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How to Show Your Appreciation to Someone and Express Your Gratitude

We tend to think the only way to know how to show your appreciation is dishing out hundreds of dollars. It’s far more than just money.

how to show your appreciation to someone

Learning how to show your appreciation on a daily basis, whether it’s your family, friends, or partner, creates a stronger bond between you and that individual. Though you love the people around you, you don’t always express it.

But this needs to change. Listed below are some of the small things to do to show appreciation. Let’s face it, it’s not about buying someone an expensive watch or a fancy car. It’s the small things, the tiny details which matter the most to people.

How to show your appreciation

It’s common for people to get sucked into their own heads and forget about the people around them. Of course, we don’t literally forget about them. Let’s just say, we’re not overly concerned about what’s happening in their lives. Now, this isn’t criminal, if you’re going through a hard time or even a great time, you’re in that moment. [Read: How to stop hurting and using the people around you]

But there’s a point where you need to shake your head and remind yourself that there are people around you that have supported you and helped you out when you needed it the most. Though we tend to forget, it’s time to remind yourself. It’s not as hard to know how to show your appreciation as you might think.

#1 Pay attention to the small things. If you’re living at home with your parents or live in your own place with your partner, you’re used to having them do things for you. Your mom may always do your laundry or your partner may always cook dinner. Surprise them one day by cooking them a dinner to say thank you.

You may not always be able to do something like cook dinner or laundry every day. It still doesn’t mean you can’t say “thank you.” [Read: 13 ways to grow into a kinder and better human being]

#2 Say thank you. Have you said thank you lately? But actually, I’m talking about the phrase thank you. Have you said it to the people around you when they did something to help you out? This one small phrase holds such value. It can mean a lot to the people around you. It shows you’re awareness of what they’re doing for you, and you’re grateful for their help. [Read: What are you thankful for when life isn’t perfect?]

#3 Pay attention to the big things. Your partner may have picked up the kids from school because you were stuck in traffic or took the dog out because you had to stay late at work. These aren’t small things that they did to help you, they’re significant.

Mention things that fit the bigger picture. For example, if your partner took your dog out because you were stuck at work, tell them that “even though I’m working late and my boss is really grinding me, you have no idea how grateful I am to come home and see your face every night.”

#4 Support their goals. They’ve supported you in your dreams. Whether it was the time you wanted to build a car from scratch or build your own bee colony, they were by your side. They never criticized your ideas. Now, it’s time for you to step up and support their goals and dreams. This not only shows appreciation but your respect for them. [Read: 16 ways to show your appreciation for someone you love]

#5 Don’t do it because you think you have to. Maybe your partner did something really nice for you. Perhaps they surprised you with breakfast in bed or bought you that shirt you wanted. But this doesn’t mean you reciprocate it back right away. This doesn’t show appreciation. You’re not doing it because you want to, you’re doing it because you feel that you must.

You won’t be showing appreciation because it won’t be coming from the heart. Don’t rush into doing anything if you don’t mean it. It’ll show.

#6 Do they need help? Have you asked them? Whether it’s your partner, friend or family member, ask them if they need help with anything. Maybe your mom needs help vacuuming or your friend needs help moving, but you’ll never know until you ask them. Not only will you help them, it also shows them that you’re here when they need you. [Read: 12 real signs of true love in a relationship]

#7 Give them a personalized gift. It doesn’t have to be a big gift or something flashy, the point is it’s something personalized just for them. A gift that shows the other person that you were truly thinking about them when you were picking out their gift. Whether it brings laughter or tears of joy, whether it was expensive or simple, the point is that it actually came from the heart.

#8 Take them on a date. Who doesn’t like to be taken out? They don’t have to be your partner in order for you to take them out on a date. Whoever it is that you want to show appreciation, take them out on a cute and fun date. Whether it’s dinner and a movie or something a little more exciting, they’ll love the fact that you spend quality time with them.

#9 Give compliments. Giving compliments is simple and old school, but that doesn’t mean people ever get tired of receiving a genuine compliment. Now, this doesn’t mean you attack the person with complimenting words. A compliment as simple as “you look beautiful” will brighten up anyone’s day and show that you’re paying attention to them.

#10 Do something that they want to do. Maybe they want to go see the opera or go on a wild road-trip. Regardless of what, it’s something that they wanted to do. This shows that it’s not all about you. You’re willing and wanting to do things that make them happy.

I mean, isn’t that what it’s all about? They do things for you that they may not necessarily like, so it’s important that you do the same for them. [Read: Are you being selfish in your relationship?]

#11 Help them de-stress. Maybe they’ve had a hard day at work and aren’t feeling like doing anything. Well, of course, respect this, but you can always drop by with a pick-me up gift basket just to let them know that this day will pass and things will get better. Put in a magazine, some tasty treats, and some essences to help them relax.

[Read: Learn more ways to appreciate the one you love]

So, you’ve learned how to show your appreciation. Now that they’re in your hands, it’s time you used them to show the people around you that you care.

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