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Pregnancy Experiences – The Stages for Mothers-to-Be

Those nine months with a stork on the way is an experience that no mother can ever forget. Within the womb of a pretty young mum-to-be is a life that is being nurtured in a tiny corner of her tummy. Read this mother’s experience during the different stages of her pregnancy.

stages of pregnancy

New mums are asked to be cautious and a lot of do’s and don’ts are suggested to them. But every new mother’s experiences are unique and special. Here is how it went for Rhea, a new mum.

Month One: I don’t feel like I’m pregnant. Everything feels normal, but I do feel like there’s something in my tummy. I get tired easily, and do get an occasional cramp in my stomach. I’ve started craving for sweets and just can’t stop eating cakes and pastries.

Month Two: I’ve been told that I might have symptoms of morning sickness, but I haven’t had any of it yet. Strong flavors put me off, especially shampoos and perfumes. My nose is sharper and the sense of smell is more acute. I feel a little depressed at times, and feel bloated.

Month Three: I feel queasy at times, and my stomach seems to have swollen up just a little bit. I feel even more bloated and feel like I’m full of water. I feel tight all over, like I’m filling up with air at times. I’m depressed at times, and just don’t look good in my clothes anymore.

Month Four: People have started noticing the baby bump, and I’m being congratulated everywhere I go. I feel great, and my skin has started glowing. I feel very restless and go out often. I’m happy, and also very, very hungry. For the first time, I feel like I’m eating for two people, and that makes me more happy!

Month Five: My stomach’s got really big, and I have difficulties sleeping at night, and find it even more difficult to turn around. My bump’s pretty big and obvious now. I eat like there’s no tomorrow, and love all kinds of food other than meat! I feel like puking each time I smell steaks. I’m still very happy, but famished by afternoon.

Month Six: I spend hours in front of the mirror watching my little baby grow. I’m still hungry, and I’ve started to feel like a baby walrus each time I walk around. I have difficulty stopping and moving. My trips to the kitchen have increased, and I’m eating so much I’m shocked myself. I’m hungry every hour. I am now officially addicted to chocolates, and eat several bars of rich chocolates every day.

Month Seven: Okay, now I’m getting pissed off. I can’t get off the bed easily, and I can’t move walk around for long. My husband laughs each time he sees me try to get off the bed, but that pisses me off all the more. Every mundane task has become difficult, and my entire body aches all the time. I find myself feeling breathless most of the time, and that scares me. But other than that, life’s still good.

Month Eight: I’m big now. And the baby’s really heavy. I can’t move around much and spend most of the time in bed. My body hurts all the time, especially by back. My skin feels oily and my face is lumpy. I don’t feel pretty, and I think I’m starting to get pimples. Loads of them! Aargh, now I’m pissed.

Month Nine: I’m big, clumsy and irritable all the time. My acne has gone from mild to terrible in a week. My face is covered with acne, and so is my back. I want to eat, but I can’t each much because I have no “stomach-space” left. I feel tired and breathless, and just want the baby out of me! Well, I’m still happy though!

And then there was… my baby!

I gave birth four days before the due date to a beautiful baby girl. And as I held that little bundle of joy in my hands, all of those nine months where she was nestled in my tummy came rushing into my mind.

And I knew right then, it was so worth it!

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