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12 Perks of Being Single at the Start of the Year

Think you need a partner to have a good start to the year? Think again. Here’s how you can take advantage of your single life in the New Year! By Minot Pettinato-Little

12 Perks of Being Single at the Start of the Year

Not many people cherish the idea of being single these days, especially around the Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day seasons – but don’t let your singlehood make you cynical!

Nobody likes being the friend who incessantly trash-talks the single life, just because she’s newly dumped. It drives your friends crazy, and it drives you crazy. Okay, so you spent December 31st with no one to kiss except your gay BFF. Is that the end of the world? Definitely not.

Sure, there are bummers that come along with being single, like no one to smooch and spend the holidays with, no surprise flowers or good morning texts… But there also happen to be dozens of reasons you should be celebrating your single life instead of cursing it. [Read: 15 reasons being single is a whole lot of fun]

Why being single during the New Year is a plus

Are you having trouble remembering the joys that come along with singlehood? Read on to see why you shouldn’t fret about flying solo in the New Year.

#1 You get to know yourself. Many people become lost when coming out of a long-term relationship, because for better or worse, you and your ex have become a pair, and likely lost a bit of yourself along the way. Use your time as a single person to get to know yourself again.

#2 You don’t have to deal with other people’s problems. Sure, relationships can be great, but don’t underestimate the trouble and emotional exhaustion that comes from having your mate’s personal problems packed firmly on your shoulders! No boyfriend or girlfriend means no drama, no sexual issues, no cheating, and no bad habits to deal with… Besides your own. [Read: 12 cliché lines singles always hear]

#3 You don’t answer to anyone. You can flirt, party, dance, and see whoever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to answer to anyone’s jealous ego, or risk hurting someone’s feelings in the process. Sounds like a score, right? In fact, you can stay out until 2AM every night and nobody has to know.

#4 No jealousy. You’re free from a partner’s jealousy, and you have no reason to be jealous of anyone else. While single, enjoy the relaxation that comes when you never have to wonder what he’s up to, what’s on his phone, who he’s been Facebook chatting with and if he’s out cheating. This year is all about you, baby.

#5 You make and have time for awesome friendships. Without a partner around hogging up all your time, you can instead spread around the awesomeness that is you. A lot of times, friends get pushed to the sidelines by their taken friends. So instead of begrudging your freedom, use this time wisely to make, keep, and maintain amazing friendships.

#6 You can eat as much as you want. Not that this is a recommended luxury, but those keeping a trim figure all for the fella in her life can now comfortably skimp on the gym sessions and eat as much fast-food as she wants.

#7 You can finally get those rock hard abs. Just the opposite of the previous point, you can work out all day and all night if it pleases you. Just remember to keep hydrated! Those in relationships sometimes find it hard to squeeze the gym into the mix between caring for your mate, work, and family or friend obligations. Without a boy to pal around with, you can now spend as much time as you like working on your fitness. And hell, maybe you’ll find a cutie at the gym! [Read: 25 fitspiration tips to get you motivated to work out]

#8 You can travel. Were you ever that girl who couldn’t pry herself away from her boyfriend for a week with the family or your girlfriends in the fabulous, tropical Costa Rica? Well, now you can, without worrying about leaving your man alone, missing him, or wondering what he’s up to. In fact, you can travel all you want and make this your most international year ever. [Read: 7 life lessons you can learn on an awesome roadtrip]

#9 You save a boat-load of money. It’s amazing how much money you rack up during the course of a relationship. Dinner dates? Movie nights? Buying holiday gifts? Shopping for clothes you’d love to see him in? All of these things add up to one ridiculous bill. Take solace in the fact that in your single life, the only person you’re spending money on is you.

#10 You don’t have to shave. If you don’t want to, of course. Laugh all you want, but as a woman, shaving your legs -and everything else- every single day to appease a stereotype of femininity does start to get tiring. Not that women don’t enjoy the way a clean shaven pair of legs looks, but opting out of the habit every once in a while is a great form of freedom.

#11 No horrible breakups. Relationships can be great, but breakups are a bitch. Instead of romantic nights spent together with your lover, your post-breakup self spends her night snuggled up to her new friends Ben & Jerry, crying on the phone to her girlfriend about why men suck and how she’ll never love again. Sound familiar?

What’s more, the year you get dumped will never be known as “2016,” it will be the year you got dumped outside of the Walmart as you were grocery shopping. Instead of being dragged into the year of breakups and tears, you’ll be catching some sun with your girlfriend and flirting with cute guys. [Read: 30 subtly flirty tips for ladies]

#12 The possibility of new love. Being single gives you not only the power, but the right, to be snarky and cynical when it comes to love. However, it is also your prerogative to throw these beliefs out the window as soon as you meet a new guy. And that’s the fabulous thing about the single life – your next great love could be just around the corner. He could look like anything, work anywhere and be the sweetest, sexiest, funniest guy you’ve never met.

[Read: 15 essential tips for single ladies]

So what if you started off the year single? That just means you have the freedom to do just about anything you want. Make this year all about you!

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