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40 Secrets & Easy Hacks to Look Rich & Dress Like You’re Rolling in Cash

If you’re wondering how to look rich, the good news is that you don’t need to splash the cash to get there. Simply follow these useful tips instead. 

how to look rich

It doesn’t matter how much money you earn, looking rich can instantly makes you feel classier and more confident. Taking the time with your appearance and smartening up your look doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy new clothes, get an expensive haircut, or invest in the best products.

Knowing how to look rich is all about making a few simple changes and thinking carefully about how you come across. [Read: Money can’t buy love – Are you an idiot?]

Why do people want to look rich?

First things first, assess your motivation. Why do you want to learn how to look rich in the first place? What are you going to get out of it?

As we’ve already mentioned, looking rich can give you that confidence boost. It can also help you come over to others as assured in yourself and super-sophisticated. However, are you doing all of this for yourself or for others?

Some people want to look rich so they can show off. But, you’re putting out a false narrative. For sure, follow these tips on how to look rich, but remember that it’s always better to just be yourself!

With that being said, if you’re keen to learn how to look rich and boost your confidence in the process, let’s check out some tips. [Read: Money can buy happiness in love]

How to look rich without appearing too try hard

Understanding how to look rich isn’t necessarily about being as flashy as possible, and there are different rich ‘looks’ to go for. You might try to look classy and sophisticated, or you might be going for more of a ‘bling’ look. Either way, it’s a combination of picking the right clothes and adjusting your grooming routine. It’s also about learning how to look rich in your demeanor, as that will help you pull off this look.

So, what are the things you can do to look rich? Here are some top tips:

1. Buy well-fitting clothes

Clothes that fit you well naturally look more expensive. Take your time when out clothes shopping to find pieces that fit your body perfectly and suit your shape. [Read: The clothes make the girl – Tips to look your best]

2. Invest in a few high quality pieces

While spending money on high-end clothes can be difficult, when you next have money for shopping, instead of buying ten cheaper items, buy two more expensive ones. These change your whole look and likely last longer too.

3. Don’t go for branded items

Items with designer logos splashed across your chest look a little obvious. Instead get rid of labels altogether. No one will know where you got your clothes from. [Read: 14 small details that define class and poise]

4. Always dress smartly

If you look like a total scruff bag it’s going to be hard to pull off the ‘rich’ look. Instead opt for smarter, understated pieces. Tuck in shirts, wear smarter shoes, and keep your look well-groomed and classy.

5. Rock the oversized sunglasses look

Big sunglasses always give off an air of celebrity or mega rich. Investing in a pair of big sunnies to wear with an understated outfit works well. [Read: The Clothes Make The Girl: 15 Tips to Get You Looking Your Best]

6. Go for natural fabrics

Natural fabrics such as wool and cashmere look better than blended fabrics, so stick to them if you can.

7. Keep your clothes clean and free of wrinkles

Again, looking rich is all about keeping a clean and sophisticated look. So, make sure clothes always look laundered and take your time to iron out any crumples to keep looking smart. [Read: 25 ways to make people like you and draw anyone to you]

8. Dress appropriately for every occasion

Always think about the kind of occasion you attend and dress appropriately for that. Looking rich isn’t about sticking out.

9. Consider the weather

Always be prepared for whatever the weather is. A drowned rat look doesn’t look great, nor does shivering away in a skimpy dress when temperatures drop.

10. Shoes are where its at

If you plan to spend money on one thing, it should be shoes. Expensive shoes last longer and are considered the telltale sign to whether someone is rich or not! [Read What to Wear on a First Date]

11. Think about your accessories – They can make a real difference

Accessories make all the difference when it comes to knowing how to look rich. If you overload yourself, you can go from classy to tacky in an instant. Keep your accessories simple. Go for one or two statement pieces rather than lots and lots.

12. Don’t show off – Less is more

Don’t show off unless you can pull it off! Bright, clashing colors and outrageous outfits may get people’s attention but not necessarily for the right reasons!

13. Always make hygiene a priority

Rich people spend hours grooming themselves. Make sure you don’t let your look down and always keep clean and hygienic. [Read: 22 ways to stand apart and shine from within]

14. Make sure you smell great

Choose your scent wisely. Again, understated is best. Just a few dabs of perfume or cologne will do the trick.

15. Moisturize

Keep skin looking young and fresh by making sure you moisturize regularly.

16. Exfoliate away those dead skin cells

Ditto with exfoliating. Simple grooming tips such as this help you stay looking younger and more well looked after. [Read: How to Take Care of Yourself as a Woman]

17. Take care of your nails and keep them painted

Scraggy nails or chipped nail polish never looks good. For men, keeping nails short and clean is enough, women should paint their nails and never let a chip occur!

