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How to Be Fearless: 18 Ways to Set Aside Fear & Live Like a Champion

The definition of fearless isn’t having no fears, but conquering them. So learning how to be fearless will make you the kick-ass person you aspire to be!

how to be fearless

Everyone believes fearless people have no fear. Well, that’s wrong. Everyone, no matter how fearless they may appear, experiences fear. People with courage and bravery have the same fears as you, but they push through them. They learned how to be fearless and overcome daily fears.

If you’re truly fearless, you’re probably a sociopath because everyone is scared of something! As much as everyone dreams of having no fears, it’s impossible to live a life without them.

So you see, being fearless doesn’t mean you never have fears, but it’s your ability to conquer them or how you’re able to push past your fear.

Maybe it’s being afraid of heights, but you ride that roller coaster anyway. Or it’s being scared of love, but you let yourself fall for them. That’s fearless. 

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What does being fearless mean?

When you’re fearless, you face your fears head-on. Even if the thought of facing them seems scary or frightening, you go for it anyway. Being fearless doesn’t mean you’re never afraid, or nothing stops you in your tracks.

If anything, you have so many fears, but you use them to make yourself ever braver and more courageous. Fearlessness is not and will never be the absence of your fear, but it’s your ability to push through every single one of them.

When you’re consumed with the fear of tomorrow, do you dwell on that fear, or do you choose to hold on to hope? When you’re afraid of getting your heart broken, do you never fall in love, or do you take a leap of faith anyway?

When you’re worried that a meeting will end in disaster, do you run away from it or do it anyway? It takes a lot of resilience and bravery to be fearless. [Read: How to build confidence – 11 powerful changes to alter your life]

How to be fearless

So, when it comes to being fearless, it’s all about your state of mind. And once you’ve conquered one fear, there’s going to be another. That’s just life.

The point is, you’re able to grapple with this emotion and use a method that works for you in turning your fear into something conquerable. We all have something. We’re all scared of something, but we can all overcome it and learn how to be fearless. Here are a few steps that can guide you along the right path, and help you face your fears like a champion!

1. Be aware of your fears

What is it that really makes you fearful? If you don’t know what it is, then you won’t be able to overcome it. So, sit down and really think about this. For many people, living in fear is a normal way of life, and they don’t even realize it.

So, don’t assume you can overcome this over a cup of coffee. Write your fears down and really self-reflect. Really think about your fears and don’t hold back. Even if it’s a small fear *of answering the phone when someone calls!*, you still need to write them down. [Read: How to improve yourself – 16 powerful secrets of self-improvement]

2. Look at what fuels your fears

This part isn’t going to be fun, it means you must look at your life and what’s caused your fears. Is it because your father abandoned you as a child? Is it because you didn’t graduate college?

Just because you feel fear, it doesn’t mean something negative will happen to you.

It could simply be because of a past situation that left you traumatized. Remember, everyone fears something. It’s not easy analyzing your triggers, but it’s a necessary part of the process to learn how to be fearless. [Read: How to let go of fear and live in peace]

3. Work on your confidence

Being fearless actually has a lot to do with confidence. You need to be empowered with your self-worth and confidence to become fearless. You’re scared because you don’t want a situation to repeat itself, you think you’ll fail, etc.

But this is all linked to your mental state and how you don’t think you’ll be able to conquer what is ahead of you. This is when you start looking at how you see yourself. [Read: How to build self-confidence – 16 ways to realize you’re worth it]

4. Prepare for failure

Ah, yes. This is easier said than done but there is something in particular you fear happening, which is why your fear is holding you back. But you’re not perfect, and you never will be. Here’s the thing, fearless people do not see “failure” as a failure.

They see it as an opportunity to grow and learn from their mistakes. We all mess up at some point; we’re human. What you need to do is prepare yourself for those moments when you make a mistake, that’s it. [Read: Feeling like a failure? 14 ways to find your will & change your mindset]

5. Ask for help

If you’re fearless, you know when to ask for help.

Being fearless isn’t about doing things on your own without anyone – that’s just being arrogant. We all need help at some point, and fearless people see help as something valuable.

This is what makes them stronger – when they see their need for emotional, mental, or physical help, they ask for it. Many people suck at asking for help, which is why they never learn how to be fearless. But asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness but strength. It’s time you realized that.

6. They see the future

Hey, the future they see may not turn out exactly like that, but they visualize where they want to be in life. They may not make it to that point, but the point is, they head in that direction.

They know who they want to be in the future and what they want to do. If you’re serious about learning how to be fearless, you need to be capable of seeing the future. Have a vision and know what you want to achieve in life. [Read: Why aiming high in life always leads to great results]

7. They reflect

Self-reflection is probably one of the hardest things to achieve, but it’s necessary if you want to learn how to be fearless. When stressed out, they’re not freaking out and panicking. They take some time to breathe and reflect on what’s going on.

As a fearless person, they take the time to put things into perspective in order to recognize that their fear isn’t as big as they thought.

