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15 INTJ Personality Traits That Make Them the Absolute Best

If you’re someone who thinks you’ve found that special someone and they have INTJ personality traits, here’s why they’re the absolute best.

INTJ Personality Traits

When it comes to people being individuals, their personality plays a huge role. Sure, each person has a unique personality, and they behave like none other. But everyone falls within 16 different personalities. At least, according to the Myers-Briggs personality test, that is.

If you’ve never taken this test and you don’t know what your personality is, going here will take you to a short quiz – about 10 minutes – that’ll tell you which personality type you fall under.

What does INTJ stand for?

If you’re unfamiliar with the basis of this test, then these letters put together mean nothing. Therefore, I’ll explain them to you. INTJ stands for introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging. The combination of these traits give you the personality type known as the Architect.

The test works on a number of different psychological bases. The quiz is given in a form where you read a statement and then judge if you agree or disagree with that statement. All of your answers compiled gives you which personality type you are, and it also gives you varying degrees of how introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging you are. [Read: Why introverts are much more than just shy and awkward]

INTJ personality traits that make them the best

This personality type is quite rare. In fact, they make up only 2% of the population. The only personality type that is more rare is the INFJ – which is very similar to the INTJ and only makes up 1% of the population. It gets even more rare, however, if you’re a woman and an INTJ. You make up only .8% of everyone in the world.

So what is it about this special personality type that makes it so much better than the rest? Well, I’ll tell you with a list of all the INTJ personality traits that make them the best. If you haven’t found yourself this type of person yet, you better get looking.

#1 They’re unique. Like I mentioned about, INTJs make up only 1%-2% of the entire population. The combination of their specific traits are such a rarity that it’s not often found. This means that if you find someone like this, you’re very unlikely to find another – so hold on tight. [Read: INTJ women – 23 tips to decode their traits and win them over]

#2 They’ve got serious imagination. This personality type lends itself to someone with a really creative and imaginative mind. It’s no wonder most of this type are artistic and think out-of-the-box.

#3 They have the energy to put their imagination to good use. They’re really imaginative, and they have a tendency to have a lot of energy to put into their ideas and creations. They don’t like to sit idly by letting their mind go to waste. They go after their ideas and make them a reality in any way possible.

#4 They’re curious. To many, this would be one of the best INTJ personality traits. Some people say that this is a bad trait because, “curiosity killed the cat.” Whereas others will say that curiosity leads to new inventions and creations.

The best thing about this personality type is that they never have their curiosity satiated. They will go to no end to learn new things. [Read: 15 awkward questions guys wish they could ask girls]

#5 They’re driven to improve themselves. Some people are forever happy with who they are, even if they never improve another day in their lives. INTJ personality types are NOT this way.

They see themselves as something that constantly needs improvement, not because they’re not good enough, but because they want to be the best and do anything it takes to do that. So if you’re into self-improvement too, then this is one of the INTJ personality traits that you’ll love. [Read: How to be perfect in every single thing you do]

#6 They enjoy a quiet night at home. All of that being said, it seems as though this type would like to be out and about exploring the world. However, the opposite is true. They prefer to work out their findings and thoughts alone. This means they’ll enjoy a nice night at home over going out and about any day.

#7 They’re witty. This personality type is just intelligent in general. They know how the world works because they’ve put in the time to find out, and this lends itself to a very creative and witty person.

They can come back with snarky comments and facts that will throw you completely off your game. Don’t try to outsmart an INTJ because they will always be one step ahead of you. Whether this is one of the  good INTJ personality traits is really up to you to decide. [Read: Ready to charm? How to be witty and win anyone over]

#8 They’re very knowledgeable about a lot of stuff. They like to learn. They read, they research, and their curiosity leads them to be really knowledgeable individuals. They know a lot of information about the most random topics simply because if they’re curious about it, they’ll learn about it. Therefore, if you need a trivia partner, an INTJ is the person to have.

#9 Loyal as all hell. When most people talk about loyalty, they aren’t even beginning to touch on what it means to have, or to get, the loyalty of an INTJ. This is one of the strongest traits they possess and one of the best.

If you win over an INTJ, they will literally be 100% loyal to you until the day they die. Getting their loyalty, however, is going to be the tricky part as they only give it to a precious few in their lives. That’s one of the best things about INTJ personality traits. [Read: 5 unique traits that make a person trustworthy]

#10 They’re very open-minded. Because INTJs are so curious and want to gain all of the knowledge, they’re really open-minded. If you have an idea or thought that is unlike any other, they’re going to be the ones take it all in and feed off of it.

#11 They’re extremely rational. This is sometimes said to be a bad thing in this personality type, but I think that depends on who’s asking. Sometimes people take a split second to think about something and just go with their gut. This isn’t an INTJ.

They take their time and rationally think over every possibility before diving into something. If you want someone who thinks things through and makes the best decision for them, an INTJ is that person. [Read: 10 simple ways to calmly deal with difficult people]

#12 They notice the little things. They’re one of the most observant people out there. If you get a haircut, they’ll know. If you start wearing a new cologne or perfume, they’ll know. They notice just about everything in their surroundings.

#13 More determined than most. Their determination is what sets them apart from other personality types. If they want to do something, there is very little that can sway them from reaching their goals. Many people think this is one of the greatest INTJ personality traits. [Read: 11 tips to fall in love with yourself and be a better you]

#14 The most confident. Despite them being very introverted people, they’re actually some of the most confident of all the personality types. This is mainly because of their ability to gain a lot of knowledge and the importance they place on that knowledge.

This is the best because people who lack confidence usually have a whole host of other problems to deal with. Ultimately, confident people usually stay true to who they are and expect nothing but respect.

#15 Anything is possible with them. They’re really just a wild card. You may think you know what an INTJ is up to, but they’ll completely shock you. Since they spend their time mulling over decisions before they take action, you might not have a clue what they’re up to. This makes them the opposite of boring.

[Read: INTJ relationship – 15 things you need to know to decode them]

INTJs are a really unique personality type that have a lot going for them. If you wanted to know what makes the INTJ personality traits the best, this is why.

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