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Lesbian Stereotypes: 15 Common Clichés We Hear About All the Time

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of using stereotypes. But have you ever thought about the lesbian stereotypes that you have? I bet you haven’t.

Lesbian Stereotypes

There are stereotypes for literally every type of person whether you’re lesbian, gay, straight, tall, or short. Whatever you are, there’s a stereotype out there for you.

It’s somewhat natural for us to use stereotypes, and there’s so much information out there that the only way to handle it is to place it under a label to “better” understand. If you see a girl with glasses on reading a book in a library, in your mind, she’s already labelled as a “nerdy bookworm.”

The most common lesbian stereotypes we’ve all come across

So, what are the lesbian stereotypes out there? Maybe you’re a lesbian yourself or have friends who are lesbians, or maybe you’re just curious to know what the stereotypes are. Well, I’m here to give them to you.

#1 Lesbians hunt for straight women. Well, I wouldn’t say that. If anything, they help women who are closeted to come out and experience their desires. I understand why men assume that lesbians “convert” straight women, but, that’s not the case, fellas. [Read: 15 ridiculous lesbian myths that you probably still believe]

#2 Lesbians look like dudes. Right… all lesbians are butch… interesting. Maybe it’s because of what you’ve seen in the movies, however, lesbians can be feminine as well. In fact, there’s no actual dress code to be a lesbian. Some women feel more masculine than others, that’s really it. This is one of the most common lesbian stereotypes.

#3 In every lesbian couple, one’s a “man” and the other a “woman.” What? Okay, let me say first off that this isn’t true. Sure, there are many lesbian couples where one is butch and the other is femme, however, butch can be with butch and femme with femme. One doesn’t have to be the man in the relationship.

#4 Lesbian sex isn’t sex. Maybe in the most scientific sense if you’re strictly speaking penetration with a male penis, sure, you can go with that thought. But really, lesbians have sex. Oral sex, penetration with a dildo, foreplay – this IS sex. [Read: How do lesbians have sex? 10 truths about girl on girl sex]

#5 All lesbians have short hair. Sure, and then there are some that have long hair. Some have curly hair, some have straight hair – I’m starting to sound like a Dr. Suess book. Point is, lesbians style their hair however they want.

#6 Lesbians hate men. They don’t hate men. Trust me, lesbians do not hate men. Men are able to have healthy relationships with lesbian women. I think the problem comes when men feel threatened that lesbians are coming and “stealing their women.” She wasn’t straight, dude! Calm your ego.

#7 Lesbians can’t be friends with straight women. Actually, shockingly, you can be friends with someone regardless of their sexual preference. You know, you’re pretty cocky if you think everyone wants to sleep with you. They may just want to be your friend instead. [Read: 15 lesbian dating tips for the newly out lez]

#8 Lesbians love threesomes. Who came up with this? So many people assume that lesbians love to have threesomes with straight couples. Listen, lesbians are human beings – now, they do like to have sex and some do like to have threesomes with couples, but not all of them. Some just want a monogamous relationship.

#9 Lesbians just haven’t met the right guy. If a woman is interested in men and women, she’s bisexual, not a lesbian. So, in that case, she may change between dating a woman and a man. However, if she’s a lesbian, the chances are, she’s not waiting for the right guy. She’s waiting for the right girl.

#10 Lesbians love sports. Some lesbians do, and some lesbians are really good at sports. But then there are lesbians who prefer to read or go to music festivals. See where I’m heading with this? Shockingly, lesbians do not all share the same interests. This isn’t like a special club. [Read: What is it really like to have a lesbian experience?]

#11 All lesbians are vegetarian. Is this true? Are they all vegetarian? If so, that would be great. They’re collectively making a difference to our planet, that’s pretty commendable. But, odds are, there are lesbians who eat meat. Sorry to let you down on this one.

#12 Lesbian bed death. Rumor has it, that when lesbians get into a relationship they stop having sex with each other. Well, Professor Karen Blair, a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex found that lesbians do have less sex than straight women, however, lesbian sex lasts longer. The answer is, lesbian sex makes you tired and fulfilled so you don’t need to have it as often.

#13 Lesbians reject dominant beauty standards. Well, I’m happy to inform you that this is true. In fact, lesbians have better body images in comparison to straight women. They also define beauty in much broader terms as well. This is a pretty good stereotype if you ask me… it’s positive. [Read: Closet lesbian – 15 telltale signs you have a lesbian wife]

#14 Lesbians are moody. Women, in general, are more emotionally expressive than men. However, if you’re a lesbian, you’re not given more emotion than straight women. It doesn’t work like that. Lesbians are humans, so naturally, they have emotions which can range from happy to sad. And so do you!

#15 Lesbians have a history of abuse. No, lesbians, in general, do not have a history of abuse, nor do they have daddy issues. This stereotype probably is used to help men who don’t understand why a woman won’t sleep them. Listen, her uncle didn’t molest her and she goes out for coffee with her dad every Thursday.

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So, now that you’re filled up with lesbian stereotypes, and even though we create them to help us, they actually do more harm than good. Wash those stereotypes right out of your head!

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