You need to be capable of adjusting and changing your perspective to be fearless. Realize that maybe the perspective you’re holding onto is the wrong one. [Read: 10 Self-reflective questions to help stay true to yourself]

8. Be realistic in the worst-case scenarios

When scared, we don’t think clearly. In fact, we tend to blow up the situation. But fearless people take a step back and reevaluate the situation they’re in. What is really the worst-case scenario?

If you screw up your speech at work, what will happen? People will giggle, talk about it at the water cooler that day, and live their lives.

Even when it’s easy to panic and be irrational when your fear is consuming you, try your best to think logically. Fearless people know how to keep calm even amidst pressure.

9. Reward yourself

If you overcome a fear, no matter the size, reward yourself. No shit, overcoming a fear is a lot of mental and emotional work, so you need to pat yourself on your back and reward yourself for what you overcame.

Not everyone does that, but you did. It takes a lot of courage and strength to overcome your fear, so be proud of yourself! No matter how small, this is worthy of an accomplishment. [Read: How to confront and overcome your excuses to be lazy]

10. Let go of the past

This is probably one of the hardest things to do in learning how to be fearless. Letting go of the past is something we all struggle with as we tend to dwell on it. But if you want to be fearless, let go of the things that created this fear. Holding onto past fears only keeps you stuck in the past.

Let’s face it, no matter how hard you hold on to the past, you can never change what already happened. So just let it all go. [Read: How to let go of the past and be excited by the future]

11. Fear isn’t an enemy

Many people see fear as something that torments them, but this isn’t the right way to look at fear. Fearless people do not see fear as a burden but rather as an ally. Think about it, fear makes you evaluate situations around you that are in some way intense.

You need to think about why you feel this fear and if it’s rational. Make your fear your friend rather than a target. Try to see what your fear is trying to tell you, instead of constantly running away from it.

12. Make mistakes

We all make ourselves look like fools from time to time, but this shouldn’t scare you though. You’re not the only one who makes mistakes. So, embrace the moments where you may look like an idiot. It’s going to happen. Someone will laugh at you, but this is normal. You’re going to make mistakes, don’t take yourself so seriously.

Remember what we said about failure? Don’t be afraid to mess up and even embarrass yourself because that’s part of life! Embrace even the raw and awkward moments because that’s the only way you’ll learn how to be fearless. [Read: The 20 life-hacks you need to grow your confidence]

13. Talk about your fears

Like we said before, everyone is fearful of something. But no one wants to talk about it, which is really sad. Instead, we all act like we have no fears or personal issues, but everyone is terrified in reality. Talk about your fears with someone you trust, your family or friends.

You’ll see how fearful everyone else is around you. Also, talking about it reduces the burden of your fears.

You should never be dwelling on your fears alone, you know? Talk to someone you trust. Trust us; you’ll feel better afterward. [Read: How to step out and live your life to the fullest]

14. Be willing to look stupid

As soon as you’re willing to put yourself through the emotional pain of messing up, you’ll lose more fear than you ever thought possible. Everybody who has ever done something good has made mistakes at least once, and everyone who has ever been good at something also made mistakes at least once.

You don’t learn how to be fearless by worrying about how stupid you’ll look to others. It takes more than that! Some people might even risk their lives to try something new and still end up as the laughing stock in their group.

Well, guess what? They don’t give a damn what other people think because all that matters is that they tried their best, no matter what. [Read: Fear of failure and why you shouldn’t be afraid to fail]

15. Embrace the struggle

Most of us don’t want to do hard things because they make us feel like we’ve failed, and that scares us.

However, the proverb “no pain, no gain” remains true. To learn how to be fearless and improve our skills, we need to struggle. So we should embrace it. We will eventually overcome our fears if we continue to fight. [Read: 8 small ways to deal with big changes in your life]

16. Put things in perspective

Take a step back and put your negative thoughts into perspective. This is a fantastic way for being fearless: How about taking action and asking yourself: why are you frightened of anything?

Even though you are stressed out about something, life continues on its own without your participation. The importance of keeping this in mind should not be underestimated at any point in time. [Read: How to control your emotions and become the pinnacle of restraint]

17. Adopt a mindset of gratitude

When you feel afraid, try to be grateful instead. During the pandemic, we have had a lot of problems. It’s horrifying. However, it’s better to be thankful for waking up and spending another day with your loved ones than to freak out and be angry.

Yes, we know that times are tough right now and that people are giving up more and more with each passing day. Want to learn how to be fearless? Keep going, and don’t forget to show gratitude *to God, some powerful energy, or just yourself*, no matter how big or small the blessing is. [Read: How to be grateful – 20 authentic ways to appreciate and express it]

18. Communicate and share your struggles with someone

How often do we keep the bad in because we don’t want to be judged by other people? Remember that it helps to share because you will learn that many people feel the same way.

They will also have their own stories to tell. Is there something that you are afraid of? A friend can help you focus on what you want in life and where your fears stem from.

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How to be fearless and brave

It takes a lot of guts not to let your fears define you. Remember that no matter how scary your fears might seem, your life is on the other side of that fear.

Being fearless means that despite the many fears you have, you still manage to push through each one of them.

Now that you know what you need to do and how to be fearless, take some of these tips and put them to the test. Eventually, you’re going to live a fearless and courageous life!

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