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Finding Peace: How to Calm Your Mind & Make Peace a State of Mind

Yesterday’s religion is today’s self-help book or TED talk, yet we still search. So why is finding peace so difficult and elusive to us?

Finding Peace

Finding peace is one thing, but finding peace in the modern world is another story. We all know the world is not the same as it once was. It continues to change into something far more than the comfort our familiarity can handle.

As society advances, so do the stressors: information overload, changing societal norms that gaps the generations, the dreaded transition to adulthood, and the existential crisis that gives us the jab every now and then. Given these circumstances, how does someone deal with all these and still continue to function properly in their daily life? Simple. Make peace a state of mind.

Does inner peace really make a difference?

Short answer is yes. Everyone experiences that one moment where we just want to get away from it all. Just get things over with no matter what the outcome will be. Why? Because we don’t want permanent stress in our life. No one wants the feeling of being stretched too thin from all sides.

Some would say that “all life is a road of challenges” or that finding peace is simply escaping reality. The first one is true. That’s why we need to have a short respite every now and then. As for the second, not really. Here’s why you need to pay attention to finding that inner peace. [Read: How to stop overthinking – 11 strategies for more peace]

Finding peace makes you deal with problems better – just as we cannot physically function without proper rest or nourishment, our mental state deteriorates if we live in a constant state of stress. Therefore, finding peace during moments of stress is essential to solving those problems that cause stress.

Learning to find peace gives you character – to be exact, it opens up your worldview and perspective. Learning how to find peace makes you mature and more resilient to stress. It means that problems you dealt with before will be easier to handle and not cause the same amount of stress.

Learning to find peace makes you a happier person – in the end, it all boils down to a happier life. If you manage to learn how to find your inner peace, you will be both physically and mentally honed by your experiences and you will tend to view things optimistically. [Read: How to be happy again: 20 ways to draw happiness from within]

Finding peace amidst the chaos

#1 Recall a memory where you felt totally at peace. This becomes your benchmark. After all, people have different preferences and definitions for a state of peace. Some recall a vacation in a faraway island, others relate it to a night spent on a mountain under the stars, and others would say that they find bustling coffee shops peaceful. For some it is just being alone in their room at night.

Knowing the exact situation where you felt most peaceful helps you find the right situation to put yourself in when the stress kicks in.

#2 Identifying the stressors. Is it solvable? Or a nagging personal issue? If your major stressor is a problem that can be solved, then work your way to solving the problem instead of worrying about it. Sure, it will be unpleasant but once you’ve eliminated the main source of stress, the sooner you’ll be at peace. [Read: 14 really quick stress busters to recharge your mind]

#3 Reduce the stressors. We all experience stress with different levels at different times. There’s the daily stress from work or domestic life and seasonal bouts of increased stress brought about by major life events.

Think of yourself as having a “stress meter” where you reach a point where you cannot handle everything at the same time anymore. When this happens, learn to cut yourself off from the things or even people that cause you stress. When this happens, finding peace would be easier.

#4 Disconnect. Take time to break off from the internet, your phone, and the news. We are all familiar with the bad vibes we get from seeing online posts from negative people both famous and those close to us.

There’s also fake news that spread lies and misinformation, irresponsible world leaders, death, and destruction. Yes, the internet can be a horrible place so take time to avert your eyes from these. [Read: Positive vibes – 17 ways to instantly welcome positive energy into your life]

#5 Take some “me time.” “Me time” is spending time doing something you enjoy alone without interference from the outside world. It can be something as simple as reading in the quiet of your room or hiking and appreciating the great outdoors.

Taking some time off from your daily stress shuts out the noise that you need to accommodate inside your head, making positive thoughts circulate freely giving you peace. [Read: 8 ways to get your “me time” in amidst a hectic schedule]

#6 Stay away from negative people. It is a fact that we interact with all kinds of people every day. While we stick to the ones we prefer to be with, there are moments when we are stuck to deal with the unsavory kinds that never fail to ruin your day. Pay them no mind and walk away from their negativity. [Read: 12 ways to stop negative people from sapping your energy]

#7 Take your time and take it slow. When we are busy, everything must be done in precise time and on schedule. We become so stuck within a time frame there are moments we fail to appreciate the beautiful things around us.

Sometimes the way to finding peace is taking things at a slower pace. For example, instead of hurrying to work, wake up early to take a nice long walk, or maybe taking your lunch outside in the park instead of a crammed office cafeteria.

#8 Listen to relaxing music. Time to follow that slow jazz and ambient music on your streaming service. Relaxing music or slow music in general is conducive to a peaceful state of mind by synchronizing your heart rate and your breathing with its beat. In addition, it will not hurt your ears. [Read: How to focus on yourself – 17 ways to create your own sunshine]

#9 Complete your unfinished tasks. Sometimes, stress is just aggregated anxiety from being swamped with things left unfinished. Completing all of these may not give you absolute peace, but it eases off the burden to make way for you to deal with bigger challenges.

*Make a checklist – list all of the things that you need done, even the simplest ones.
*Prioritize – tag each item whether it’s high or low priority so that you’ll have an idea where to start.
*Work your way through the list – Start by finishing the easy ones first. Then work your way to the hard ones. Seeing a checklist with a lot of items crossed out is very fulfilling. [Read: Stop being lazy – How to confront and overcome your excuses]

#10 Meditate. Meditation is the practice of achieving an altered state of mind where you are at peace and in complete awareness of your physical and mental being. There are a lot of approaches to this and learning proper meditation gives you that little piece of quiet from the chaos. [Read: How not to be nervous: 18 calm ways to eliminate nerves instantly]

#11 Try an isolation chamber. Isolation chambers come in two types: the quiet room acoustically engineered to reduce external noise and the flotation tank just like the you saw in Stranger Things. What these contraptions do is provide the user a controlled environment conducive to a peaceful state of mind.

[Read: How to make yourself happy – 20 habits of incredibly happy people]

Finding peace is a state of mind. It is also essential to our well-being. While every day is a struggle with stress, problems, and responsibilities, we should always be granted a moment to recharge and recuperate from all the mental pressure.

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