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15 Millennial Problems That Reveal All Is Not Instagram Perfect

Being a millennial isn’t as easy as it looks on Instagram. In real life, it’s not always the same picture. These are 15 real millennial problems we face these days.

Millennial Problems

I remember my high school teacher telling us that millennials would change the way the world works, that companies would look to please us. If you’re a millennial, you’re probably rolling your eyes. You know what’s really going on and the millennial problems we face.

Older generations may have thought that millennials would be the generation that gets it all. In reality, we’re the ones losing out the most.

At our age, our parents, were working, buying a home, getting married—not us. Instead, we’re still trying to figure out if we can afford Beyoncé concert tickets. Truth. [Read: Your guide to growing up and facing life like an adult]

15 must-know millennial problems

And as we get older, it’s getting harder. But I don’t need to tell you that, you already know what it’s like. As a millennial, you’re probably sick and tired of our generation, and I can’t blame you.

More importantly, you’ve probably tried to explain this to your parents, aunts, and uncles, and well, they’re not as sympathetic as you thought they’d be. The next time you’re having Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner and they ask you, why haven’t you moved out of your parent’s place? Well, use some of these pointers. No, wait, use them all.

They deserve to sit and listen to your millennial problems rant. Because if you’re a millennial, you probably have these problems.

#1 We’re the largest generation. You’d think that since we’re the largest generation, the world would be geared to making us happy, but that’s not the case. [Read: The night and day differences of the millennial and baby boomer generations]

#2 We’re too smart. Compared to older generations, like the baby boomers, millennials are actually the most educated generation walking this earth. But that comes with a price. Since most millennials have a university degree, there are more educated workers available than needed. [Read: How to find your passion in the simple things]

#3 We can’t afford to move out. You probably heard the stories of your parents moving out when they were eighteen and getting a full-time job but those stories are a thing of the past. Now, we don’t live at home because we want to, we live at home because we have no other options. Sounds fun, right?

#4 We’re all depressed or anxious. Doesn’t this generation sound fun? Well, if you’re reading this list then you already know why we’re depressed and anxious. The world isn’t looking too bright for us, yet, we still have the same responsibilities as our parents, just without jobs or a roof above our heads.

It’s not a quarter-life crisis, it’s just the realization that our timelines aren’t the same as other generations.

#5 We’re unemployed. I’m not talking about part-time jobs. When it comes down to unemployment rates, the highest generation of unemployment are millennials. Though we may want a job, the fact is, baby boomers are holding onto their positions until they croak. You can retire now! Please! [Read: Weird trends millennials will have to explain to their kids]

#6 We’re obsessed with success. Well, now since I found out you can make money by selling Detox Tea on Instagram, how can I not be obsessed with the thought of success. Millennials have been taught that they can succeed if they work hard, and that’s the problem. Hard work doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.

#7 We love our student loans. Most of us went to university because our parents strongly nudged us to, and now, we’re up to our necks in student loans. Oh, and we’re either unemployed or working part-time at a coffee shop. None of us would care if we had a well-paying job, oh, yeah, about that…

#8 We don’t interact with each other. Of course, if you think “liking” a post or photo is interacting then yeah, we are. But we’re becoming less connected with sitting down at a coffee shop with a friend for coffee. Most of us won’t pick up our phones when someone calls – why? Because we don’t want to interact with people, we’d rather watch people on our phones.

#9 Phone is life. I went one month without wifi and though I thought I would die, it was a breath of fresh air. You don’t realize how suffocating your phone is until you don’t have it with you. But millennials are glued to their phone and when a battery dies, you better watch out or have an electrical socket available. 

#10 We’re all struggling, but lying to each other. You’ll never see someone on Instagram posting a photo of them struggling unless it’s in a comedic way. But the fact is, we’re all struggling but we’re pretending that everything’s okay. We’re all hiding from the same thing. [Read: How to understand the true dangers of social media]

#11 Is it Insta worthy? That’s right. So many millennials are now deciding where to go based on whether or not they’ll be able to take photos which will be Insta worthy. It’s all about status and likes, which means people are choosing where they’ll take a selfie over an actual experience.

#12 It’s all about casual sex. Some millennials are in relationships but that’s not as common as you think. Most of us are sticking with causal sex, staying away from commitment altogether. Now with dating sites like Tinder, you can go through an endless amount of options, and as you can tell, we all like options.

#13 We need our parents’ help. You may want to buy a house, but you’ll need your parents’ help and wallet. Though no one wants to rely on their parents for help, the fact is, we need help. Millennials who are strapped for cash turn to their parents for help. This money usually goes towards food, rent, insurance, and basic bills.

#14 The rent keeps rising. Many of us aren’t even thinking about owning a home. Firstly, we don’t want to be tied down, and secondly, have you seen the prices? Nowadays, most millennials, if they want to move out, have to find a place with two or three roommates. How else are they going to afford the rent? [Read: 15 ways to live your life to the fullest]

#15 We can’t save. It’s not because we don’t want to, but let’s be honest, things are getting expensive. Though we could bury ourselves into our homes and not spend a dime, the fact is, rent, food, and loans are keeping us from saving some money for future investments.

[Read: How to break through the rut of what am I doing with my life]

Though being a millennial has its perks, we are certainly full of millennial problems. Do you relate to some of these issues? Well, you’re not alone.

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