper” arrived.

But, just like any other trend, short hair or long hair will always come and go. [Read: 15 easy steps to look and feel more beautiful]

The rise of girls with short hair

Girls with short hair have had their moments throughout history, but the short look has really taken off as of late. Why? Well, there are tons of reasons to chop off those locks. Everything from saving time to money and just because you like the look are all valid reasons.

You know how they say blondes have more fun? Well, I’d argue girls with short hair have more fun because they have more time to. Short hair is less maintenance. It is easier to manage. You require fewer products, saving money. And framing the face with a shorter haircut looks amazing. [Read: Misconceptions about feminists]

Why girls with short hair rock

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are many more girls with short hair now than there were even 5 or 10 years ago. But with short-haired girls taking over the world as of late *Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Kaley Cuoco, Pink, to name a few*, it’s no wonder we’re seeing girls with short hair more and more.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and chopping off your tresses, there are plenty of good reasons to do so. We’ve put together a list of why girls with short hair are awesome and why you should join their ranks.

1. Ignore what others think

Society says that girls should have long hair. Hell, my great aunt once made me cry because she repeatedly told my 11-year-old self that girls should have long hair, and I didn’t look like a girl anymore because I’d cut mine short.

Granted, I knew she was old-fashioned, but it still hurt. Girls with short hair are breaking out of this silly and sexist trend. They really don’t care what you have to say about them. They’re going to rock that short hair whether you agree with it or not. Why wouldn’t you want to be this pool and confident? [Read: 11 tips to fall in love with yourself and be a better you]

2. Confidence

They do not need long hair to hide their imperfections or flaws because they wear them with pride. Long hair can be a security blanket for some, but girls with short hair aren’t hiding behind anything. They don’t need hair down to the middle of their backs to feel like they’re beautiful – a previous indication of what beauty was.

3. Low-maintenance

Bad hair day? What’s a bad hair day? Girls with short hair can hop out of bed, throw on something that resembles an outfit, and be out the door in 10 minutes, easy. It doesn’t take much to get ready for them. Why not sleep in instead of taking ages to curl or straighten longer locks? [Read: 15 signs you’re a high-maintenance woman]

4. No more shield

Since chopping off your hair means getting rid of that shield we sometimes hide behind, girls who opt for short hair are usually more outgoing than your typical long-haired girl. This may not always be the case, but making the leap and cutting off all that long hair can be freeing.

5. No more losing locks

If you have long hair, you know the feeling of rogue hairs just hanging off your arm or your clothes feeling like a spider crawling all over you. What about showering? All that hair that ends up on the wall or in your butt crack… Not fun. Girls with short hair don’t have that problem. Goodbye, clogged shower drains.

6. Looks

Looks may be less of a priority when you have short hair. Or you love the look of shorter hair. You can show off earrings. You can see your face more clearly. Plus, short hair is healthier than long hair, so it tends to be softer and shinier.

7. Fight the patriarchy

Girls with short hair technically already breaking a rule in many cultures throughout the world, so what’s stopping them from breaking more rules? Girls with short hair are usually much bolder and willing to take risks. If you aren’t, cutting your hair short could be your entryway into a more fun lifestyle.

8. Hair won’t get in the way of… uh… certain activities

Have you ever had a great moment ruined by your hair constantly falling in your face? Hello! That’s not romantic… at all. Whether your hair is blowing around from the wind, getting caught in your lip gloss, or ending up in your makeout buddy’s mouth, it is not cute.

Girls with short hair never have to worry about interrupting certain activities with their hair. [Read: 9 hot blowjob secrets to drive him wild with desire]

9. Less judgmental

Girls with short hair have already proven they don’t care what others think about them. I can almost guarantee every girl with short hair has gotten the comment, “you’d look so much better with long hair.” But they really don’t care what others have to say.

The same goes for how they see others. They won’t judge others for their appearances. They don’t care what you do with your hair or any other part of you. They’re generally not as judgmental as some others can be.

10. Check out those cheekbones

If she’s a girl who can pull off short hair like nobody’s business, then she probably has some pretty stunning facial features. Some of the most beautiful women in history have been those who can pull off the pixie cut. Their features basically scream at you from a distance.

11. Less common

When you’re with a girl with short hair, she catches people’s eyes walking by all the time. People still aren’t as used to seeing a woman with short hair, so they feel the need to stare as she goes by. And it might have to do with her crazy awesome features, too. [Read: 10 ways you can stand out from the crowd]

12. It is never boring

Girls with short hair tend to be a lot more fun and unpredictable. Short dark hair one day could turn into short colored hair the next. They’ll always keep you on your toes. Someone willing to make that bold choice will often make more.

13. Creativity

If you’ve ever witnessed a short-haired girl try to grow her hair back out, you’ll know just how creative they have to be in order not to look like a toddler who just woke up from a terrible nap.

14. No more sopping-wet hair dripping everywhere

Another upside to girls with short hair is that they won’t be dripping water everywhere after a shower. This is extremely beneficial right before bed. Not only will you have dry hair much quicker, but short hair will be easier to style.

15. Less money on styling products

Money that can be better spent elsewhere, like traveling or on something they’ve wanted for a long time, won’t be wasted on pricey hair products. Short hair means your products will last so much longer. You need a minimal amount of shampoo, a tiny bit of conditioner, and maybe a nice styling paste.

16. Shorter prep time

If you just scored last-minute tickets to a concert, girls with short hair can be out the door quicker than you can. They don’t have to worry about washing, drying, and styling their hair before they leave. Just a little bit of tousling, and they are all set. [Read: 18 ways to look pretty and sweet and catch his eye]

17. Sexy bedhead

They look like a rocker in the morning, not someone who spent all night tossing and turning. You will have less frizz, no knots, and less bed head. In fact, the bed head will look sexy instead of shocking.

18. No more neck sweats

Hello natural, personal air conditioner. Without all that hair acting as a heater on the back of their neck, girls with short hair won’t be whining about being too hot, even on a scorching day.

19. Decisiveness

Any girl who has what it takes to rock a short haircut is a girl who can probably handle anything life throws at her. When you have short hair, you’re usually the type of person who knows what you want and will take no BS.

20. The versatility

Don’t you want to be a woman who can rock all different types of looks? With just a simple outfit change, makeup redo, and a quick styling of your hair, you can pull off multiple styles. [Read: 10 telltale signs she’s a manic pixie dream girl]

Girls with short hair are amazing. If these reasons didn’t prove it, I don’t know what else to say. Maybe just try shopping off your hair and see how much you love it.

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