18. Always have neat and shiny hair

When it comes to hair, healthy and glossy is best. You could follow hair trends but it might be hard to keep up with them so going for a natural and healthy look might be your best bet instead.

19. Have regular haircuts to keep split ends at bay

Getting regular haircuts ensures you keep it in the best condition.

20. Guys, pay attention to your facial hair

For men, making sure your facial hair doesn’t get too unruly is also important! [Read: How to smile more often and live a better life]

21. For hair, the natural look is always better

When it comes to dying your hair, going for wild colors or bleaching it way beyond your natural color runs the risk of looking super cheap. Instead, keep it natural or go for tones and highlights close to your own hair color, so you enhance without it looking too ‘dyed.’

22. Natural makeup is a must too

For women, overloading makeup is never a good look. Try to use makeup subtly and go for natural tones which enhance your natural beauty!

23. Rock a Hollywood smile

If you can’t afford to get a Hollywood smile, at least use whitening toothpaste and practice good oral hygiene. [Read: How to Smile More Often: 6 Baby Steps to Change Your Life Forever]

24. Get out there

In order to give the impression you are rich, you need to be seen in the right places. Make sure you get out there and get noticed on the scene!

25. Always behave with class and elegance

Don’t get really drunk or be too loud, behave with elegance and class at all times. [Read: How to be graceful and elegant in 10 easy steps]

26. Be mindful of how you eat

If you dine out, take the time to chew your food. Don’t act like it’s the last meal you are ever going to have!

27. Show off your fantastic table manners

Learning good table manners also demonstrates you have been brought up with class!

28. Educate yourself on “rich people” topics

If you want to come across as rich, get educated on the kinds of things they might talk about and be interested in, so make sure you get in the know. Understanding about expensive brands and informing yourself of what kind of events or trends are taking place in rich people’s circles helps. [Read: Things to Talk About With a Girl]

29. Speak slowly and with purpose

Don’t come across as too gushy or excitable. Speak like you really know what you are saying all the time.

30. Keep a check on your emotions

Getting flustered, angry, or emotional is not good etiquette. Stay calm and graceful whatever the circumstances. [Read: The guide to finding your zone of calm perfection]

31. Act like you don’t need anything

Rich people don’t need stuff, so make sure you don’t act like you do!

32. Try some rich person hobbies

Taking up the kinds of activities, sports and hobbies that rich people do makes you come across as one of them. Try:

– Sailing

– Golf

– Tennis

– Playing polo

– Skiing

– Fine dining

– Traveling

– Riding horses

33. Become an avid reader

Make sure you read lots of books on all sorts of topics and bring them up in conversation. [Read: Drawing a Blank? Try These 25 Good Conversation Starters]

34. Stay up to date with current affairs

Make sure you know what is going on in the world to appear educated and informed. That means learning less about celebrity gossip and more about the things that actually matter!

35. Become an avid art fan

Visit art galleries and learn about art to appear more sophisticated.

36. Do your best to travel as much as you can

We know traveling the world is easier said than done if strapped for cash. But try to travel and learn about new places and cultures as much as possible.

37. Be mindful of what you post on social media

Looking rich involves managing all aspects of your life. Pay attention to your social media accounts and how you come across on there too! [Read: 13 ways to detox off of social media]

38. Hold back on any urge to brag

The truly rich don’t flaunt it in people’s faces. Act humble and demure at all times.

39. Correct your posture

Do you slouch? Perhaps you walk with your shoulders hunched over a little? Do you often trip over your own feet? Correcting your posture is key if you want to look rich. Stand tall Lift your shoulder up, back and roll them around. Resist the urge to slouch when you sit and instead, keep your back straight.

40. Always avoid petty dramas and gossip

Okay, not all rich people do this, but if you want to be the right type of rich person, you need to act with sophistication at all times. that means avoiding any petty drama and gossip and keeping your mind on the things that actually matter. [Read: Drama Queen Alert! 12 Steps to Calmly Deal With The Diva]

By following the above tips you can give the impression of being richer, classier and more sophisticated. Coming across this way allows you entry into different social circles, makes you feel more confident and interesting as a person, and could even land you a job or change your circle of friends!

Never change yourself for the sake of looking rich

The tips you’ve just read are all pretty easy to follow. None of them involve changing who you are at your very core or making any major modifications to your body or looks. You might think that learning how to look rich means buying clothes and accessories you can’t afford and heading to the surgeon’s office. None of that is true.

It’s more about a few small tweaks to your style and then learning how to carry yourself in a specific kind of way. It doesn’t mean scalpels and Gucci labels. It means knowing how to look rich is more about sophistication than anything else.

[Read: How to feel good and kick ass in life]

So, if you want to know how to look rich, follow these tips and see what a difference it makes!

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