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High School Stereotypes: The 19 Cliques You’ll Bump Into In School

You may have seen stereotypes in the movies. But in real life? Here are all the high school stereotypes you’ll definitely bump into, wherever you go!

High School Stereotypes

Okay, no one likes stereotyping. But you can’t help but accept that sometimes, a few stereotypes do exist, and it’s just a fact of life, especially in high school. Maybe all of these people watched far too many teen movies, and decided to pick a role model. Or maybe it’s just the way it’s always been. If you want to glimpse into the world of stereotypes, there’s no better place to start than with high school stereotypes!

They’re all over the place, and no matter where you go, you’ll find the same clique doing the same things! If you’ve seen Mean Girls *a movie that’s almost two whole decades old*, then you’ve been shown a load of high school stereotypes. Although you think that those are just movies with fictional characters, well, I’m sorry to say, those are the types of characters you’re going to meet in high school.

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19 common high school stereotypes you WILL come across

Now, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. Sure, there are a lot of people who fit into these categories, however, many people fit into various social settings. So, if you find yourself in a stereotype, you should know it’s not some label that’s forever branded on your ass.

Take a look at these typical high school stereotypes, and see where you fit in. If it’s something you like, yay, good for you! But if you’d like to see yourself differently, well, the world is your oyster! [Read: 12 easy steps for a dramatic life change and makeover]

Let the madness begin.

1. The Mean Girl

This is one of the high school stereotypes most people know about. Everyone in school follows her on Instagram, everyone hangs out in places she recommends, she’s incredibly hot. All the girls want to be her and all the guys want to try to touch her boobs. The difference between her and the other girls is that she knows she’s hot.

She’s one step ahead because she has discovered confidence. You’ll discover it too in your own time. But in high school, confidence is something that many people don’t have, thus, this is why she’s a bitch. She runs shit. [Read: The mean girl – 25 traits to recognize her and stay clear]

2. The Overachiever

They stay in school an hour longer just to complete their science project, and after that, they have debate and swim class. They do it all, and they do it really well. Will they become doctors? Yes. Will they marry someone who’s equally as amazing? Yes. Will they have a mental break down at 35? Yes.

3. That Couple Who’s Always Making Out

They’re the ones who look like those couples on the back of inspirational Instagram quotes. You know the ones I’m talking about. They’re lovey dovey all the time, always rubbing noses, and caressing each other’s necks. Ugh. Don’t worry, they’ll have a messy break up before college. [Read: 6 reasons why most high school sweethearts just won’t last long together]

4. The Bro

Brooooo. Okay, these are the stereotypical high school guys are the ones with two brain cells. You love to hate them, but there’s one problem. They throw really good house parties. So, you’ll put up with their stupid sayings until you graduate. [Read: Chad Thundercock and 15 reasons why you really don’t have to envy his life]

5. The Artist

This is a group of high school stereotypes that are dedicated to the art. They know all the famous artists that you probably didn’t even know existed. They are deep, yet not entirely approachable people. They just don’t let anyone in. You’ll have to put in a little extra elbow grease if you want to be friends with them.

6. The Sexual Experimenter

One day they’re dating a guy, the next day it’s a girl. They’re just trying to figure out what they’re into. It may not be a big deal nowadays, but when I was in high school, they were treading into unknown territory. Hmmm… this may be sort of one of the newer high school stereotypes. [Read: Sexually fluid – What does this even mean in the dating world?]

7. The Really Nice Nerd

They’ll help you out with your biology homework, they’ll say hi to you in the halls and you always have a place at their lunch table. They’re just good people who are nerdy. So what? They’re better than the bros. [Read: The 18 pros and cons of dating a nerdy girl you should know about]

8. The Horny Virgin

They have yet to touch a penis or vagina and you can clearly see that they’re going insane. They’ve hit the peak of sexual frustration, however, they’re somewhat hesitant to approach someone they’re interested in. Help this person. Help this person achieve their dreams so they can break out of this one and join the ranks of one of the other high school stereotypes.

9. The Class Clown

The class clown has family issues, perhaps their father left them when they were young and their mother works night shifts. Point being, they need attention. No one can have that level of attention-seeking without being neglected. So, that’s why they come to class and act like an idiot for an hour and a half. [Read: People pleaser – 20 common signs most people just don’t see]

10. The Social Outcasts

These people don’t want to conform to the structure of society, have to sit at the right cafeteria table, and wear the latest trends. They don’t care.

They’re more concerned about music, arts, politics, and what’s really going on in the world. By the way, they are much cooler than some of the other high school stereotypes. [Read: How to be more social and genuinely connect with others]

11. The Stoner 

I highly recommend watching Dazed and Confused from way, way back *ahem, 1993, anyone? Or is that too ancient for you?*, if you want to better understand the stoner culture. These guys believe that the source to solving all problems is by rolling a joint. I don’t know if it’s true, but let’s not knock their theory.

Stoners are chill and just want to enjoy life. They’ll talk to you about anything, laugh, listen to Bob Marley – as long as you don’t bring up a negative topic. They want it to be all good.

12. The Athletically Gifted Jock

Many people will assume that those who are jocks have two brain cells that can barely rub together – a high school stereotype within a stereotype. Jocks are athletically gifted people. Are they thought of being dumb? Yes. Are they dumb? No.

13. The Emo/Goth Kid

These kids are expressive with their emotions. They’re all about depth and soul. Sure, they’re into some crazy shit, but they’re fun to talk to. You may be hesitant to approach them. I mean, they do wear a lot of black, but that’s just a facade.

14. The Preps

They’re the ones who are all about wearing the hottest trends, being dropped off in Mercedes Benzes and unable to say a sentence without using the word “like.” They’re not bad people, but they’re all about the Instagram followers, social media trends and looking cool. [Read: 23 secret signs of narcissism people overlook until it’s too late]

15. Drama Kids

Drama kids are just the annoying bunch of all high school stereotypes! They’re just overly expressive and need constant attention. They get better when they leave high school… they simmer down a bit. They’re fun to be around during parties because they’re all about making a scene.

16. The Floaters

Ah, yes, the ones who are everywhere! Floaters have no definite clique because they don’t fit any of them 100%. They spend their lunches floating around from group to group and everyone likes them. The floaters are friends with everyone because they don’t care about the cliques. [Read: The life of the party – How to be noticed and loved by everyone]

17. The Gay Guy

Well, nowadays, there’s probably more than just one out-of-the-closet gay guy in your class. I mean, we’re well into the 2020s. But even so, there will always be THE gay guy. He stands out among the rest. Every girl wants to be his friend, he knows how to do makeup, how to style your hair, how to pick out the right outfit. He is your personal stylist.

18. The Guy From a Foreign Land

Maybe he’s an exchange student, or his family recently immigrated. Point is, he has an accent and wears clothes that were seen in 80s movies. But, if you befriend him, you’ll get to meet his family and eat authentic foreign food. Plus, this is one of those high school stereotypes where this person turns out to be a good guy. [Read: The 26 naughtiest things you can ever say in a foreign language]

19. The Trendy Hipsters

Right, where do I start with this? They wear glasses without lenses and plaid shirts which indicate that they enjoy nature but also city living. Whatever is trending on Instagram, it’s too late. They already took it over. They’re not actually as into psychology as they claim to be, but it completes the image.

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Now don’t go shaking your head and deny that high school stereotypes don’t exist! Whether we accept it or not, all of us have a way of finding the ones who are similar to us, and gravitating towards them. And in all probability, you could fit a few of your friends and people you know into these stereotypes as you read them. Well, what’s high school supposed to be about anyways, if not for cliques and drama?

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