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12 Types of Promiscuous Women and How to Recognize Each of Them

There’s more than just one type of promiscuous women out there, you should know that. And this means the same thing when it comes to sexuality and openness.

Promiscuous Women Types

People give promiscuous women a bad rap and they shouldn’t. What’s wrong with a woman sexually liberated? Nothing. The only problem is that it intimidates other women and men. That’s why we label them negatively.

But in reality, they’re confident in themselves and love to have sex. Who doesn’t? Of course, unless you’re asexual. But if you’re not, amazing sex is on everyone’s mind. So, if you’re considered a promiscuous woman, don’t be shy. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Seriously. [Read: Have modern relationships changed for the better or worse?]

Types of promiscuous women

When it came to myself, I noticed men in particular were not pleased knowing that I dated a lot. They found that weird and unnecessary. But, when it came to them, it was okay to sleep around a lot or date as many women as they wanted. This is the problem, there’s a two-tier system when it comes to sexuality and promiscuity.

Actually, promiscuity is only really discussed when talking about women. What do you call a man that is promiscuous? A man. But in reality, both men and women are sexual beings, so get used to it. It’s time you learned the types of promiscuous women that exist in the world. Which one are you? If you’re one of them, be proud!

#1 The nymph. She genuinely loves having sex. She’s not doing it because she has daddy issues or because she’s insecure, she just really loves having sex. And honestly, can you blame her? People are going to call her a “slut” or “hoe.”

That’s simply because they don’t know how to handle her sexuality which for them clearly is a big issue, even though it’s none of their business. But she doesn’t care, why would she? She’s not doing anything wrong. [Read: The 12 positive lessons slutty girls teach us]

#2 The feminist. She’s having sex because she can. This girl isn’t trying to hide or tone down her sexuality to prevent offending anyone. If men have sex without getting slut-shamed, then why can’t a woman have sex? What’s the difference? That we’re delicate creatures? Fuck that. She has sex with whoever she wants because it’s her right. [Read: Unfaking porn and celebrating female sexuality]

#3 The hiding-in-the-closet-waiting-to-come-out. She’s probably done more things than you have, but she’s hiding it. Why? Because she’s afraid of what people will say about her. It’s pretty sad that though she’s sexually liberated, she hides it. It takes some time but eventually, she just needs to own her actions. There’s nothing wrong with it.

#4 The newbie. She’s a little new on the promiscuity scene and that’s sweet. We were all at that stage once. She could have been in a longterm relationship and only had one or two sexual experiences. Now, she wants to break loose and explore the world of dick. She’s interested in trying one night stands out, maybe even a bisexual experience, who knows.

#5 The rebel. Her parents don’t like the guy she’s with, great! She’s doing badly in school, even better. Her boyfriend dropped out of college. She’s struck gold. She’s a rebel, so she likes to take things up a notch and test out her luck.

If her parents told her to wait till marriage to have sex, well, she went and did the complete opposite the next day. [Read: 22 signs you’re the black sheep going against the herd]

#6 The 70s love child. This girl embraces other human beings and focusing on sexual and spiritual freedom and enlightenment. Though the sexual revolution happened in the 60s, she still pushes the movement and keeping it alive. This doesn’t mean she’s into orgies and hallucinogens, but, she may dabble in them from time to time.

#7 The Tinder pro. This is my shit right here, I was the queen of Tinder. I recently retired from Tinder, though, I hold it close to my heart. These ladies have Tinder dates lined up and mastered. Of course, this doesn’t mean we sleep with every date we go on, but there may be some second or third-base action. Why not? It’s fun!

#8 The down under lover. Oh yes, I think honestly, most women fall into this category, if  done right. They love to be eaten out, of course, by someone who knows how to eat well, if you catch my drift. If you eat her out well, she’ll spend the rest of her nights with you. [Read: What does it feel like to be eaten out?]

#9 The player. And you thought you were a player, just wait until you encounter one of these ladies. They juggle a couple of guys at one time, and you never notice. They know how to play the game and get you hooked in a minute. If you already fell for her and it’s only the first date. Well, you lost the game ’cause she’s just playing you.

#10 The virgin. She acts so innocently and pure when she’s in front of family and friends. But we all know that’s just a front. In bed, she’s wild. She may look at you with big eyes, but she knows exactly what she’s doing. She hides behind the virgin look because it saves her from being judged by others.

#11 The tease. She’s similar to a player, she just loves the mind games. She leads you on, manipulates you, and guys fight over her. It’s exciting, it’s dramatic, and it boosts her ego. Now, in reality, this actually works for her because the sex ends up being even better. [Read: 15 tantalizing ways to be a seductive tease]

#12 The artist. She loves sex for emotional connection. She wants to feel you, she wants to give herself to her partner but not because she loves you. She’s an artist and if she wants to create something she needs inspiration and progress in the field. So, maybe she’s sleeping with you to climb up the ladder or maybe she’s using you for a piece of work.

[Read: 16 reasons why being bad can feels so darn good]

Now that you know the different types of promiscuous women, which one do you think you are? Or maybe you’re a mix – even more exciting.

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