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An Old Soul Weighs In: The 15 Truest Characteristics of an Old Soul

Ever heard someone refer to themselves as an old soul? Wonder if you fall into the category? Well, what are the characteristics of an old soul?

characteristics of an old soul

Plenty of people have called me an old soul. Aunts, uncles, my mom’s friends, my own friends, you name it. But what actually are the characteristics of an old soul?

Pretty much an old soul can mean someone who is more mature than most people their age. It is someone that shows a stronger appreciation and understanding of things their peers tend to overlook. They can also be described as wise beyond their years.

What is an old soul?

Whether you want to know if you are an old soul, if someone else is, or find out what it really means after someone described you as an old soul, keep reading.

An old soul is a compliment in every way. Sure, someone your age might use it as an insult to describe you as boring or not with the times, but the times are overrated if you ask me.

An old soul might be a young child who gives wise advice. An old soul could be a teenager who can write a novel that touches the hearts of millions. An old soul is someone that stands out amongst their peers whether with their personality, their hobbies, their interests, or just their vibe.

On the other hand, a young soul may be a grandmother that instead of baking cookies and knitting goes skydiving and go-carting every chance she gets. See the difference? [Read: How to step out and live life to the fullest]

Are you an old soul?

Have you always felt like an outsider? Maybe as a kid, you got along with adults better than your classmates. Someone who grew up around a lot of adults and not many kids may be an old soul. Do you feel like you were meant to live in another time?

Do you prefer music from decades ago as opposed to what is popular on the radio now? Do you like to take the slow lane? Do you like to stop and look at things and enjoy them? Do you prefer making things from scratch, the old-fashioned way?

All of these things can be signs that you are an old soul. Of course, there is no black and white test that will tell you that you are an old soul or not. It is not like the soul of an old person is inside of you and taking a quiz can determine it or not.

Rather, you can have the characteristics of an old soul. You can have plenty that categorizes you as a young soul too. Just like you can be a percentage introvert and a percentage extrovert, being an old soul is the same. You are not all old soul or young soul. 

What are the characteristics of an old soul?

If you read these characteristics and consistently find yourself saying “that’s me” to yourself, you are almost definitely an old soul. But, if you read this list and say “hell, no” to yourself over and over, you are probably more of a young soul.

But, even the youngest soul may find some common ground with these older soul characteristics.

#1 You are emotionally stable. Someone that is an old soul, at any age, is emotionally stable. If something that would cause others to throw a fit happens, you stay strong. You cry and show emotion, but do not overreact. [Read: How to be emotionally stable and find your perfect zone of calmness]

#2 You give sage advice. Do you notice people coming to you for advice? Whether it is about a life change, relationship, or job, they trust you to give worthwhile advice. [Read: How to fine tune your internal compass]

#3 You have experienced more than others your age. Often, old souls are born through dealing with a lot of life in fewer years. Someone who has faced tragedy or struggle is forced to grow up a lot faster than others. Meaning, they endured a lot and learned a lot.

#4 You prefer to spend time with those older than you. When you’re at a family gathering, do you gravitate towards your grandparents? If you thrive off hearing stories from those who came before you rather than chatting with others your age, you may very well be an old soul.

#5 You find it difficult to connect with those your age. Sure, you have friends your own age, but if you find it hard to connect on certain topics like pop culture and the latest trends you may be an old soul, or at least have the tendencies of an old soul.

#6 You love to learn. Old souls love to learn, often by reading. Old souls understand that there is so much knowledge in the world and no one with ever obtain it all, but you can learn as much as possible while you’re here.

#7 You prefer music, art, and film, from the past. If your taste in everything from TV to music to movies and more pulls back in time, you may have qualities of an old soul. Sure, you may like some current entertainment too, but you prefer the older sound. You may like current music that pulls inspiration from the oldies and movies and TV that takes place in the past. [Read: Don’t let these 15 things sabotage your life]

#8 You know what matters to you. Are you decisive? This is one of the strong characteristics of an old soul. You know what matters most and who you are. You do not wonder if your job or your family deserves more time.

#9 You are open minded. Someone with an old soul is patient. You hear out everyone’s point of view. You do not have the ego or obstinance to shut down a way of thinking, existence, or belief. [Read: How to be cultured in a social media obsessed world]

#10 You prefer the quiet. If you go to the movies and think “Wow, this is so loud,” you are at least partly an old soul. If you prefer a quiet lounge to a dance club, you may be an old soul. 

#11 You don’t mind long drives. Something about old souls makes them like a long drive, not traffic, but a long drive is less stressful and more relaxing than for others. It lets you take in the sights, think, listen to music, and just be.

#12 You are rational. People who are not old souls have irrational tendencies. They can act based solely on their emotions, make rash decisions, and do before thinking. Old souls are rational and think things through before acting.

#13 You are not in a rush. Old souls take things slow. If you find yourself driving slower, walking slower, and just taking your time rather than rushing, you may be an old soul. Those who are young souls usually rush around. They want to get as much done as they can. But, old souls do not mind taking it easy.

#14 You trust your own judgment. Old souls have a lifetime’s worth of experience. They know that they can trust their judgment. They respect their limits and other people’s limits too. [Read: How self-respect affects you and the relationship you have]

#15 You pick your battles wisely. An old soul stays calm unless something else is needed. If you find yourself calm when others are worked up you may be an old soul, especially if you give others a sense of calm. You also don’t lash out or yell unless required for a situation.

You share your story, experiences, and opinions, but hold back if unwarranted. You often listen to others before making your decision whether or not to share.

[Read: How to know if someone have emotional maturity]

Having the characteristics of an old soul makes you one-of-a-kind. You might click better with the older generation or your fellow old souls more than your average peer, but that is not a weakness, it is a strength to be appreciated.

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