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Smoking and Sex: Horrible Ways Smoking Can Ruin Your Sex Life

You know smoking isn’t good for your health. But smoking and sex just don’t get along either. Here are just a few of the consequences you may not know!

Smoking and Sex

Despite all the infomercials, cautionary documentaries on TV, and government warnings plastered all over cigarette packs, some of us still can’t get over puffing on those little death sticks. And it can really be difficult to let cigarettes go, just like what the Pringles slogan say: “once you pop, you can’t stop.”

Smokers are at risk for more than five types of cancer and countless other types of health risks just to get that short-lived high from lighting a stick.

9 ways smoking can ruin your sex life

If cancer won’t deter you, maybe this will: smoking makes you bad at sex, in as many ways you can imagine. So the next time you are about to light a stick, consider that as the tobacco slowly gets reduced to ash, as does your sexual prowess. Here’s how.

 #1 You get less attractive. If you’re single actively looking for partners, there’s a rough estimate that more than half of the possible partners that you might encounter will dislike smokers.

The rest wouldn’t probably care, but still, they would prefer someone who didn’t smoke at all. This means that you significantly reduce your chances of appealing to a potential partner simply because you smoke. Here’s why…

The smell. The obvious off-putting factor for a smoker is the smell. It clings to your hair, to your clothes, and onto your hands. You can tell because you’ll be able to detect a smoker miles away. And what’s more, it also makes your body odor worse if it gets mixed with that burnt tobacco smell. [Read: Top 15 worst habits that women hate in men they date]

Bad breath. Even if you gargle and brush your teeth, the tobacco smell will still linger onto your breath for hours since it passes through your whole airways, and that is not a good sign if you’re up for a make-out session.

Yellowed teeth. In addition to stale tobacco breath, nicotine in cigarettes stain the teeth yellow, which cannot be removed with rigorous brushing alone.

Poor skin quality. Notice how nicotine stains your hands too? Not just that, your mouth, nasal, and facial areas often age quickly. Because of the toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke literally “curing” your skin, your skin will look dry and sallow making you more unattractive. [Read: 13 physical attraction tips to look way hotter instantly]

#2 Smoking reduces your sex drive. Before we break into this fact, do you know that smoking actually INCREASES your sex drive? For a while, that is. When you light up a stick, your testosterone levels get boosted for a period of hours, therefore, increasing male sex drive.

But in an ironic turn of events, cigarettes will ultimately diminish overall sex drive by polluting your bloodstream with carbon monoxide, which is detrimental to testosterone production.

#3 Smoking will make you go limp. Smokers are less likely to keep an erection compared to non-smokers. The chemicals released by inhaling tobacco smoke is a known vasoconstrictor, or an agent that constricts veins and arteries which results in poor blood supply to parts of your body, including that part which relies on blood supply to be erect, your penis. [Read: How to keep your erection up for longer – 20 easy and unique ways]

#4 Smoking reduces your chances of being a father. In addition to making it difficult to get it up, tobacco chemicals are also a proven spermicide. Regular smoking decreases overall sperm count and mutates your sperm cells into a deformed monstrosity.

These mutations will inhibit sperm cells into making the proper transit towards the female egg cell with the proper genetic material.

#5 Smoking also lessens the chance for women to become mothers. Aside from the risk of cervical cancer, smoking will screw up your period, and will make you reach menopause earlier. In addition, smoking will also damage your lady parts – it will damage the fallopian tubes, which are essential for reproduction and may make you predisposed to miscarriages. [Read: Egg freezing – Why freeze your eggs and how to do it right]

#6 Smoking while on the pill: DON’T. Smoking while you’re using oral contraception may kill you, as it predisposes you to cardiovascular risks such as heart attacks, blood clots, and strokes. This risk depends on a woman’s age and the amount of time she has smoked. As a general rule, tobacco chemicals and sex hormones do not mix well.

#7 Reduced stamina. As we all know, long periods of your life spent smoking ultimately reduces your stamina by weakening your lungs and its ability to pump you full of oxygen. Low stamina means you get tired easily, and getting tired easily means shorter sexy time than normal. [Read: 25 horny ways to increase your sex drive and keep it high]

#8 Smoking reduces sexual pleasure and gratification. We discussed how nicotine is a major vasoconstrictor that constricts blood vessels. Sexual gratification, on the other hand, is determined by the amount of brain chemicals produced by your brain that courses through your body. With poor blood circulation, smokers would find that they will enjoy sex less compared to how non-smokers enjoy their sex life. [Read: Unhealthy habits – 10 steps to help your partner beat them]

#9 Smoking may cause relationship troubles. Whether it’s a partner who despises the habit, or someone who may refuse to have sex with you because of the tobacco smell, smoking can also harm your relationship and sex life even in small ways.

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If you still think smoking is cool, you’re up for a surprise – and in a bad way. Smoking is bad for sex, and it is generally bad for you. Quitting can save your money, save your life… and your sex life.

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