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Social Butterfly: 13 Advantages of Being Outgoing and Friendly

Being a social butterfly isn’t a goal everyone has, but maybe it should be. There are many advantages to being the one person everyone talks to.

Social Butterfly

Some people may call social people annoying. They may not understand how it is someone can seemingly get along with just about everyone. But there’s no denying that a social butterfly has a way of getting what they want.

There’s just something different about people who can easily walk into a room and talk to anyone. Firstly, they make an impression. Secondly, they have a much easier time getting to know everyone they meet. For those of us who aren’t social butterflies, it’s harder.

How to be social when you’re just not

We’ve already established that being a social butterfly definitely has its advantages, but what if you’re just not someone who’s very sociable? What if you absolutely hate it? Luckily, there are ways to make yourself more open and outgoing.

You have to at least try. I know it can be easy to simply say you hate socializing and then stay home. But if you want to reap the advantages of being a social butterfly, you have to make the effort. Go out and practice talking to as many people as possible. That definitely helps make you more social. [Read: How to be more social and connect with others easily]

The advantages of being a social butterfly

Some of the most successful people out there are very social beings. Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have success if you’re not social, it just goes to show that being a social butterfly has its advantages.

If you’re struggling with being social and want a little something extra to motivate you, this will help. These reasons for being a social butterfly are very compelling. You’ll be out and about meeting new people ASAP.

#1 You meet new people. When you’re social, you network like crazy. You may not even realize that networking is something you’re doing when you’re simply chatting with a stranger at a restaurant, but you are.

Not only will you be able to get your name out there, but you could meet someone who has the power to influence your life in many ways. They could be a recruiter for a huge agency you’ve been trying to get an interview with. You never know what being social can do for you. [Read: 16 exciting ways to meet new people]

#2 You can keep conversations going easily. Being a great conversationalist is a skill many people just don’t have. However, the benefits of being able to keep a conversation going are immense. You can connect with people better and form relationships much easier than others.

#3 You’re more likely to get a promotion. Social butterflies are usually the people getting the promotions at work. While others may find this annoying, it’s because of their social skills.

When they go out of their way to talk to others, they’re creating bonds that can help them further their career. People want to advance those they like and want to work with more and that person is usually a social butterfly.

#4 You’ll be the person people go to for help. Being known as helpful and someone who gives advice is always a great thing. People will flock to you and want to tell you about their problems. This is beneficial because you’ll get to know people on a deeper level. It also strengthens their trust in you. [Read: 15 ways to be helpful and loved by others instantly]

#5 You feel more fulfilled. Humans crave interaction with one another. When you have strong relationships and those who trust you deeply, you’re more satisfied with your life. You’ll be happier and more fulfilled with what you’re doing if you’re a social butterfly.

#6 You form stronger bonds with others. Having a great relationship with many people is extremely beneficial. You’ll be the person they think of when they need help. You’ll also be the person they suggest to others who need help and this only broadens your horizons and opportunities. [Read: 18 ways to build strong, lasting friendships]

#7 You’ll live longer. Now, this is more scientific than anything else. Science has proven time and time again that being social can make you live longer. The interaction with others can help elongate your life by giving it meaning and even reducing stress – something that can take years off.

#8 Stronger immune system. If you’re a social butterfly, you interact with many different people. Those people will bring you into contact with many viruses and infections you may not even realize they have.

But by being exposed to many different things, your immune system is always on edge and working hard. This strengthens it and you’ll find that social butterflies get sick much less often than homebodies.

#9 Lowers risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. It’s been proven that having an active social life can prolong and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Interacting with many different people has such a positive effect on your memory that its impact can run deeper than you think. So for the health of your brain, get out there and be social.

#10 You’re better at communicating effectively. We all know how beneficial communication is – especially in your relationships. You need to be able to open up to others and share your feelings with them.

If you can’t, you’ll run into all kinds of issues. You’ll hold your emotions inside and they can deteriorate your mental health. A social butterfly doesn’t have those problems because they’re regularly talking to others and getting those feelings out. [Read: How to effectively communicate in a relationship]

#11 You’ll have more confidence. How many times do you get a compliment when you’re talking to someone for a while? Usually you’ll get one or two at the very least. People love telling each other how much they like a certain thing about them.

But if you’re stuck inside not talking to people, you never hear the great things about yourself. Sure, you can feel great in your own skin, but hearing nice things from others definitely helps. If you’re a social butterfly, you’ll definitely feel better about who you are.

#12 You’re more efficient. Imagine how difficult it is for someone who’s antisocial to go out and make necessary appointments and events. They put off certain things for a long time because they don’t want to interact with anyone. Being social allows you to be efficient because you’re never dreading face-to-face interactions. [Read: 11 easy morning routines for a productive day]

#13 You’ll be less stressed. Being able to vent to someone helps reduce your stress levels immensely. When you can unwind and just talk with another person about the difficult things in your life – and even the good things – your stress drifts away.

Reducing your stress levels also has bigger impacts on your life, too. You’ll be healthier, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll be in an overall happier mood all the time. Being a social butterfly can definitely get rid of all that built up tension others seem to have.

 [Read: Social or antisocial – which are you?]

Being a social butterfly isn’t everything, but it does have its advantages. Just because you’re not an outgoing person doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be social in order to reap the rewards.

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