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30 Ophiuchus Traits That Make It One of the Most Awesome Signs!

Who knew? There is a 13th sign of the zodiac called the Ophiuchus. If it is making you re-evaluate, take heart. Ophiuchus traits are pretty awesome!

Ophiuchus traits

If you are asking what the Ophiuchus traits are, you aren’t alone! I will admit that I am not sure whether I believe in the whole zodiac thing or not. I will also admit that, almost like someone’s name, when someone tells you their “sign,” it typically rings true and makes you go “well yeah, of course.”

So, I was shocked to find that while I had my proverbial head in the clouds, not only did someone decide Pluto was no longer a planet, but that there is a 13th zodiac sign introduced.

What is the Ophiuchus sign?

Somewhere resting between the Scorpion and the Sagittarius is a “new sign” called the Ophiuchus. It encompasses people from November 29th to December 17th. Unbeknown to them, the millions of people who were born between these dates, now have to re-evaluate who they are and question what traits they are supposed to have. I am glad it isn’t me.

Being a Pisces, I would be very thrown to find out that I wasn’t who I was destined to be after all.

Not only is the 13th sign odd because the lucky number isn’t 13, but rather 12, it is the only sign that doesn’t have a polar opposite. Making it even more mysterious, it is fashioned after a real historical person by the name Imhotep who was alive in BCE during the 27th century in Egypt.

The good news is that if you are someone who has to re-think the whole zodiac sign thing, you will be happily surprised. The Ophiuchus traits are passionate, loving, and amazing, so fear not. It isn’t that the Scorpio or Sagittarius signs aren’t incredible on their own, but the Ophiuchus is pretty outstanding!

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The 30 Ophiuchus traits: The good, the bad, and the ugly…

Here are some of the Ophiuchus traits that make this signs stand out from the others.

#1 You aren’t into routine. The Ophiuchus is someone who holds contempt for the mundane. Needing to stir things up, you aren’t about a set routine or Groundhog day.

#2 Your instinctual acuity can be a problem. You are very instinctual, which can lead to you being a little impulsive at times. Be careful that can get you in trouble.

#3 You are fun and engaging. People like to be around you because you are funny, engaging, and, most of the time, happy. One of the strong Ophiuchus traits is lightheartedness, you can turn anyone’s mood around.

#4 Honesty is your strong suit. If someone is looking for some honesty, it can be found consulting an Ophiuchus. Honest sometimes even to a fault, you have no problem being brutally, or otherwise, honest.

#5 You are smart and clever. If someone were to describe you, they would have to include your cleverness and intellect. Highly intelligent, you are the first to think outside the box. [Read: Dating expectations – Type A vs. Type B personality]

#6 You are all about the heart over your head. You are someone who might end up getting hurt and sometimes making poor decisions because you let your heart take the lead and turn what your head says off whether it is a good decision or not.

#7 You are extremely passionate. One of the biggest defining Ophiuchus traits is your passionate. You have a thirst for life and a passion that drives you to live it to the fullest. Take no prisoners; you aren’t going to go out ever asking, “what if?”

#8 You are curious, imaginative, and creative. Typically someone who is into the arts, you have a tendency to be very creative and imaginative. You are also curious, which leads you to get in all sorts of new life experiences, good or bad. [Read: 15 INTJ personalities that make you the absolute best]

#9 You are highly charismatic. Due to your humor and thirst for life, you are very engaging and have a tendency to attract people. Much like a magnet, people just cling to you.

#10 You can be both persuasive and empathetic. Not only do you care greatly about the needs and concerns of others, but your persuasiveness is a tool that allows you to help them. You have a need to please people, but in a good way. [Read: 20 ways to know if you’re a people pleaser and don’t realize it]

#11 You have a strong sense of right and wrong. Justice is something that you not only preach, but live by. One of the strong Ophiuchus traits is a strong sense of morality. You are passionate about your sense of justice.

#12 You have roots in the arts. Due to your imagination and creativity, you are masterful with language and the written word. A writer at heart, you use words like the keys of a keyboard.

#13 You rock in bed. Because of your passion and attraction, you are a natural in the bedroom. Not only pleasing yourself, you know how to make sure your partner is pleased too. [Read: 14 sexy secrets to be incredibly good in bed all the time]

#14 You can be kind of quirky. All that passion and creativity can come across as being somewhat quirky and eccentric. Truly one of a kind, there are no two of you alike.

#15 You are driven by success. Not only are your motivated by success, but you often find it in whatever you do. Full speed ahead, you put all you have into your goals and never quit unless achieved. [Read: 25 traits that make you a typical Type A personality]

#16 You can’t be tamed. You have a disdain for authority, rules, and regulations. No one is going to fence you in or tame your passion.

#17 You aren’t shallow. Being an intellect, you aren’t going to waste your time on trivial or idle talk. If someone doesn’t have something to contribute, you can’t be bothered.

#18 No one is going to talk down to you. The thing you simply won’t tolerate is someone talking down to you or treating you like you are inferior. You have no problem calling someone out or rising above. When you have strong Ophiuchus traits, arrogance and pride sometimes get in the way, which doesn’t always pan out in the workplace.

#19 You are okay with praise. You not only won’t stop someone from lavishing you with comments, you encourage it. You are just fine with being number one and everyone knowing it and telling you so.

#20 Not alright with just accepting things, you seek the truth. Not about following blindly, you are all about finding out the truth. Always striving for higher wisdom, you aren’t satisfied with idle explanations that don’t make sense. [Read: 30 Alpha male characteristics that make you a real Alpha]

#21 You are typically on the defense. A people pleaser, you are rarely on the offense, you would rather defend than offend.

#22 You’re secretive. You are a mystery to those around you because you have an air of secrecy. Not an open book, you keep things under lock and key.

#23 You can’t be labeled. You don’t believe in being boxed in, nor do you fall within any social labels. You are your own self and refuse to allow someone to define you.

#24 You have a problem with monogamous relationships. Due to the passion which shines among the Ophiuchus traits, you have a hard time in monogamous relationships. Wanting to experience everything possible, one person for life simply doesn’t chide right with you.

#25 You have a tendency to be jealous. Probably because you have a hard time being faithful, you, likewise, have a hard time with jealousy. What is yours, is yours, period. [Read: 15 questions to reveal a controlling personality instantly]

#26 You can be overly critical. Sometimes a very judgmental person, you can come across as overly critical to those in your life and sometimes even those who aren’t.

#27 You aren’t that dependable. You can be very restless, which makes you not all that dependable and quite irresponsible at times. Compulsiveness is something you have a hard time taming.

#28 You are a procrastinator. If someone wants something from you, they better be prepared to wait. One of the worst negative Ophiuchus traits is procrastination.

#29 You have a hot temper. You can be violent with your temper, but you get over it quickly. That makes your flash-pan anger difficult to navigate.

#30 You can come across as sarcastic. Your humor is dry, and it sometimes can border on coming across as sarcastic and aloof.

If you thought you were either a Scorpion or a Sagittarius and recently found out that all you knew about yourself wasn’t true, take heart. The 13th sign is one that is passionate, magnetic and successful.

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Consider yourself lucky and unique to be the only sign that originates from a real character in history. And, be proud of the fact that you are unlike any other sign that came before. A one of a kind, the Ophiuchus traits are something to be celebrated!

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